Hickman’s Hope

Sara Hickman, Dallas-bred folksongstress, seems to have no problem expressing her personal feelings in front of packed houses. But offstage, Hickman has found a place that always leaves her speechless: Romania.

Hickman’s interest in Romania began almost two years ago when she read a magazine story about a woman’s efforts to help the nation’s orphans. Hickman immediately called the woman, and then began her own project, the Romanian Children’s Care, Inc. This December and January, Hickman made a three-week trip to the country armed with refrigerator-sized boxes filled with supplies bought through donations to her agency. There, she doled out such necessities as toothbrushes and clothing.

“I don’t know how much good I’m doing,” says Hickman, “but 1 know that I’ve touched some children’s lives.”

The experiences have also had a lasting effect on Hick-man’s own life. She recalls entering one orphanage during her first visit to Romania last year. “I was immediately barraged by over 100 kids, all of them calling me mamma,” she says, “They thought I was there to adopt them.

“Being an artist is a confusing job because it can be so frustrating,” Hickman concludes. “When I go to Romania, though, things are put in such perspective that I come back doubly fired up, and hopeful that I can make a change.”

Hickman plans another trip next year. Donations to Romania Children’s Aid, Inc., can be sent to 3303 Lee Parkway, Suite 240, Dallas, Texas 75219.


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