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BREAST AUGMENTATION: The Dimensional Approach

By D Magazine |

Increasing the volume or size of the breast surgically is called augmentation mammoplasty. If breasts are excessively small in proportion to the torso or hips, a figure imbalance exists which may limit clothing options or detract from your feelings about your figure. Using the latest state of the art techniques developed by John B. Tebbetts, M.D., we can selectively fill areas of your breast, meeting your desires for shape as well as size.

Breast augmentation surgery has been performed for over 25 years on well over 2.5 million women. But until June 1994, all breast implants available to surgeons and patients were basically round. A woman’s breast is not round. A breast is shaped more like a tear drop than a tennis ball. During the past several years, Dr. Tebbetts has been working on a new implant design that would allow him to produce a more natural looking augmented breast. With the help of sophisticated computer morphing software, Dr. Tebbetts was able to bring his vision to life in the form of a completely anatomically (tear dropped) shaped, textured saline breast implant. When you see a round implant and an anatomic implant side by side on a table, there is no question as to which implant will produce a more natural looking result. However, using an anatomically shaped implant is more difficult and requires the surgeon to put more thought into planning your operation.

Most women refer to their breasts in terms of bra cup size. However, in a clinical context, bra cup size is not an accurate measurement. For example, if a woman buys a 34 B Olga and a 34 B Victoria’s Secret, they will undoubtedly fit her differently. So if that same woman comes to Dr. Tebbetts and says, “I am a 34 B and I would like to be a full C, “what does that translate to in clinical terms? No one can promise you a specific cup size following augmentation. What Dr. Tebbetts strives to produce is a natural appearing change in breast size and shape that will proportionately compliment the rest of your body.

It is no longer acceptable to ask a patient to stuff breast implants into her bra until she finds a size she likes. Breast augmentation is not simply about making a bigger breast. With Dr. Tebbetts’ new system of measuring techniques – the BioDimensional System – and the use of the anatomical implant, he can create a flattering size and shape. For example, if you have never had natural cleavage (a closeness of the breasts toward the center of the chest wall), or if you have been through several pregnancies and lost the fullness in the upper part of the breast correcting these deficiencies may be more important to you than just an overall increase in size or volume. In Dr. Tebbetts’ opinion, when considering breast augmentation, you are limited by two things -1) what you want from the operation (anticipated result) and 2) what your body will realistically allow you to have (your existing measurements).

As you begin to research this procedure, you will discover that there are many options available to you and many decisions to make and many questions to answer. For example, there are three different places where the incision can be made. Do you place the implant partially beneath the pectoral muscle or place the implant completely behind mammary tissue? What is your risk of developing capsular contracture {scar tissue}? What are the risks of a saline implant deflating? And who assumes the costs of having a secondary operation? How will implants affect future mammograms? Will there be stitches to be removed following surgery? Will you have drains placed in your breasts? Will you be bound in a special dressing or bra and for how long? What activities will you be restricted from and for how long? Will it be painful? And how long will it be before your new breasts appear soft and natural?

So many questions – where do you find the answers? A good place to start is to call Dr. Tebbetts’ office so that we can speak with you specifically about your concerns and send you information that Dr. Tebbetts has prepared about his breast augmentation procedures. Another excellent source of information is Dr. Tebbetts’ recently published book, The Best Breast: The Ultimate, Descriminating Woman’s Guide to Breast Augmentation. It is the most in depth source of insider information ever written for women considering breast implants. The Best Breast is focused and hard-hitting, asking and answering questions such as: Where did peanut oil implants go? What causes rippling? What is SafeFill? Why are we “studying” the same silicone implants that the FDA banned several years ago?

This book raises the bar, exposing important issues to provide women with a new, powerful set of decision making tools. The state of the art in breast augmenation surgery is truly at an all time high, The Best Breast is available at

For more information, call Dr. Tebbetts at 214-220-2712.

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