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who: Luciano Pavarotti

where: His concert at Reunion Arena

PICKS: Along with visiting some of our city’s more glamorous spots like The Hotel Crescent Court, Pavarotti took a trip to Computer City where he bought a printer and a scanner. But apparently even this superstore couldn’t satisfy his high-tech needs. “He loves computers and gadgets,” says Collene Currie, the Dallas Opera’s director of marketing and communications. “He was looking for some software with Italian as the native language, but they didn’t have any.”

WHO: Henry Selick

WHERE: Party at Sonny Bryan’s restaurant honoring the USA Film Festival’s KidFilm

PICKS: The director of the film The Nightmare Before Christmas was interested in more than great ribs and tangy sauce during his stop at Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse in the West End. He also wanted to know the cost of a pair of cowboy boots, and commented on the resemblance of Deep Ellum to San Francisco, his hometown.

WHO: Dan Rather

WHERE: Texas Christian University campus in Fort Worth, to deliver a speech on “Journalism Today and Tomorrow” as a Visiting Green Honors Professor

PICKS: Rather praises the quality of journalism in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Metroplex has “a more fiercely competitive news environment than most other places I can think of,” he says.

WHO: Tommy Tune

where: Afternoon Tea at Thatched Cottage Pantry at Lady Primrose, Crescent Court

PICKS: “Dallas is my professional and theatrical home. I have a history here,” says Tune, who was born in Wichita Falls and grew up in Houston. But Tune seems to think Dallas has something those two cities don’t: “The mix of urban sophistication and downhome Texas hospitality… you can’t find that any place else,” he says.