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Scrap That

IN “1994: A DALLAS SCRAPBOOK” [DEC-ember], Ann Richards is called “memorably gracious. . .” Gracious? While her opponent was talking about the issues, Mrs. Richards was calling Mr. Bush a jerk.

Her entire campaign was built upon personal attacks on the character and background of her opponent. Mrs. Richards was about as gracious as Claytie Williams was in the previous election campaign.




I AM WRITING BECAUSE OF A CONCERN that affects me personally. When Angela Genusa interviewed me about my views on aromatherapy [“Aroma-what?” December ’94], I had briefly commented on a few issues. I understand that she might have interviewed a number of people so there might have been some confusion. She appears to have mixed up the quotes in regards to who had which viewpoint.

I did not read the article until a patient of mine brought the magazine to me last week. Her comment was, “that [the quote] doesn’t sound like you.” Later a couple of people read it and said the same thing.

I did not tell her that the reason why I no longer practice aromatherapy “[was] partly because of the mass confusion surrounding the subject.” The next paragraph was pretty close to what I had said, but patients and clients who have come to me know that I don’t speak with that tone of voice.


Acupuncture & Aesthetics Center


Writer’s response: The quotes used in the story wereprinted verbatim from transcribed interviews and correctly attributed to their sources, In the interview, Ms. Peck said that she no longer practices aromatherapy for two reasons: I ) her primary business is acupuncture, which leaves her no time to practice aromatherapy; and 2) after a lengthy dis-cussion about the superficiality of the cur-rent over-the-counter aromatherapy fad, overuse of the word “natural,” and people who are not properly trained to use or practice aromatherapy, she said, “That’s the reason why I don’t do it.” The term “mass confusion” was not attributed in the story as a direct quote.

The next paragraph was not “pretty close” to what she said, but verbatim.

Down on the Farm

I WANT TO THANK YOU PERSONALLY FOR the honor of my company, “Party in a Box,” having a picture in the Dallas Look section [December]. I grew up on a farm and often wonder what I’m doing in the big city. If my folks could see me now…they’d be so proud.




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