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Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?

An ex-Dallas cop makes a revealing career change.
By D Magazine |

WHEN FORMER DALLAS POLICE officer Samantha Garofalo appeared in Easyriders magazine last year, she wasn’t wearing her blue uniform and hat, In fact, she wasn’t wearing much of anything.

It seems Garofalo, who worked as a traffic officer in the Northeast patrol division until she was fired last year, has quickly embraced a new line of work.

After pleading guilty to state felony charges of records-tampering in connection with a DWI scam, Garofalo moved to Los Angeles, where she began posing nude and making pornographic films under the name Jordan Lee.

Word got out after a Dallas police officer who had worked with Garofalo saw one of her films on a cable channel. The news that one of their own had found a new profession spread with lightning speed through the DPD grapevine. Local cops shopped adult video stores to find samples of Garofalo’s cinematic oeuvre which reportedly includes seven titles, among them Legal Briefs.

This past March, the ex-crime-fighter appeared on the cover and in the centerfold of Easyriders, a magazine for men who like Harley Davidsons and naked women, apparently in that order. Last fall, some Dallas cops even stopped in to see their former colleague dance topless at Caligula XXI on Northwest Highway.

Gives a whole new meaning to the word “undercover.”

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