Wall Street Marathon Checkpoint

AS THE YEAR-LONG D MAGAZINE stock market marathon reaches the end of Month 4, it’s time once again to see how our contestants are faring.

Maintaining a strong lead is D reader Ms. Jodi Lutz of Irving, whose portfolio of five stocks is now up a whopping 63. 5 percent, thanks again to Maxus Energy and Wireless Telecom. In second place, though far behind at 32. 5 percent growth, is one of our nine experts, Stacy Oelsen, senior vice president of institutional sales at Smith Barney. Close behind is Jim Kennedy of Hunt Valley, Maryland, a businessman who says he travels quite a bit and always picks up D when he’s at D-FW airport. Kennedy tells us he writes a “small stock newsletter. “His portfolio took a leap this month when the price of IOMEGA (a producer of storage devices for both busi-nesses and home PC markets) doubled. For further up-to-the minute reports, use your modem to dial the Investment Club USA bulletin board at 214-320-0955.


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