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I WOULD HAVE FOUND “BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, Wealthy Men” [February] amusing were it not so earnestly written. One-dimensional Prince Charmings and Cinderellas are no more. A man’s worth cannot be measured by the thickness of his wallet, and attractive but underachieving women can be mass-produced on a surgeon’s table. These days, contest criteria are significantly more sweeping. How about joining the 20th century with the rest of us? Fairy tales do still exist, but Jocelyn White hasn’t a clue where to look. You don’t marry into a fairy tale, you build it one slow step at a time.



I DO NOT KNOW WHO I AM MORE EMBARrassed for-D Magazine or the women featured in your story. It is appalling to me that D would want to perpetuate such a negative attitude and stereotype for Dallas, a city already famous for guns, big hair, and topless bars. You would never read an article in the Northeast about such a superficial, shallow subject. It is no wonder that Dallas is one of the leaders in divorce rates. I assume D would be proud of this too.

What ever happened to marrying for love? I guess that’s not as good a story. Pity.




The brief but sad story on tHe Dixie Chicks [Inside Dallas, February] didn’t accurately portray what’s really going on. Your photo caption stated “Dixie Chicks dumped lead singer Laura Lynch.” Laura Lynch is the DixieChicks. All who agree say ” cluck, cluck. “

Anyone who’s ever been to their concerts will agree that a mature and witty personality will sell tickets faster than a bad bleach-blond job. The young ’uns have traded their best asset. Good luck, girls.

Ben Heath



What a pleasant surprise it was to find a rebuttal from Stephan Pyles [’The Chef Strikes Back,” February] on the inconsistenries of reviewers and the call for revamping [he evaluation of eateries in the United States. Being a frequent restaurant patron (Pyles’ Star Canyon included.) and having worked in food service, I realize the true measure of any food establishment’s continued success is word-of-mouth advertising. Just because I don’t have the power to dazzle or destroy the reputation of a restaurant, I still know very well what tastes good to me. True, there are perceptive critics in Dallas. However, important feedback from “ordinary” customers should also be considered when reviewing new restaurants or revisiting old favorites. I do believe standards of food evaluation should be certified. If not, then I should be able to use my love of food and appreciation for different cuisine as the ground work for reviewing a restaurant. Besides, shouldn’t it be the customer who pays the rent that gets the last, last word? Food for thought.




Your “Hail and Farewell” [January] listed many prominent Dallasites who died in 1995, but you missed a very important Dallas attorney, Hermine Tobolowsky, who was the major contributor to the passage of the Texas Equal Legal Rights Amendment (TELRA).

Ms. Tobolowsky fought for 48 years so that women and men would have full equal legal rights. Before TELRA was adopted in 1972, women could not own their own businesses. It is important for the next generation to recognize the contributions of this prominent Dallasite’s fight for fairness.



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