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By D Magazine |

FOR MORE THAN A YEAR, PAUL CRUTE HAS PRO-vided the “world famous” JFK Presidential Limo Tour, charging tourists $25 per person to be chauffeured in the back of a restored 1963 Lincoln convertible (a replica of Kennedy’s) from Love Field Airport to Parkland Memorial Hospital by way of Dealey Plaza. As stated in the brochure, “All Tours include historically correct surround sound enhancements and informative narration. ” (Good taste is not addressed. ) Ominous timpani, newsreel excerpts, and sound effects (yes, including gunshots) saturate the tour with authenticity, although one-way streets necessitate two brief detours from the original motorcade. “I wanted to give the most unique vantage point possible,1” explains Crute, who maintains that each tourist’s reaction has been positive. “Every day, at least once, someone will give me a thumbs up…like ’Way to go,”’ Crute says and pauses. “And I have to be honest, that makes me feel pretty good.”