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Ways to Beat the Heat


It’s not here yet, but it’s coming: the heat of summer. We’ve collected some tips on hot weather dos and don’ts; clip and save for July. Or June. Or May…

1. Don’t take hot showers. Cool water lowers the body’s temperature.

2. Carry a water-filled sports bottle with you all day. A cool suggestion; Freeze the bottle, water and all, the night before.

3. Leave the windows in your automobile open a little when you park.

4. When you turn on your car’s air conditioning, first turn the controls to the low setting. This is more energy efficient and, miraculously, It makes the system work better.

5. Never leave living creatures in the car.

6. Use a steering wheel cover. Or wear gloves when you first get in the car. Or drape a spare towel over the steering wheel. (You can also use the towel to wipe off the perspiration from your brow when you’re confronted with that first blast of hot air as you open the car’s door.)

7. Keep your hair short or up; much body heat is released through the back of the neck.

8. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. And don’t take off your shirt to get cool; light clothing reflects the light, exposed skin absorbs the sun.

9. Get a hat. Wear It.

10. Apply face and body misters liberally. Simply fill a spray water bottle with water and add aromatherapy fragrances, herbs,