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A unique exhibit that will fascinate the whole family is the Exotic Bird Aviary. This incredible collection of some or the world’s most rare and colorful creatures includes a display of more than 30 species of domestically bred exotic birds. Many of the birds gracing the tropical aviary are on the threatened and endangered species list.

Kept by government-regulated private breeders, the birds being shown are rarely seen even in zoos, says aviary coordinator Ernie Colaizzi of Backtalk Birds. According to Mr. Colaizzi, “natural habitats are disappearing in the wild, so by giving the public the opportunity to see these beautiful birds, hopefully they will begin to understand how important it is to preserve these species as well as their natural habitats.”

The birds are displayed in a large glass greenhouse provided by Texas Greenhouse and include Parrots, Eclectus, Cockatoos, Macaws, Canaries, rare Finches and other songbirds. Because the birds shown were hand-fed as babies, the public will have a chance to come in contact with and even touch some of these remarkable creatures.

Acclaimed researcher, Dr. Irene Pepperberg will be leading seminars throughout the weekend on the latest findings in bird intelligence. Members of local bird societies will also be available at the show to answer questions about raising birds at home, creating an attractive aviary in your home and breeding birds successfully.

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