It’s in the stars

All signs point to the Dallas Stars winning the Stanley Cup.

Mike Modano, Center June 7,1970 -Gemini

Beminis are charming, confident, and entertaining, Did somebody say “Mike Modanu?”Those torn on this day possess star quality, and Modano has become the latest teenage heartthrob, replacing Leonardo DiCaprio on every pre-pubescent girl’s wall. Having a Gemini with a scary slap shot at starling center it the best force the Stars have going in their on-ice universe. Gemienis are quick studies, and Modano has improved tit defensive skills and matured into a great two-way player, lie’s Tarot card Is “The Chariot,” which shows a triumphant figure displaying his physical presence in a dynamic way. Look closely at that card-is that a Stanley Cup in his hand?

Brett Hull, Right Wing Aug. 9,1964-Leo

General Manager Bob Gainey must study astrology in his spare lime. He not only added one of the most prolific scorers in the game to the Stars, he hired a Leo. You know the Lion-aggressive, forceful, and always generous with his advice, The hind of controversial guy you can love and hate at the same time. (Remember John McEnroe? He was always aggravating, but wasn’t he usually right?) Ruled by the Sun, the hot-blooded “Hullie” is a pot-stirrer, keeping everyone awake-if not somewhat irritably-in the dressing room. In the end, he can he counted on to put Tom Hick’s $17 million where his perfect one-timer is and drink from his first Stanley Cup.

Brent Severyn, Left Wing Feb. 22,1966-Pisces

In the Tarot, the card of “The Fool” represents Feb. 22. It’s illustrated by a man who has given up reason and is blithely stepping off the edge of a cliff .Sounds like the NHL handbook definition of a goon-short on temper and brains and big on penalty minutes. The term “goon” doesn’t apply to Severyn-tie’s an evolved fool who only gambles when the odds are in his favor. This Pisces has tamed bis rebellious nature. Brought in to protect the superstars, ttie”BiflSexy,”ashe’s known by his teammates, has learned to protect and serve by dropping the gloves and taking his foe off the ice with him, not leaving his team short-handed. Who’s fooling whom?

Ed Belfour, Goaltender April 21,1965-Taurus

If you’re going to have a Taurus on your team, you want him in goal. Tough, resistant, and focused, people born on this day take it hard when they’re accused of doing a bad job, and last year Belt our seemed lost in the cosmos when he let in some bad angle shots that left him rattled against the Red Wings in the Conference finals. Fortunately, Taurus people have great resilience, and their instincts for survival are well-developed. The influence of Jupiter has cast optimism on Tauras, so it looks like the (lemons of Detroit have been cleansed from his aura. Soon, Belfour should be adding two tro-phies to his collection-the Vezina Trophy for best NHL goalie, along with the Stanley Cup.

KenHKchcocKHeadCoach Dec.n,1951-Sagittarius

Sagittari -ans are represented by the Archer: They take very preciseaim,and they’re dependable, stable, and structured. What else could you want from a coach? He’s certainly come a long way from selling bicycles in Kamloops. Those born on this day tend to judge people by what they produce.”Hitch” is a true coaches’ coach-like Detroit’s wizard, Scotty Bowman, he constantly shuffles lines, looking tor perfect chemistry, and lie demands relentless play from his supers-lars as well as from the fourth line, This June, his aim will he true-and he’ll not oily have his name engraved on the Stanley Cup, he will take home the coach of the year (Jack dams) trophy.

Darryl Sydor, Defense May 13,1972-Taurus

Sergei Zubov, Defense July22,1970-Cancer

The dynamic duo of the Stars’ defense, both of these guys are ruled by the number four, No, not Bobby Orr-the cosmic number four, which indicates that they have the potential to be erratic and explosive. This daredevil pair makes magical plays on their regular shift and ignite the power play.Tney drive their coach (and fans) crazy by making high-risk stick-handling moves and gambling to intercept passes, This year, we’re counting on the Bull and the Crab to come through with the Cup.

Derian Hatcher, Defense June 4, 1972-Gemini

It’s no surprise that Hatcher’s birthday is represented in the Tarot by the card of the Emperor, who rules through wisdom- hence the “C” for captain on Hatcher’s sweater. No one would question Hatcher’s authority or his fierceness, He’s a player that the younger players look up to, and he plays hard every night, “Hatch”is a quiet player,toJi he’s fearless, Those born on this day have a knack for turning individuals into a cohesive unit-and the Stars orbit around Hatcher’s leadership. He’s ken a calming force in the dressing room, and this hard-hitting, h&ad-swiveling defenseman had better start practicing his Cup-lifting moves in the mirror.

Joe Nieuwendyk, Center Sept. 10,196&-Virgo

Nieuwen-dyk is a nifty player who led the learn last year in almost every offensive category, setting a team record for most game-winning goals, Not surprising that his chart shows that people born on this day like to be No.1 in what they do. For a hockey player, he’s a classy guy, donating lots of off-ice time to the SPCA. He’s had lots of in juries in his career, but be always bounces back. His Tarai is the wheel of fortune, indicating thai nothing is permanent except change.This year the wheel is on the upswing, indicating good health, And with”Newie” getting his tip-ins on the power play. the Stars will be unbeatable down the stretch. Every dog has his day.

Jere Lehtinen, Right Wing June24,1973-Cancer

Skillful, imaginative, and magical are qualities of people born on lune 24. Lehtinen’s picture should replace the crab in astrology books as he is the quintessential Cancer. Forget the tact that he’s from Finland and doesn’t speak much English: He lets his technique do the talking and speaks both offense and defense un the ice. He’s also a great checker and consistently causes turnovers, so his moves result in scoring chances for the Stars. Behind the scenes, he’s known as a coach’s dream-he doesn’t complain and he never stops trying. Actions always speak louder than words, and Lehtinen’s own dream of the Cup will soon come true.

Jamie Langenbrunner, Center July24,1975-Leo

Last season Lagen-brunner started the season like a lion-playing intensely and scoring- out lie failed down the stretch.Not atypical behavior for a July 24th child. They can be unstable, and many Leos need to clarify priorities and work on their flake factor-that’s the task ahead for the intermittently brilliant Langenbruner. Last year’s experience, coupled with the strong pull of the Sun, indicates that individuals born on this day can overcome their instabilities.This season, a more balanced Langenbrunner will become a brilliant Star, centering a second scoring line. The offense is sure to outscore the opposition, and the Stars will reach their zenith.


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