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THUMBS DOWN Bullying nuns.

By D Magazine |

To the city of Arlington, for menacing the prayerful tranquillity of the Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity, a community of Discalced Carmelite nuns.

Arlington intends to slice off a piece of the monastery’s 50-acre property in order to widen Sublett Rd. The 20 distressed nuns at Holy Trinity fear that increased traffic nearby will disrupt their sec uded lives of labor and silent prayer. Speaking through their attorney, Earl Hale of Dallas, the community has proposed that Arlington build a 5000-fool-long wall, at a cost of $900,000, to protect their peace.

The city has offered the Order a flat $28,000 for *:he land it plans to take.

“We have no intention of building the wall the nun:; are requesting,” says Bill Verkest, Arlington’s director of engineering services. “We are not considering any alternatives at this point in time.”