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A Case for Cousin Sherlock

By D Magazine |

LONGTIME DALLAS BUSINESS LAWYER ROBERT H. (Bob) Holmes notified us that we had not done our Holmes-work when we identified family lawyer Robert E. (Rob) Holmes Jr. in December’s “Out On the Street” simply as “Dallas family law attorney Robert Holmes.” Meanwhile, Robert E. Holmes Jr., who is coinci-dentally featured in this month’s Luxury Holmes story on page 107, didn’t object to the way we referred to him, but said many of his clients had “phoned Holmes” to ask why, after 15 years in practice, he had started advertising. The advertisement in question, on page 16 of the December issue, was placed by family lawyer Robert H. Holmes II, who, as the son of Bob Holmes (see above), started his practice three years ago with a real Holmes-field advantage. Our story, “Best Lawyers in Dallas-Fort Worth,” which starts on page 68 of this issue, is Holmes-free.