Reforming the Corrupt Empire

AS AN EDUCATOR IN THE DALLAS PUBLIC School System, I can only say this article was long overdue.

As well-educated, hard-working professionals in the system, the teachers have for years been treated like second-class citizens by the administrative leaders and workers downtown for DISD, Each and every year we struggle to receive a cost of living raise and fight to keep the few benefits they have bestowed upon us.

Take a look at your typical DISD school and what you won’t find are Mercedes, BMWs, and Lexuses. What you will find is something that resembles a low-budget used-car lot, playgrounds without equipment, classrooms without materials, and students without textbooks.

Let’s take the ownership and authority of the Dallas Public Schools away from 3700 Ross Ave. and give it back to the community, to teachers, and foremost, to the students, where it belongs.


Dallas Public School Teacher

I HAVE BEEN A FAITHFUL SUBSCRIBER TO D Magazine since its inception in Dallas and since moving from Dallas to Birmingham 12 years ago. I think the April issue is the best issue that I have read in many years.

It saddens me to see the Dallas Independent School District in such a huge mess. When my father was on the school board from 1952-1955, the school system was extremely well-run and headed up by a decent and honorable man. Dr. W.T. White. I don’t understand why Mr. Matthew Harden hasn’t been charged with malfeasance in office. It looks like he is getting off scot-free-and with $600,000 to boot!


Birmingham, Ala.

WITH EVERYONE SO FOCUSED ON THE SENsationalism of scandal, who’s focused on what’s supposed to be important in a school district-die children?


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YOU HAVE MY GREAT THANKS FOR PUBlishing the article on Matthew Harden. Among the many things that smelled about this situation was that, as the chief financial officer, he was responsible for implementing financial controls, which were determined to be virtually non-existent. Instead of getting a sizable separation settlement, he should have been fired for not doing his job.

Thanks for the coverage. I wonder why no other of the media has the courage to do the same.


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I’VE HAD THE PLEASURE OF WORKING WITH Kathleen Leos, and I think your cover story on the DISD should have been titled: “Real Heroes are Working Moms: How Kathleen Leos Saved DISD.”

When the FBI was seizing Yvonne’s now-famous bedroom suite, they also came to Kathleen’s home in “Little Mexico,” where they were surprised to see her living conditions. “Obviously, they found no new furniture,” she told me later with an amused laugh.

If Michael Henderson or Matthew Harden are found to have financed their palatial homes illegally, my suggestion for their restitution to the Dallas community would be to switch homes with Kathleen Leos and her five kids for the duration of what would have been their jail time.



YVONNE GONZALEZ CLEARLY DID NOT DO the right thing, but Matthew Harden is, in my opinion, a criminal. What was a guy without a CPA or MBA doing in such a position anyway?


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I CONGRATULATE YOUR MAGAZINE ON ITS April exposé of the Dallas Public Schools. Although the article was shocking and upsetting, it was a very needful thing. Hopefully, Dallas citizens will rise up and demand better of their district for the benefit of its children. Let the prosecution begin!




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