Love Is in the Air

WHEN ACTOR JEFF FAHEY, STAR OF TV’s “The Marshal, ” spotted a striking blonde flying solo on a Saturday night flight from Atlanta to D-FW, he was smitten. From first class, Fahey dispatched a stewardess to buy Brenda-a med student, no less-a Chablis. Next came an invite to dine out that night in Dallas. “Go talk to him!” we coach-class voyeurs prodded. Soon we were all in on the cross-country courtship. Two giggly students even offered to he bridesmaids in the wedding.

Alas, Fahey soon upgraded Brenda’s ticket to first class-far away from us match-making mortals. Eagerly she gathered up her things-including a pillowcase doubling as a tote bag-and left. “You should’ve seen his face when he saw her pillowcase, ” laughed a stewardess.

But in the baggage terminal, Brenda was nowhere to be seen. Fahey looked broken-hearted (yet still craggily handsome).

“What happened to Brenda?” I asked his bodyguard.

He threw up his hands. “Phoenix!”

Tough luck, Marshal. Maybe Brenda’s got the hots for “ER”’s George Clooney.


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