Dallas D-coded

Q: My work is in the deliver}- sen-ices, and as a result, I drive all over town. I have noticed different spellings for she same streets like Thackery/Thackeray and Wycliff/Wycliffe. Which one is right! –

A: To some degree, they’re both right. According to a Dallas city official, inconsistent street name spellings are corrected when possible, especially when it’s a matter of public safety (for fire trucks and ambulances). But [he streets you mentioned have yet to cause any problems.

As to tracing the cause of such inconsistencies, “the variations,” says the city official, “just sort of evolved.” Discrepancies often exist when Dallas shares streets with other cities, like University Park, Highland Park and Addison. The city of Dallas has an ordinance to standardize street names but it only covers streets in their jurisdiction that were created after 1988. the year the ordinance went into effect.

At worst, it’s just a little typo, and can you blane them?


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