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By D Magazine |

Dallas County records show that in 1994, 11,213 couples said, “I don’t-not anymore.” That number was down a bit from 1993, when 11,649 divorces were granted, but still higher than 1992, when 10,942 local couples decided they could not make it work.

Statewide, almost 100,000 marriages are dissolved every year. With so many divorces we should hardly be surprised-to hear of yet another couple decoupling, but somehow we are. Kathy? Robert? You’re kidding? I didn’t know anything was wrong.

In this, D Magazine’s most in-depth look at divorce since 1988, we examine this perennial problem from a number of perspectives, including a look at the attorneys, those gladiators-cum-mediators who so often hold center stage; the ruinous costs of divorce; one couple’s story of life after custody; and one man’s account of how his lite was shaped by his parents’ divorce.