SOME FAMILIES GO TO CHURCH TOGETH-er. Some go on picnics. And some plug in the amps and turn up the volume.

For Brittany, Blake, and Ian Porter, the prepubescent members of Dallas’ newest and youngest technopop trio, Kaboing, music is a family affair.

The group was formed two years ago when the Potters’ uncle, Kevin Schumacher, wrote a few songs and asked Brittany to try out the vocals. Blake, who’d been hammering at the drums since the age of 2, picked up the beat, and Ian headed for the keyboards. “Then we had a problem, ” says dad-producer Gene Potter. “It was actually a band. “

So much of a band that it’s now a lifestyle. The kids are homeschooled by Gene’s wife, Lynette, rehearse at least twice a week (auspiciously, in the studio where “Barney” started out), and perform in and out of the city two to three times a month. Their second tape, Digitized, released on their own label, Tossed Records, makes its way to local stores tike Bill’s Records and Tapes at the end of this month.

Early songs like “Candyland” and “Playground” were upbeat and squeaky clean, but as the musicians mature, the tunes have grown more sophisticated. And so, apparently, have the kids. As gum-smacking Brittany explains: “The only time we get nervous now is when nobody’s there. “


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