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Barry Switzer’s Crackup: Sensational or Sensationalism?

Your Barry Switzer article was Extremely well-written. Skip Bayless covered it all, from the media to the players to the fans. It’s about time someone prints the truth about what is going on behind the locker room doors of “The Champions.” As a resident in this town, I am ashamed to claim this team as a “Dallas” team. What a disgrace!

I thank Bayless for putting in the hours to write the article and for D Magazine to actually print such a shocking story. I would love to see the parts that didn’t get printed. And I would love to have seen Jerry Jones’ face when he read the article for the first time.


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THE ARTICLE IN THE CURRENT EDITION OF your magazine by the Jerry Springer of Dallas, Skip Bayless, is cheap sensationalism and shabby journalism at best. If this is the best that your magazine can produce, then please cancel my subscription.


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Revisiting Archer City

I WOULD LIKE TO CORRECT SOME INFORmation erroneously portrayed by Mary Brown Malouf in her article on Archer City [“Weekend Getaways”]. It’s obvious that she didn’t do her homework.

Archer City does have a lovely restaurant called Cottage Inn Antique and Tea Room. You will need reservations and they are only open for luncheons during the week. Archer City also has a coffee bar located in the rear of the floral and gift shop in town, as well as a Dairy Queen.

We had a wonderful visit to Archer City. I went quail hunting in the morning with my 14-year-old son and rare book browsing in the afternoon. We planned and asked questions, something your reporter obviously dick not do.



Defending Tyson

THOUGH I’M NOT A LAWYER AND HAVE never appeared before Judge Candace Tyson’s bench, I am aware of her popularity ratings. And I don’t ever recall reading about what I consider to be an important factor when critiquing a judge. I’ve always thought that a judge was rated according to their percentage of rulings that were reversed in an appeals court.

I’m sure that many of the lawyers quoted in Mr. Calve’s article [“The Most Hated Judge in Texas”] are quite popular among their peers. However, I don’t believe that any intelligent person selects a lawyer for his or her popularity.

Without some concrete facts and figures, it appears that many lawyers are. merely, pounding the table.



Praise for Burnside

HAVING JUST MOVED HERE FROM HOUSton, I have been pleasantly surprised with your publication. You have provided us with a road map to people, places, and things in the Dallas area.

Also, being a nurse. I have thoroughly enjoyed Dr. John Burnside’s articles [Scenes from a Practice). He has a way of sharing with his readers his successes, failures, and the vulnerability that patients and health care providers go through as they journey through an illness.

Tell him to keep up the good work!


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