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Letters “Are you kidding? Did you actually talk to anyone in ’Pleasantville?’”

By D Magazine |

The Suburbs Fight Back

I’ve lived in Texas for 11 years, having moved here from New York, where the neighborhood restaurant is a way of life. I am one of the hundreds who eat at Covino’s at least twice a week and have gladly waited on those plastic chairs you so proudly ridicule. How unfair to entitle an article “Best Of” and then take a cheap shot like comparing fresh homemade Italian food to a chain restaurant.



I RECENTLY READ WITH MUCH DISMAY YOUR article on neighborhood restaurants. As a longtime resident of Piano I found your article lacking in all of our neighborhood haunts.

What about Einstein’s Bagels, where we eat breakfast regularly? Or On The Border, where we go for Mexican? Or Olive Garden? Or our favorite steakhouse, Outback? We also go to Chili’s. Bennigan’s, Houston’s, Boston Market, Macaroni Grill, Red Lobster, Pappasito’s, Don Pablo’s, Dickey’s, and Sonny Bryan’s. And we have good shopping, loo: Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot. The list goes on and on.

I hope the next time you attempt to do a story, you do a little more research. If you don’t apologize to all of us. I will cancel my subscription to D and start subscribing to Piano Life. Or is that Plain-Old Life?



ARE YOU KIDDING? DID YOU ACTUALLY TALK to anyone in “Pleasantville” about our favorite restaurants, or did you just drive through? Come back to Coppell any day at lunch and look around again, and try to get into the Coppell Deli (not a chain) for a hamburger. Or try dinner on any evening, weekday, or weekend. And try Anamia’s TexMex (not a chain). Weekends, try C.J.’s ( not a chain). The restaurants that you mention in your article are all good-my family has eaten al each of them more than once-but we frequent “The Deli,” Anamia’s, and C.J.’s, as do most of our friends and neighbors. These places are as much a meeting place for those in Coppell as they are a place to eat.



OBVIOUSLY MARY BROWN MALOUF AND Nancy Nichols do not know East Coast Italian food. If they did, they would have recognized that Covino’s is great Italian food. Having been born and raised in Philadelphia, it has been quite a challenge to find restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that “make da real thing.” Imagine our delight in (hiding that Covino’s not only makes food that actually has flavor, it has the same ambience as the neighborhood restaurants on the East Coast. Hey all “youse” who enjoy Macaroni Grill- leave the plastic seats at Covino’s for those of us who can appreciate real Italian food.



YOUR REVIEWERS THAT VISITED COPPELL must not have left Denton Tap Road. Here are four of the best restaurants they missed:

Best homemade hamburger: Coppell Deli. Pickup trucks and sedans fill the parking lot. Best place to cat and hang out with family and friends: CJ’s Clubhouse.

Best Mexican: Anamia’s. Once you get in, the line forms fast.

Best French Bistro: Le Chalet. Great lunches and awesome breakfast not to be missed Sunday morning after church.

So next time you’re hungry, y’all come on back.



AS I THUMBED THROUGH YOUR FEBRUARY issue, I was very impressed with what I found. The advertisements were appealing and tastefully done, the article on Annette Strauss was extremely interesting, and the general layout of D Magazine was great. However, when I sat down to read the article mat prompted me to buy your magazine. I was less than pleased.

“The Best Neighborhood Restaurants in Dallas,” though filled with the best places to eat in our city, was sarcastic, condescending, and rude. I am still trying to figure out what Mary Brown Maloufand Nancy Nichols were looking for in terms of the “best” restaurants. The thing with which they seemed most concerned was putting down people and the neighborhoods in which they live.



EXACTLY HOW MUCH TIME DID MARY BROWN Maloufand Nancy Nichols spend in Piano for their article “The Best Restaurants in Your Neighborhood’? They listed mediocre restaurants for East Piano, of which six are in West Piano. The only one that could possibly be in East Piano is Greek Isle, and that’s only because it sits on the east side of Central Expressway!

We have some very good restaurants here in East Piano: Napoli’s, Poor Richard’s, Piano Tortilla Factory, Dickey’s BBQ, El Fenix, and August Moon, just to name a few.


East Plno

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