THUMBS UP to federal judge Barefoot Sanders for once again showing Dallas who’s boss. After a majority of the Dallas school board voted to move the Talented and Gifted Magnet High School from Townview, Judge Sanders put these rebellious elected of6-ciais in their place. Driven by the unshakeable faith that he knows best for the schools, the kids, and their parents, this true believer would not be bound by stubborn facts, What’s that? Oh, uh, sure, TAG is the most racially balanced of all the magnet schools: 38 percent white, 35 percent African American, 19 percent Hispanic, 8 percent other. But what does that matter? Somehow-and we don’t know just how, but then we’re mere mortals, not federal judges-TAG is still racist and elitist. Hmm. You know, just being smart may be racist and elitist. We’ll wait for the ruling on dial one.


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