WHEN ERROL RATCLIFFE SOLD HIS RESTAU-rant’s famous wine collection for a quarter of a million dollars in 1988. Diane Teitelbaum was there to oversee the crating of the bottles. Teitelbaum had worked with Rateliffe bringing up the collection, and like any proud parent would be. she was there to see it off. One of the only wine consultants in Dallas, Teitelbaum works with hotels and restaurants, advising clients on what wine to purchase, how to store it, and how to sell it. Her clients have included the Hyatt Regency, Cafe Pacific. Patrizio, Doubletree. Hotel St. Germaine, and The Stoneleigh Hotel, and she worked with the Anatole for 1 2 years for all 26 food outlets in the hotel.

Teitelbaum’s Wine List Words of Wisdom

The average wine list in a mid-range restaurant ($15-$23 for entrees) has 50 to 100 wines, though the trend is to smaller, more expensive wine lists.

Wine lists often put the lightest wines at the top and the heaviest wines at the bottom. If you don’t recognize anything, order something from the middle of the list.

Waiters often have a crib sheet posted in the kitchen-they may not actually know any more than you do, so don’t be intimidated.

There are virtually no bad wines on the wine lists at a reputable restaurant, so act like you know what you’re doing. Point and shoot.


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