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parks and potholes

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oak cliff and southeast dallas

Seven playgrounds: $560,000

Martin Weiss Park: $470,000

Historic Preservation of Lake Cliff Park:$3,000

Alley petitions: $1,741,000

Park in the Woods Recreation Center: $1,900,000

Kiest Valley Park erosion control and trail design: $50,000

Emerald Lake Park-Phase II Trail Development: $200,000

Street petitions: $10,232,000

Street resurfacing: $1,208,733

uptown and downtown

Fair Park Link (Gaston Avenue to Hall Street): $3,500,000

Buckner Park Recreation Center: $750,000

Bachman Lake Park parking and trail improvements: $400,000

Overlake Park: $200,000

Dallas West Branch Library design and renovation: $500,000

Library Site Acquisition for future Love Field West Area: $200,000

Street petitions: $6,539,000

Street resurfacing: $1,067,939

pleasant grove

Bridge repair and modification South Central (Phase 1) Linfield/RR Overpass: $300,000

Lancaster Kiest Branch Library replacement: $3,700,000

Pleasant Oaks Park: $650,000

Rochester Park Recreation Center (preliminary design): $50,000

Street resurfacing: $739,638

white rock area and lake highlands

Storm Drainage Relief Mill Creek (Phase I): $1,500,000

Glencoe Park athletic field improvements: $110,000

Lake Highlands Park: $150,000

Fire Station No. 39 Replacement: $3,265,000

Flagpole Hill site development: $260,000

Audelia Park site development: $300,000

White Rock Trail Greenville/Royal Crossing: $500,000

Street resurfacing: $4,627,545

west dallas

Four playgrounds: $320,000

Public Facilities Marcus Annex expansion and Rénovation: $700,000

Walnut Hill Library-Phase I Design and Renovation: $700,000

Street resurfacing: $2,614,422

south dallas

Crawford/Elam Park: $680,000

Thurgood Marshall Park: $625,000

Lagow/Mildred Dunn Recreation Center renovation: $230,000

ML King Recreation Center renovation: $400,000

Lawnview Park athletic field improvements: $230,000

Danieldale Park Recreation Center design: $150,000

Fireside Recreation Center renovation: $400,000

Five Mile Creek trail: $150,000

Street resurfacing: $6,369,920

north dallas

10 playgrounds: $800,000

Churchill Park: $590,000

Valley View Park parking improvements: $100,000

White Rock Trail extension design: $100,000

Hillcrest Park site development: $150,000

Park site acquisition: $250,000

Fretz Park athletic field improvements: $100,000

Timberglen Park land acquisition: $605,000

Timherglen Recreation Center design and construction: $2,250,000

Site Acquisition for Timberglen Library; $250,000

Eastridge thoroughfare from Skillman Street to Park Lane: $3,300,000

Park Lane thoroughfare from Boedeker Street to Greenville Avenue: $1,457,000

Fair Oaks Park ball field and parking improvements Phase II: $500,000

Alpha Road thoroughfare from Dallas Parkway to Preston Road: $1,120,000

Street resurfacing: $6,824,452

oak lawn and old east dallas

Four playgrounds: $320,000

Storm Drainage Relief Systems: $3,962,300

Samuel! Grand Park: $800,000

Turtle Creek Greenbelt erosion control and site improvements: $300,000

Street resurfacing: $2,047,349

Street reconstruction: $1,000,000


Police headquarters building: $42,280,000

Arts District improvements: $10,000,000

Library improvements: $4,000,000

City Animal Control facility replacement: $3,500,000

Sidewalk improvements: $1,500,000

Commerce Street thoroughfare from Griffin Street to Harwood Street (Phase I): $300,000

Houston Street thoroughfare from Pacific Avenue to Alamo Street: $11,210,000

Market Street thoroughfare from Young Street to Elm Street: $1,500,000

Cedar Crest Golf Course: $1,216,000

Dallas Arboretum: $500,000

Dallas Zoo: $7,650,000

Fair Park: $10,500,000

Katy Trail: $500,000

White Rock Lake master plan implementation: $2,000,000