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NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE LOVE the new DART rail, we Dallas drivers love our cars even more. Despite Central Expressway, potholes the size of Geos in some areas of the city, and traffic jams on LBJ that might as well be tailgate parties, we want our hands on a steering wheel, not a ticket stub.

We love our cars even more when they’re not cars. Dallas is the reigning sport utility vehicle market in the country, and one look around the parking lot of Greenhill School during parent-teacher night tells that story: Suburbans, Expeditions. Tahoes, and Explorers as far as the eye can see, with the now-fading-in-popularity minivan tucked in here and there. Big, bigger, biggest. Do we worry about 17-miles-to-the-gallon and global warming? No way.

In this paean to our automotive love affair, we offer the ins and outs of buying and driving a car in Dallas: Can you really get a great buy at CarMax and AutoNation USA? Ten reasons to buy (or not to buy) a used car. Why doSUVs rulein Dallas? The five great gadgets you need for your car. Is leasing a smart idea? The top 10 luxury cars in Dallas. Why is auto insurance so expensive in Dallas and how can you get a better deal? The broker who takes the fear out of buying a car. And, what’s it really like to drive the ultimate SUV?

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