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SEX in Dallas

Plus: the 10 Sexiest People in Dallas
By D Magazine |

SEX IS THE GREAT COMMON DENOMINATOR. WE ALL THINK ABOUT IT. SOME OF US EVEN HAVE IT. This month, in a Valentine-like spirit, D takes a state-of-the-union look at sex in our fair city, Through copious conversations with experts and common folks, we’ve assembled facts, figures, and stories that show how sex permeates the lives of people here and shapes the image of Dallas. ● D’s first-ever survey on sex, “Under the Covers,” looks at our city in relation to the rest of the nation, seeking to identify what it is that makes us unique. Trends and taboos, or course, are ever-evolving, particularly in this city with its apparent love-hate relationship with sex (contrast the booming business at the Men’s Club and the Million Dollar Saloon with the Bible Belt prudishness that kept the gritty “NYPD Blue” off our local ABC affiliate). ● Finally, we’ve included portraits of the 10 sexiest people in Dallas-people who we believe capture the essence of what’s really sexy in the ’90s. Their reflections on what they find sexy show us that despite some of the extremes that exist in sexual mores, romance is alive and well in the city.