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GUILTY Pleasures

In praise of all those politically incorrect, fattening, mind-rotting things we know we shouldn’t love-but do.
By D Magazine |

Admit it, you devil. You have your little secrets-mindless TV, sophomoric shock jocks, spine-tingling page-turners, sensual indulgences of all manner. Not good for you. Bad, bad for you. But once in a while you tell your politically correct, thoroughly sensitive, calorie-counting Jiminy Cricket of a conscience to stop its eternal chirping and take a hike. ● So join the midsummer madness. Pop in a Van Damme movie, throw some thick, fat-belted steaks on the grill, pour yourself a cold one, and hear our confessions. !l anybody asks, we’ll tell them you’re busy studying a variety of no-load mutual funds and training for a marathon. Gotcha covered. Enjoy.