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STYLE The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Dressing


A PARTY-PACKED CALENDAR MEANS PLENTY OF OPPORTUNITIES to dress up. To help you step into the holiday season’s social whirl with succinct style, we’ve compiled some fashion favorites and fumbles found in pictures from past social gatherings. Our motto-look and learn. Then DO the right thing.

DON’T LET YOUR TAN draw the line. Look in the mirror and even up un-sunned spots before going bare-back in public.

DON’T LET YOUR CLOTHES play party games with you. A clutch purse would have prevented the Twister match on this shoulde

DO UPDATE LAST year’s tux by knotting a nifty bow tie in a perky pattern or bold bright.

DO MAKE AN elegant entrance. A sophisticated sheath needs only minimal makeup and jewelry. Perfect!

DON’T CONFUSE the fashion equation. Super style = strappy sandals + cocktail dress (OR) pumps + business suit. Got it?

DON’T PARTICIPATE IN accessory overload. Do wear earrings, a necklace, a great hat-just not all at once.

DON’T MAKE THESE makeup mistakes. Please. Blue eyeshadow is not natural, and lip liner should blend with your lipstick.

DO FOLLOW THE Golden Rule of style-when your dress speaks volumes, keep your accessories clean and quiet.

DON’T LET AGAP attack ruin a wonderful outfit. Check your back and get closure on the subject before you leave the house.

DON’T LUG YOUR fur around the party. You won’t impress anyone. This is Dallas, remember? Besides, that’s what coat checks are for.

DON’T FORGET TO check your look before leaving the ladies room. Long, flowing tops tend to slip into waist bands when you’re not looking.

DO Ivana Trump has inspired many a hair-DO…

DO COLOR COLOR COORDI-nate to make a statement. Red rates as a holiday fave- as well as the season’s freshest neutral.


EXPECT YOUR EVERYDAY purse to double as your date to the party even if the bag is a designer model.

DO TAKE A CHANCE WITH your holiday duds. A snazzy vest adds a hint of whimsy to the traditional tux.

and DON’T

DON’T WEAR THIGH-baring hose out in public, unless you’re still in high school-no matter how firm your flesh. No exceptions.