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Celestial Pleadings

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FOLLOWING ARE EXCERPTS from a petition filed on behalf of Marte Tilton, first wife of Pastor Robert Tilton. in his divorce with Leigh Valentine Tilton. Marte joined the holy jihad in an attempt to wrestle 90 percent of Word of Faith assets for her own higher calling, the Lexington Academy.

3.04During June 1993, however. Pastor Tillon met Valentine white traveling in Germany, and commenced his relationship with her…Ms. Tilton (Marte) flew to Fort Lauderdale. . .to meet Pastor Tilton for a short vacation. The “holiday” ended.. .with Pastor Tilton announcing that he was leaving Ms. Tilton.

3.10… My. Tilton was urged by third parties to intervene in this suit to claim, for herself.. .one-half of the New Church (Word of Faith)…

3.11After all, if Valentine could marry Pastor Tilton in 1994. some eighteen years after Ms. Tilton was instrumental in establishing and nurturing the ministry and the school, and then claim that she (Valentine) is somehow entitled to one-half thereof. Marte Tilton and her assignee, LAI, most assuredly could advance such a contention with thousandfold strength.

3.13 If anything in this world should happen, it is Marie Tilton’s fervent belief that the ministry and the assets of the New Church should he wrested from the talons of Pastor Tilton and Valentine, and spirited away to the safely, piety and altruism inherent within the structure of a properly formed and scrupulously overseen, non-profit eleemosynary institution …. Consequently, Ms. Tilton chose to convey any rights she might have to LAI. and do her best to ensure that the Tilton name, so hideously besmirched by Petitioner and Respondent herein, is used for purposes of good….


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