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LETTERS Cheers & Jeers

By D Magazine |

What you loved and hated about Best & Worst.

YOUR QUESTION IN JANUARY’S “BEST & Worst” dominated our recent dinner conversation at Palomino in The Crescent. Like you, we wondered, “Where do all those Uptowners eat?”

My lunch partners the next day at Mediterraneo in The Quadrangle were just as bewildered. Even my usually up-to-date dinner companions at Watel’s new location on McKinney Avenue were stumped. I fared no better the next day with my dinner guests at Tract’s.

Tell you what. I’ll keep researching this question right up to next fall’s opening of the nationally famous Capitol Grille in The Crescent. I’ll get back to you.


Chairman. Uptown Inc.

REGARDING YOUR “BEST & WORST” awards: We don’t serve a “Godiva martini” as your writer claims, but rather a vodka martini made with Godiva liqueur. Moreover, it is a very nice, slightly sophisticated cocktail that makes a wonderful after-dinner drink-hardly anything that should be deemed “disgusting.”

You also say this cocktail is “one more good reason to avoid any bar with the word ’martini’ in its name.” I’m curious as to what are the other good reasons to avoid our bar, and where are the other bars in town with “martini” in their names?

Such disregard for factual information is one more reason to avoid advertising with a magazine with “D” in its name.


Martini Ranch

I RECEIVED A CALL FROM A TELEMARKETER with “The Dental Plan.” It just so happened that I had read your” Best & Worst” list the night before, and I remembered a scathing comment about “The Dental Plan” under Best & Worst Telemarketers.

I hunted through my house (while she was still on the phone) and found the magazine. Imagine her surprise, when I read to her-word for word-your comments.

I had a great laugh! Never before had I had such a hilarious opportunity to stump a telemarketer.


via e-mail

WOW ! JUST BARELY TWO MONTHS 1NTO my job of public relations for Blockbuster, and D has saved me a lot of work. Your “Best & Worst” awards clearly outline my main goal for 1998. If I do my job right, this lime next year you’ll be giving us the Best Corporate PR award.


V.P., Corporate Communications


JUST WHAT CLOSED-MINDED, MISINformed redneck made the decisions for the best and worst in “Alternative Arts?” You slam the McKinney Avenue Contemporary and Claude Albritton’s artistic ambitions on one page and praise Raymond Nasher for keeping control of his collection on the next. When are we going to start praising everyone who puts their money and interests to heart and gives Dallas something else to look at?


via e-mail<BR>