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FAMILY 10 Things a Father Can Teach His Child

Share the game and tradition of golf with the next generation.

“PLAYING AND TEACHING ARE two different professions,” PGA TOUR professional Lanny Wadkins says. So he trusts David Price, the head pro at Bent Tree Country Club, to instruct his sons, Travis and Tucker. Wadkins himself started playing golf when he was about 7 with his father, but he started learning golf with a club professional. He says his best advice is for fathers to stay away from their children’s lessons and trust the professional, but there are some tips that fathers can pass along.

1 Etiquette. Golf is a game of tradition and etiquette, and children need to learn what is expected on the course. The unwritten rules, like raking bunkers and replacing ball marks, make the game enjoyable for you and for those around you.

2 Play the game in the proper time frame. Two hours for nine holes and four hours for 18. Any longer on the course and you are probably making the game miserable for others who are behind you

3 Learn for yourself. It’s an individual game, and you’re going to do things your own way, from your swing to your shot-making, “You don’t draw pictures on the scorecard, you write numbers,” Wadkins says.

4 Learn the fundamentals from an expert. Even Lanny Wadkins, who has played for more than 30 years, would rather have a PGA professional teacher instruct his son on the fundamentals.

5 Have fun playing the game. Enjoy the challenge of improving with each round that you play.

6 Create good practice habits. Balance your time between putting, short game, iron play, and woods.

7 Use the proper equipment. Don’t buy your child adult clubs and cut them down, unless he/she is strong enough.

8 Build a good foundation for a swing. The basics include a solid grip, a balanced stance, correct posture, and proper rhythm.

9 Attire. Always maintain some sort of a dress code. It translates to a respect for the dignity and history of the game.

10 Obey the rates. Read the rules of III golf, even if you only read one rule per week. They can help you avoid the embarrassment of a two-shot or disqualification penalty.

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