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I AM A NEW RESIDENT OF DALLAS AND WORK as the Homeless Law Project attorney with Legal Services of North Texas, a nonprofit legal organization. I am somewhat shocked at “Saving the Public Square” [October 1996] by Rob Tier.

I have not seen the homeless of Dallas as the urine-soaked drug addicts this article suggests. They are not some faceless mass, but pleasant individuals who, because of factors more often than not beyond their control, find themselves shivering on furnace grates and begging for change. These are no shantytown denizens. And as for those, their plight has not changed, except instead of cardboard to sleep in, they now have nothing.

You did not mention that this “clean-up” effort coincided with the World Cup and did not follow up on what happened to the shantytown homeless. Also, Mr. Tier is wrong about “ample social services.” Food, shelter, medical supplies and basic items required for healthy human subsistence are in short supply. The social services burden will not “become too large.” It already has.


Staff Attorney

Legal Services of North Texas

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Alexander obviously has not been in Dallas long enough to be accosted by the panhandlers and winos who roam our downtown streets. He’s right on one thing, the problem has not been solved. Our question is, has it gotten better or worse since Legal Services entered the picture in 1967? If the answer is that it is worse, could there be a correlation ?


D MAGAZINE is back. It has the content and the style it used to have, However, in “The Pink Mafia” [November], you said there isn’t anything like the Turtle Creek Chorale in straight Dallas. What were you thinkin’?! The 125-man Vocal Majority has been around for 25 years. We started in 1972, and I was the assistant director and voice coach. Not only has the “VM” won the international title seven times, but this is the best male group in the country.




THANKS FOR GLENNA WHITLEY’S ARTICLE on Bill Bryan’s ministry at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church [’’Baptism by Fire,” December], She gave a measured and sensible treatment to difficult questions. On the issue of baptism of the two infants, Bill’s response would parallel mine-they are God’s children first, “on loan” to the parents who care for them.

Commendation to Bill Bryan for engaging in prophetic ministry wherever he is. If afflicted people come to worship, they deserve to be comforted. For the rest of us, he’s right to “afflict the comfortable.” God may want to change us.



I FOUND THE RECENT D MAGAZINE ARTICLE regarding Lovers Lane United Methodist one-sided and incomplete, lacking references to what has been going on at Lovers Lane since December 1995.

There are always trials and tribulations when a new pastor and congregation get to know each other. We joined this church approximately six months prior to Dr, Bryan coming. Although we liked Dr. Benton, we like Dr. Bryan as well, if not better. His sermons have not been as “safe” as Dr. Benton’s-but frankly, I like being challenged.



JIM AND I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE OR FEEL ashamed about, so why would parishioners with generally negative feedback about Dr. Bryan’s very considered, honest and genuine allowance of our children’s baptism be reluctant to provide their names?

The Methodist church itself is rather vague about how to “handle” homosexuality; Dr. Bryan discussed this with us last fall along with baptism issues and spiritual responsibilities. I cannot see how parishioners who were perfectly happy with a change of ministers suddenly decided that this baptism would convey a condoning of homosexual relationships or an influx of gay Methodists.

Regarding our daughters’ impending “tough time” because they have gay parents: Childhood is a tough time, and we would rather our daughters learn about unsavory behavior by peers while living with us, than have to face such issues later without our constant presence and support.





SALLY GIDDENS STEPHENSON’S ARTICLE “The Heart of the Gold Corridor” [December] is on point in most respects. But she is mistaken in stating that Anne Hughes of Henry S. Miller was the listing agent when Gov. and Mrs. George W. Bush sold their home at 6029 Northwood. I represented the Bushes as the listing agent, while Ms. Hughes represented the buyers.


B.A. and Company Real Estate


skip bayless states in his article [“the Legacy,” December] that David Richards is the only ex-Scot to start in the NFL after Bobby Layne and Doak Walker. My father, John Roach, was starting quarterback for the St. Louis Cardinals for most of the 1960 season and started approximately 10 games for the Packers and the Cowboys. My dad is also the only person to have played for Highland Park, SMU and the Cowboys.



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