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To update your look, think color. All things spring are in. Shimmery pinks, lavenders, and teals, along with touches of sparkling gold and silver mixed with hot fuschia and bright purples, are the must-have colors in cosmetics to go along with the breezy, bright, and tropical colors of clothing expected to be popular this spring and summer. Color is also big news in hair. Deep shades of red, rusts, and browns, as well as warm blonde tones, all work well with the striking splash of color found on the face and nails.

Achieving this look-of-the-moment has never been easier since a more natural, simple look is in. And the good news is that obtaining the most up-to-date styles in hair and makeup can be an easy, do-it-yourself project with a little motivation, the right tools, and advice from the pros.


When most people think of makeovers, updates to hair and makeup instantly come to mind. However, fitness and nutrition experts agree that to truly look good on the outside, you must first take care of the inside. “Proper nutrition is the fundamental part of feeling good and looking good,” says Laurie Patten, director of operations at EpiCentre in Dallas. “Nutrition is the basement of it all. Once you are nutritionally fit and healthy, you have a fair playing ground to look at whatever else needs attention.”

Epicentre’s answer to becoming nutritionally fit is a weight management and lifestyle program that literally changes people’s relationship with food and slows down the aging process. Developed by Dr. Barry Sears, The Zone’s basic concept is to learn to eat meals that are hormonally balanced, which means using food as a drug to control insulin. The Zone is a healthy nutrition plan that is protein adequate, carbohydrate moderate, and low fat.

Epicentre’s Zone coaches offer a four-week educational program to help clients learn to identify their individual requirements for protein, carbohydrates, and fat. The basic goal is to help clients learn the effects of food and what happens when it actually enters the body. Since EpiCentre is an anti-aging center, it also stresses the program’s slowing effect on the aging process. During the four-week period, clients receive individual and group counseling sessions, educational and nutritional products, coaching, and motivational support.

The Zone also straightens out some dietary myths. Most Americans have been taught to completely avoid fat, yet Americans are more overweight today than at any other period in history. Over-consumption of non-fat carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, rice, and the plethora of fat-free snacks available today is actually a downfall since carbohydrates turn into sugar. Sugar causes insulin to be released in the body, and too much insulin results in the storage of fat. The Zone teaches its users to eat the foods that are good for their body and keep them satisfied while decreasing body fat.

“People should learn how to combine foods that are hormonally correct,” Patten says. “People have a misconception about fat. Actually, you must eat fat to bum fat. Sugar is the enemy; not fat.”

For instance, instead of having a piece of whole wheat bread that will eventually break down into sugar, pair it with some turkey and cheese to give it balance in your body.

“Even the most healthy, physically fit people are hungry all the time because they go through a ridiculous cycle of eating too many carbohydrates, burning them oft”, and becoming hungry again.” Patten says. “When you are eating right, you have more energy, sleep better, perform better, and have a longer attention span and clearer thoughts.”

A makeover tool that goes hand-in-hand with nutrition is physical fitness. All of today’s top cosmetics and hair care products combined cannot beautify the body that is not physically fit. Most every woman feels a springtime panic when faced with fitting into last year’s swimsuit. Often, mere is an unrealistic goal set to lose a certain number of pounds in a short amount of time. Actually, this is the number one worst reason to begin working out, according to Wendy Reese, Fitness Director at the Downtown YMCA in Dallas.

“Looking and feeling good is a spirit, mind, and body concept,” Reese says. “If you don’t have one, the other two aren’t going to be right. Exercise for one reason, and that is to be healthy; not thinner. Once you start to see a metamorphosis by sticking with it, you’ll like the changes. You’ll see more definition, be able to lift more, walk longer, and your clothes start fitting differently. When your body image changes, so does your self-esteem. But the most important part is that you’re healthy.”

For more people to achieve a healthy lifestyle, the YMCA of the USA developed the Personal Fitness Program, a 12-week, step-by-step exercise program designed for new or returning exercisers that offers guidance, motivation, and structure to help participants stick with an exercise routine and lead a more physically active lifestyle.

The Personal Fitness Program is operated from a computer program which allows fitness counselors to enter for a client an entire, individualized exercise program, complete with targeted heart rate zones and the number of calories they should bum per week. Following an initial consultation, participants access their program at each session by pulling up their information at a computerized kiosk. Once they read their goals for the day, they work on achieving them through exercise three times a week. At the end of each workout, they enter their results for their counselor to review.

“A great thing about the computer program is that counselors can type in motivational messages for their clients, such as ’Good job yesterday’ or even ask them how the movie was that they saw Friday night,” Reese says. “This gives a more personal connection between the counselor and their client and lets them know somebody is rooting for them.”

Every four weeks, clients meet with their counselor to discuss physical fitness in their lives, such as the excuses used to avoid exercise, their goals, and what motivates them to work out. Every four weeks, they add more exercises that fit their specific needs until they receive their certificate of graduation during the final week.

“There are a lot of wrong reasons to use this program, such as losing weight fast, trying to get an instant fix for a poor self image, or going because someone is making you,” Reese says. “Take it one step at a time just to become healthy.”

Becoming healthy overall is what Karen Cameron, 44 of Oak Cliff, had in mind when she began the Personal Fitness Program. Having been physically inactive for a number of years, she initially wanted to drop 50 pounds but decided to not focus only on weight loss and use the program just to feel good again.

“I kind of got in die habit of working out and got hooked on it,” Cameron says. “I am getting into clothes I haven’t been able to wear in a long time. Being fit just makes me feel better. I feel like I’m taking action. I think the key was the motivation I got every day when I pulled up my program. Using the program was like having my own cheerleader.”


A shift in seasons often creates the urge to change hairstyles. “When I think of spring and summer, I think of lighter, shorter cuts that are easy to care for and fun,” says Richard Hayler, owner of the Richard Hayler Colour Salon in Highland Park.

Those who shy away from the snip of scissors, rest easy. Plenty of longer hair styles are popular this season, too. Kim Agee, hairdresser and in-salon educator at Avalon Salon in Dallas, has seen lots of longer hair styles on major fashion runways. “Long, wispy cuts are in,” Agee says. “I’ve seen a lot of long, stringy hair-usually one length with minimal styling.”

Those looking to update an existing cut without a dramatic change can always turn to layers. Soft, subtle layers are popular at Toni & Guy, says artistic director, Thomas Osborn. “Make (he cut the style,” he says. “Styled, stiff hair is out.”

Jean-Philippe, owner of the Jean-Philippe Salon in Dallas, says for hair to be up-to-date this spring and summer, it must be texturized for versatility. His rules for having great hair are easy. Keep hair natural and underdone, and you’ll be safe.

Even though over-styled looks are a thing of the past, there are endless hair styling products on the market to actually create this coveted natural look. Products that create smoothness and shine are just as popular as products that give hair a messy look. Waxy sticks that actually give hair a ’just climbed out of bed’ look by rubbing the stick into the hair for separation is a fun styling tool to use on short hair styles. “It kind of gives hair a dirty look,” Osbom says. “But then again, a lot of people are just not washing their hair for two or three days for the same effect.”

Since most everyone wants a hair color different from the one they were bom with, hair colorists in Dallas are kept busy to meet coloring demands. Although most colorists admit their favorite tones are spicy reds and warm carmel or chocolate browns, their most often-requested color is blonde. “Brunettes are a national trend right now, and even though Dallas usually knows about national trends, they don’t stick with them,” Agee says. “Dallas still goes very blonde.”

Stylists and colorists at Richard Hayler Colour Salon attend frequent in-house color classes where they brainstorm for new ideas in hair color and style for their clients. Their inspiration Hayler says. “The sun shines so much here that it’s a great place for blondes, so we do some really natural-looking blondes. Whatever color a client chooses, we won’t see as much contrast this season. A soft, sleek look is in.”

Osborn agrees. “Cut and color must work together,” he says. “No more chunky highlights. Color is more muted and blended. Hair is seamless with no harsh tines.”

To give hair color some versatility. Dawn Sasiain, a color specialist at Bernardo’s Salon and Day Spa in Dallas, suggests adding dimensional highlights for several different shades and layers of color that gently blend together. Color gives an instant update to any hair style, Sasiain says. She suggests natural brunettes highHayler says. “The sun shines so much here that it’s a great place for blondes, so we do some really natural-looking blondes. Whatever color a client chooses, we won’t see as much contrast this season. A soft, sleek look is in.”

Osborn agrees. “Cut and color must work together,” he says. “No more chunky highlights. Color is more muted and blended. Hair is seamless with no harsh tines.”

To give hair color some versatility. Dawn Sasiain, a color specialist at Bernardo’s Salon and Day Spa in Dallas, suggests adding dimensional highlights for several different shades and layers of color that gently blend together. Color gives an instant update to any hair style, Sasiain says. She suggests natural brunettes highlight a few shades lighter around their face for a different effect and that blondes go for a warmer blonde tone, the most popular shade of blonde this spring and summer.

“I am expecting a lot of requests for bright, sun-kissed highlights this spring,” Sasiain says. “The best way to keep any highlight natural looking is to go heavy around the face and lighter in the back.”


Spring is the perfect time to put away brown and beige-tone cosmetics, usually the trusty standy-bys of the makeup palette. This spring and summer, get ready for a barrage of color in cosmetics. “I’m excited to see fresh faces with youthful color, kind of like an Audrey Hepburn look,” Avalon Spa’s Agee says.

The best way to see the rainbow of colors available is to visit a varitey of cosmetic counters. Spring and summer 1999 is about light and easy beauty. Estee Lauder’s Go Tropical collection is a tropical-inspired line that combines an island color palette of pink, purple, and fuschia with bright bursts of turquoise, yellow and lilac. Bright shades of color are definitely seen in spring fashions, and this collection will perfectly complement spring and summer clothing. Estee Lauder’s Highlights collection features softer, shimmery shades for cheeks, eyes, lips, and nails to go with this spring’s light, sheer fabrics.

CLARINS’ spring lineup, the Bright. Bold. Daring. Colour Collection, celebrates spring and summer with racy tropical shades of red, berry, and orange. The line includes a new matte powder compact foundation with an SPF 15 for protection from the hot summer sun, and blue and violet mascara that provides a dash of spring color.

If you can’t quite make it to the beach, it’s easy to fake it with Stila Cosmetics’ new spring Seashore Collection. Powder foundation that brings a lucent glow to the skin, sparkling and pearl shades of eyeshadow, bronzers, and shimmery color for cheeks and lips are the base of Stila’s spring line.

Bronzers are an easy way to achieve the look of a healthy summer tan without the sun damage. Lightly brush the bronzer over the face, neck, and shoulders for an instant glow. Spring and summer makeup is also made easy with makeup pencils that have two shades on each end to layer and blend, highlight, or line.

CLINIQUE is sticking with softer, more natural color this spring with its Earth Angels Collection. Classic pinks, nudes, and blues with shimmery accents, along with warm, pure, white-infused colors are found in many products. Lancome’s spring collection, Candide, is also going soft with a palette of near-nudes, airy pastels, and makeup sheers.

Also new this spring are makeup accents, such as Lancome’s sparkling crystal “tears,” that can be applied to the face with a gentle glue. The tiny tear kit comes with six tear-shaped crystals that temporarily stick to the body for a fun, glittery look.

Make-up artists warn that while using all of this new color is fun, it is also easy to mistakenly create a heavy, ’made-up’ look. “The key to makeup is to make it very natural to accentuate your beauty; not cover it,” Jean-Phillipe says.

Jess Attra, a national makeup artist for Toni & Guy, has been studying make-up on the fashion runways of Paris and New York to bring her Dallas clients the latest in makeup color and application. “I saw a very healthy glow to faces,” Attra says.

“Foundation should be worn very lightweight on the skin. Better yet, go without or just use a light bronzer over the face, shoulders, or decolletage,”

Attra’s favorite spring and summer look is a sun-kissed bronze face with a slight shimmer that creates a dewy look. She likes to mix different shades of lip gloss to give lips a sheer, almost naked look. The idea is to stay away from the lined-lip-instead, natural lip stains are the way to go, However, for thin lips that need full- ness, she suggests outlining the lip after the stain has been applied.

“Lip stains give a more youthful look to the mouth,” Attra says. “’Blush should do the same thing. Use blushes that give you that natural, blushed look.”

Attra also gives the nod of approval to makeup that can be used in more than one area, such as lip crayons that also work for eyes and cheeks. To create spring’s popular color wash on eyes, apply a lip crayon to the eyelid and blend the color in with fingers, barely smudging it. As a final touch, go over the entire eyelid with a shimmery powder. Best eye color bets for spring are teals, pinks, icy blues and lavender. “Stay away from heavy mascara on the eyes,” Attra says. “It takes away from all of the color you just applied.”

Finding bold color in cosmetics won’t be difficult this spring, but keeping the color under control might be. Makeup artists across the board still believe less is more. Laura Moreland, a makeup artist at Bernardo’s Salon and Day Spa, always uses the back of her hand as a palette for lipsticks and foundation. “Use a brush to apply it, kind of like your painting,” .she says. “This makes everything go on lighter and smoother.”

Achieving the most current look for spring is easy, according the experts. Keep hair and makeup simple, yet noticeable, and start any makeover by first becoming fit and healthy on the inside.

One rule of true beauty has never changed, however, and that is to choose a look that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Fortunately, the look that works best for spring is the same look that works best year-round.

“When people consider a makeover, they should always first consider what works best for them, rather than only what is trendy,” Moreland says. “Keep everything light and fresh for spring.”


Five steps to develop healthier eating habits:

Eat five meals a day- three balanced meals and two light snacks.

Don’t exceed 500 calories in one meal.

Eat within one hour of waking.

Never go longer than five hours without eating to avoid overeating.

Eat protein at every major meal, and make sure the serving is no bigger or thicker than the palm of your hand.


“Long, wispy cuts are in.”-Kim Agee, Hairdresser, Avalon Salon.

“Hair is very texturized, and the look is very underdone, almost messy.”-Jean-Philippe, Owner, Jean-Philippe Salon.

“Styled, stiff hair is out No more chunky highlights.”-Thomas Osborn, Artistic Director, Toni and Guy.

“I’m seeing more curl. Perms could be coming back.”-Tatum, Hair Stylist, The Grand Spa

“A soft, sleek look is in.”-Richard Hayler, Owner, -Richard Hayler Colour Salon.

“Hair today is either disconnected with razor cuts or really structured with heavy perimeters and loose layers.” -Samuel Mitchell, Hair Stylist, Bernardo’s Salon and Day Spa.



Lightweight or no foundation

Anything pink


Lip stains

Blue eyeshadow

Shimmery highlights on face, neck, and shoulders


Heavy foundation

Lined lips

Harsh blush lines

Using black eyeliner on inside of eye

Heavy mascara

Using eye pencils to fill in brows




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Technology at its best, lasers truly are the way to go!

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