New Year’s Resolutions

Gily with five older brothers and sisters, I had always heard chat the older you get, the quicker the time seems to go. I didn’t believe :hem then, but turns out :hey were right. Wow! Where did ’94 go?

Looking ahead at ’95, I started considering some New Year’s “stop and smell the roses” resolutions that might keep the year from flying by so fast. I bounced my ideas off D’s associate publisher, Tim Hager, who suggested that it might be interesting to take a look on this month’s publisher’s page at some other Dallasites’ resolutions. With our deadline rapidly approaching, I gathered the following information:

Mayor Bartlett: His assistant told me that the mayor’s first-impulse was to say that his resolution for ’95 is to “get a life.” However, his official resolution, which arrived in our office neatly typed under city of Dallas letterhead, is “to build a 21 st century state of the art Downtown Sports Arena for the Dallas Mavericks, the Dallas Stars, and the Dallas Sidekicks,” (I didn’t get a chance to ask if this was in his capacity as mayor or as an independent contractor.)

George W. Bush: The governor-elect started out by saying, “To remember my campaign promises. Work on welfare reform. Work on tort reform. Change the educational system.” Then I reminded him that he’d already won the elec-tion-The new resolution hit somewhat closer to home: “Not to make the Worst list in D’s annual Best & Worst issue.”

Henry S. Miller iii: Took me a while to get the real estate mogul on the phone-1 think he was afraid I was going to put him in another T-shirt picture like the one in last month’s D. H is resolution is “to visit my doctor more often (she happens to be my girlfriend and lives in Aspen, Colorado).”

Barbara Levenson: The CEO of Levenson & Hill advertising was more philosophical: “Peace on Earth and good will toward all,” she said, “is a resolution that continues to be timely and meaningful. Why? Because the gift of life is far too precious to waste and take for granted.”

Michael Irwin: “Like everyone else, [my resolution is] to lose some weight,” said The Playmaker, according to a spokesperson from his office. The spokesperson did seem a little mystified, though: “There’s not an ounce of fat on him,” she said.

Terry Murphy (former publisher of D and founder of Hoop It Up): “To figure out the difference between a Serb and a Croat.”

Nancy Brinker: “Set and Honor Priorities; Set Admirable Goals; Eat Healthy Food; Eat Less Chocolate; Get Enough Rest…at least until January 15.”

Stanley Marcus: The eternal salesman. Before I’d hung up the phone with Mr. Marcus, he had pitched his latest entrepreneurial endeavor: Narrowcasting, a database company. “Perfect for marketing D through,” he said. His resolution is “not to make any more New Year’s Resolutions because they’re wasteful and 1 can’t remember them long enough to do any good.”

Maybe Mr. Marcus is right. In any event, I wish him, the other gracious individuals listed above, and all our D readers a most happy New Year.



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