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Kult of Krispy Kreme


Oh my God!”

“Ohh my God!”

One bite to bliss. A hoi sugar rush straight to rapture.

“I almost moved to Birmingham tor these,” says a novice donut eater with her mouth full of Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme donuts inspire that kind of devotion. The faithful come from far and wide, the appointed ambassadors (who R cou pons worth 10 dozen donuts and a free Krispy Kreme T-shirt) bring in initiates whose reaction to the first warm glazed squishy sweet bile is always the same: “Oh my God!”

Any day. you can see lines at the Krispy Kreme store in Arlington. Krispy-Kremers are a cull. Everyone has a testimonial.

” I am a Krispy Kreme convert,” one fan * rote, “Life is too short not to eat Krispy Kreme donuts.”

“i have been married for four months and my wife may leave me lor a dozen glazed donuts!’” writes another. “Every Saturday she leaves the house al 6 a.m. and drives 20 miles to get her Krispy Kremes.’’

And inside each Krispy Kreme factory the donuts go marching on. six abreast up and down in the proofing cabinet, and into the 360 degree fat. Hipping in unison for their f’0-second try on the underside, then moving along the conveyer to the sugar glaze waterfall, a few more ’ drip dry, then, still almost too hen to handle, into the trademark polka dot box or down the hatch.

Oh my God.

The first Krispy Kreme in Texas opened in Arlington in April and it took two policemen to direct traffic into the parking lot every weekend. Two hundred and seventy doze:t donuts an hour for three eight-hour shifts a day, seven days a week. Seventy-eight people to minister to the $400,000 machine that makes a 55-cent donut. Two semi-trailers of dough mix a week, from the mother lode in Winston-Silem. where the original recipe from 1937issti).lockcdinasalc.

They come from all over-Lakewood, Uptown-to stand in line for up to two hours just to buy a few boxes of donuts for $4.69 a dozen. Until KK realizes its plans 10 open eight more units in Dallas-Fort Worth, the Arlington store is donut mecca. Owner John Onell recalls the day he was trying to help a new customer find the Krispy Kreme store.

“I asked him where he was right now and he said, ’I’d rather not say.” Then, it dawned on me. He was embarrassed to tell me he was driving 60 miles from McKinney just to get a Krispy Kreme.”

Oh my God.

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