Lethal Weapon

IN THAT PROVERBIAL DARK ALLEY, WHICH DALLAS ATHLETE WOULD YOU WANT on your side? Dallas Stars enforcer Shane Churla? Fearless Troy Aikman? Better take Schellas Hyndman.

The 45-year-old head coach of the men’s soccer team at SMU, who has opened the Juko Ryu Karate Jutsu studio in Old Town shopping center, recently became one of just a handful of American citizens to earn his 10th degree black belt in the Juko Ryu discipline of Okinawan Toide, the secret 13-gen-erations-old grappling/throwing art. Hyndman, whose past students include some Dallas Cowboys and the Hong Kong Royal Police, teaches all levels of students. His mling theory: “If you get into a conflict, walk away. If you can’t, you have to be able to deal with it. “


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