D mail

In Need, Indeed

Like many, I was anxious to see what the new D would look like, what editorial direction it would take, and how it might be supported by the advertising community. Having now seen the first two issues, all I can say is: Congratulations.

It is great to see such a publication in a marketplace sadly in need of something as lively and upbeat as D.


Cedar Hill

Getting Her Kicks

WHAT A WAY TO START! I JUST FINISHED reading the premiere issue of D [November] from cover to cover and I’m very happy you’re back. But what really put a smile on my face was the fact that Russ Pate included our professional soccer team, the Dallas Sidekicks, in his articles about Dallas sports teams and their histories (with two pictures!). So many times the Dallas newspaper omits this wonderful group of athletes from its stories on Dallas’ pro sports teams. It’s nice to see a Dallas magazine give them credit because the ’Kicks truly are members of our city of champions. Keep up the thorough coverage; you’ve got a loyal reader.



Together Again

CONGRATULATIONS! I HAD TO WRITE TO say how much I enjoyed the first issue of D magazine. Interesting-informative- upbeat-great pictures-all good things! I appreciate and applaud the desire to be a positive, encouraging force in our city We are all in this together-trying to make Dallas the best place to live for all its citizens. D magazine’s participation is most welcome!



A Mother’s Heart

I THINK YOUR ARTICLE “LOVERS (AND Other Suspects)” [November 1994] was very good. I am amazed at how well you summarize the past so accurately and let your readers know what Sandra is up to now. It is most unfortunate that she continues to devastate families all over the nation with her deceit and selfish motives. My heart goes out to them. I wonder if justice will ever be done in this lifetime.


Edmond, Oklahoma

Editors Note: The writer is the mother of Alan Rehrig, Sandra Bridewell’s third husband, whose murder is still unsolved.

Hog Call

Thank you for including notice of our Penn Farm Hog Waller Hayride and Chili Supper in your November issue calendar of events. The response we received from it was tremendous! Your new beginnings at D magazine are very exciting and we wish you contin -ued success.



Friends of Penn Farm, Inc.

Cedar Hill

Wine Whine

Are we glad to see D again! As sub-scribers from the beginning, we look forward to another era of good reading.

Your report on Star Canyon properly praises the menu. But note our experience: We eight reserved the Wine Room, telling the hostess the date was unimportant, but the room was imperative. When we arrived the room was taken. No explanation or even apology.

Management says “we tell reserva tion-ists to never guarantee any particular table.” We weren’t told that, and wound up very disappointed.

Tom Simmons


Time Warp

Being a DallasIte of 35 years, I was excited and anticipating a “New AND IMPROVED” D maga:ine. What I got was a magazine already out of date, late (I bought a copy over a week before at the local supermarket), and sadly uninspiring. Is this really the best you can do? If it is, hang it up now. Dallas is no longer a hick town New York or LA wannabe. It’s a vibrant, modern city with art and festivals and sports and music and religion and literature. The Society for the Study of Culture and Humanities is thriving. Imagine that. Russian is being taught at our colleges, the medical centers are among the world’s greatest, volunteerism thrives and people even hold up traffic to save a confused dog…(no one even honked). Your restaurant reviews have not been updated for over two years. Planet Cafe closed and the “blurbs” were the same ones you ran in the last issues of the failing paper.

Get some editorial content about something besides the Dallas Cowboys or where to get big hair. Update your ads. Change the type for Chrissakes but DC SOMETHING DIFFERENT. THE OLD MAGAZINE FAILED…In a city like Dallas there is simply no excuse. I’m not expecting Esquire or Life, but I expect more from D magazine.


Alfred Textiles


Keep em doming

I HAD HEARD THAT D MAGAZINE HAD been reborn and was very pleased to hear this news. I went to a local grocery store to get this latest issue. It has been a great publication that has been in Dallas for many, many years, and when you ceased publication, I and many other people felt very bad because you were not around any more. Now, 1 am very happy that you are back and I know many others are also. 1 wish to congratulate this new issue of yours, and please keep them coming forever.



The Chicks’ Pic

I WAS PROUD TO BE IN THE MAIDEN VOY-age issue! The magazine looks beautiful. We want to thank our photographer, Carolyn McGovem, whose photo of the Dixie Chicks ran in November. Carolyn has been a dear friend to me and the band. Till we meet again.


Dixie Chicks


Keep me up to date on the latest happenings and all that D Magazine has to offer.