Confident, charming, ambitious, and intelligent, these 10 individuals are more than beautiful bodies: They have a personal magnetism, a strong sense of commitment, and a belief in true romance.

Michael Irvin

Even if he wasn’t Number 88, the celebrated and greatly talented receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, Michael Irvin would be somebody. He’s just so damn cool. “Sexy isn’t something you can put on,” says Irvin, “like a dress or shoes. It’s God-given. A beautiful smile, a great sense of humor, intelligence; just the right combination of confidence, looks, and style. A sexy woman is a rare woman. My wife, Sandy, is very sexy,” he says, leveling those eyes that have faced down 240-pound linebackers bent on his destruction. Then his face crinkles, and he grins. “Of course, Michelle Pfeiffer and Janet Jackson aren’t bad either.” So, Michael: are you sexy? “C’mon, now, you guys are forcing me to do this!” he says, laughing, but then adds, “Really, though, you hope that someone finds in you the qualities you took for in a person, a person you can have a real conversation with about the things that truly matter. That’s the best anyone can hope for.”

Linda Ivy

Social whirlwind Linda Ivy thinks sexiness comes from within. “it’s all in your atti-tutle,’’ she says, “and when you’re feeling good and thinking positive, your own sexiness ultimately shines through.” Leadling her list of sexy men is husband Steve, co-owner of Heritage Capital Corporation (they’ve been married 21 years), followed by “the strong, romantic but sensitive types, like Kevin Costner and Daniel Day-Lewis. Steve can be so romantic,” she purrs. “Several years ago, he got me diamond and sapphire earrings for our anniversary. But then he put them on a little teddy bear and hid the bear. I had to play a little game of ’Hide and Seek.’” The ultimate sexy experience for Linda, though, is travel. Her fantasy: “The Concorde to Paris, with Cristal champagne all the way, touring the Louvre and boating along the Seine, and then dinner at Maxim’s; now, that’s my idea of sexy.”

Suzen Dennis

“When I was little.” recalls Suzen Dennis, her voice a smoky, butterscotch timbre. “I was always intrigued by glamour.” Now. this Toronto native travels constantly as a successful model [Kim Dawson is one of several agencies she works with) when she’s not managing her property business in Dallas. She chooses her words thoughtfully, and her blue eyes sparkle as she talks about what she finds sexy: “Confidence and style are the main things-a passion about life, art, career, music. Someone who knows where they’re going, secure, ambitious, gentle, intelligent, and with a great sense of humor.” Smiling, she adds, “I don’t know that I’m sexy, but I am a romantic, and I enjoy being a \ Feeling feminine and sensuous makes me happy. I love coming home to flowers, music, and candles. I’m my own woman, and I definitely feel I’m getting better as I go.”

Charles Burford

“Courtesy, respect, and a big heart,” says commercial inventor Charles Burford suc-cinctly. “That’s sexy.” A Classic Texan down to his hand-tooled leather boots, custom-made suits, and John Connally charm, Burford nevertheless admits to being an Oldahoma native. “My mama was a Texan, though,” he confides, “so I learned Texas history on her knee.” Hurt’s also where he teamed his personal credo: “We’re obligat-ed to leave the world better than when we got here.” The soft-spoken Burford holds dozens of patents for industrial inventions and improvements and is perhaps best known for creating those little twlsty-ties that seal up everything from bread to bundled software. “I also came up with the idea for a 12-pack container years ago,” he atimits, laughing, “but refrigerators weren’t large enough back then, so I missed the boat.” One boat he took great care not miss, though, was a Venetian gondola last year: While floating along the canals with his beloved, charlesl was inspired to pop the big question. The out- come? He and wife Waverly celebrate their first anniversary next month.

Sandra Brown

Millions know her as the successful mainstream author of Charade and Where There’s Smoke; millions more worship her for the more than 50 steamy romance yarns she’s penned over the past 15 years. “I’m sexier on the inside than on the outside. Yes, I write sexy books, I like sexy movies, and I think sexy,” says Sandra Brown, the former model, Channel 8 weathercaster, and contributing reporter to “PM Magazine.”

“But it would be laughable to think of myself as a sex symbol. I don’t have a voluptuous figure, and I’ve been monogamously involved for the past 26 years.” Husband Michael Brown tops her list of sexy men, followed by these run-ners-up: “Sean Connery for mouth, nose, voice, eyebrows, and body. Richard Gere for intensity and focus, and I like the devilish twinkle in Brian Dennehy’s eyes. But my favorite overall type-cowboys.

Javier Gutierrez

“I have no clue why I’m here,” laughs Javier Gutierrez, referring to his inclusion in this list of sexy people. To his female patrons, though, there’s no mystery. Greeting guests with his confident, easy smile, he’s the epitome of a gracious, charming host. In the notoriously fickle Dallas industry, Javier’s Mexican restaurant has endured because of great dishes and the loyal clientele Javier has built up over the past 17 years. “This isn’t like a job,” he says, “it’s more like a hobby. I love meeting people.” And what does he find sexy? “Oh, it’s different for everybody,” he says, adding, “but you know what’s right for you when you see it. Sexy is in the way a woman carries herself, the way she looks and acts. Someone you can have an intimate conversation with, and who enjoys doing the same things you do. That’s sexy…to me, at least.”

Mike Modano

“The island of Kauai in Hawaii is the sexiest place on earth,” declares Michael Modano, “Everything is so fresh and clean- the fowl, the air, the flowers.” He pauses, then grins.

“Just..everything.” For a guy who’s spent as much time as Michael in Detroit, Canada, and Minneapolis, the attraction to a more tropical climate is natural. As center for the Dallas Stars, he makes Ms living on ice, yet this mild-mannered, oolite young man is anything but cold. Tall and clean-cut, he loves his parents, likes his job, and golfs in the mid-70s, even when he’s not trying. Certainly all that makes him sexy, doesn’t It? “No, I’m not,” he smiles, “but I think women who can speak meaningfully are. You don’t like to feel like you’re talking to a wall. Style is important, too. I like someone who’s casual and sure of themselves and wants to make a difference.” As the celebrity host for United Cerebral Palsy’s national “Star-athon ’95” benefit in Dallas, Michael will definite!) make a difference. “It’s not for everybody,” he says, “but for me, it’s important to get out there and try to help In any way I can.”

Stacey Dorfman

Stacey Dorfman know how to get her customers in the habit of thinking-and buying-szxy; She sells body-wear, hosiery, and underpinpings at her Dak Lawn store; Sheers. But don’t confuse body-wear with the lucy nothings at Victoria’s Secret; Stacey’s aiming for a market nichein in the $6 billion hosler business. “Today’s woman wants more than a last-minite dash into the grocary store for party hose,” says the sultry proprietress. “Products now are more complex and expensive, but they’re much better. We help explain michfiher, wrapped and nowrapped nytons, what denter is. Then, women see the benefits to our selections.” Donna Karan, Armani, and Wolford are just a lew of the high-and names she carries. And when the day is done, what does she find sexy? “A roaring fire, a British country maner, roasted duck, cabernet and a Grand Marnier souffe!” she laughs. “seriousty, looks don’t really play a part. Imtalligance, wift, and gallanity do it for me; a man who’s conscious of a woman’s conscious of a womans needs and wants to fuhill them.” Does she think she’s sexy? “I hope sot.”

Denise Cros-Toure

Stubbs Davis

Stubbs Davis

For Stubbs Davis, spe-cialty-shirt fashion designer and all-around raconteur, a fantasy outing would involve “cruising mountain roads in a ’52 Buick convertible, then riding horseback to a camp by a trout-filled stream.” Throw in “a big harvest moon, a fine cabernet and an intelligent, graceful lady” and Davis would be in heaven. He sighs, then laughs-“But, hell, who’d have me?” Probably plenty of women, if they could catch this globe-trotting Dallas native. His schedule may be even tighter since Neiman Marcus picked up his line of hip shirts for men and women, but friends confirm his generous spirit is as open as ever. “He’d give you the shirt off his back, no pun intended,” says one female fan. And his criteria for the ideal woman? “Just like ’The Wizard of Oz,”’ he says, “Brains, courage, and a heart!”


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