D Wall Street Marathon

Match your instincts against the experts’ in our year-long stock race.

LIMBER UP, TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND GET ready to join us in the D 1995 Wall Street Marathon. Don’t worry if just the idea of running makes you gasp and groan-in this ra:e, physical fitness doesn’t count. All you need to flex is a little financial muscle.

The goal of this race is to pick the hottest growth stocks for 1995. To win, you’ll have to go the distance for a year against some of Dallas’ investment pros.

THE PREMISE IS THAT A DALLAS COUPLE HAS unexpectedly inherited $250,000 from a long-lost relative. While we’re: fantasizing, let’s say the couple has no financial concerns-no mortgage, no tuition, no : etirement needs. All they’re interested in is growing the dollar amount of their portfolio. In other words, pure capital appreciation.

We’re asking you to put together a mythical portfolio for them, which we’ll track throughout 1995. To challenge you, we’ve invited nine local analysts and brokers, as well as some whiz kids from a stock investments class at the University of North Texas, to enter the race. The contestant who pu :s together the portfolio that is valued the highest as of December 81,1995, is the winner.

OTHER RULES? We’ll keep it simple-no bonds, options, or anything sophisticated. Investments need to be made in equal $50,000 allotments in five stocks or mutual funds, with at least one investment being in a local company. The portfolio wi 1 remain fixed-no buying or selling will be allowed after the initial picks are made. And, on the theory that our couple is interested onlv in capital growth, dividends don’t count.

In March, we’ll introduce to you the brokers and their picks. In the months following, we’ll publish the progress of all of our “professional” racers, as well as that of the leading reader(s). We’ll also invite David Johnson, business analyst for KRLD, to add his color commentary periodically on the whys and wherefores of the portfolios’ ups and, heaven forbid, downs.

THE BEGINNING VALUES FOR THE PORTFOLIOS of all contestants will be based upon the clos-ingprice of the stocks January 20,1995. Each month, we’ll tally the portfolio values as close to the end of the month as possible given our deadline restrictions, but always on the same day for all contestants. Remember, due to the time lag between publishing deadlines, the date the magazine is printed, and the date you read the article, the reported stock values may be six or more weeks out of date.

We realize that we’ve suspended reality in our race. In the real world, of course, trades are made, dividends do count, and commissions and capital gains taxes must be factored in. We also caution that the pros’ picks should not be construed as investment advice. This is just a friendly race to see who can go the distance down Wall Street.

TO ENTER, SEND YOUR FIVE PICKS (denote company’s full name, type of business, exchange and trading symbol), making sure to include a local company. Also, add a brief description of why you chose your stocks and portfolio mix. Be sure to include your name, address, and a day-time phone number, Entries must be received no later than 5 p.m., January 25, 1995.


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