They’re flipped, tossed, slammed, and traded. POGs are big with kids and are also big business. M] Designs alone sells an estimated one million of the milkcaps each week at 9 cents apiece.

Not everyone’s been flipping over POGs lately, though. They’ve been banned at some local schools, including St. Mark’s, because they seem to cause “gambling”-like behavior, and rumors are afloat that some of the design symbols have been linked with those of gangs.

Meanwhile, at least one member of the Dallas Police Department says the bad rap is undeserved. Senior Corporal Benny Barrett, who specializes in drugs, gangs, and violent crimes, slams POGs at home with his sons. “We play for keeps,” says Barrett who has 211 POGs. “It’s a neat game. I played it for a week and my fingers are still stinging.”


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