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By D Magazine |

TWENTY-TWO YEARS ago, almost to the day, this magazine was named. Wick Allison related the complex process of naming the magazine in his very first Publisher’s Page. At one point they had 50 possible names on a list, he says, “all of them unworkable and most of them embarrassing,” including “every conceivable variation of the word Dallas: Dallasite, Dallasan, City of Dallas, Dallascene, Dallascope, etc,” The strong, simple statement made by the single letter D, as suggested by Jerrie Smith, determined its choice as the winner and as the name we carry today out of pride and respect for what happened 20 years ago.

When I initially began the quest for D, I was driven by the glamour and financial rewards I perceived as the benefits of owning a magazine. Today, as you hold this premiere issue in your hands, I can assure you that my perspective has been sharply focused by the experiences and events of recent months.

What I’ve learned is that the glamour fades under the glare of hard work and deadlines, and the financial teturns are slow in coming. The true reward, I’ve realized, is in having the opportunity to make a difference, to have a positive impact on this community.

1 credit Ray Nasher with giving me some of this insight. Shortly after purchasing D, I attended a luncheon at the Dallas Museum of Art at which Mr. Nasher gave a speech addressing the importance of the arts and culture to a city. As he spoke of the commitment of the Medici family to the city of Florence, Italy centuries ago, I related his remarks to Dallas and how much has been accomplished here by so many individuals and families.

Soon after this, a lady called our offices to subscribe to the magazine. In the conversation, she told our circulation director that she has kept every back issue of D, and she volunteered to help if we needed to find anything that appeared in the magazine in past years. She was one of hundreds of individuals who have come forward with that same spirit and desire to help Dallas be the best it can be,

From the founding families of Dallas to the individuals who pitch in with their own civic contributions, our city works because we all have the same goal-to make this a strong and vibrant place to live. I believe my staff and I are doing our part by providing a city magazine with a voice that informs the residents of Dallas of all the wonderful people, places, events, and opportunities we have here. Dallas has a great deal to offer its citizens and much for the rest of the world to envy and emulate. D can be a vehicle to tell that story about Dallas.

As the first publisher of D says in his first issue, “In the end, we chose our name simply because we like its style and we like what it says about our city,” Now, 20 years later as the publisher of the new D, 1 echo his sentiment about our name and our city, and dedicate this magazine to furthering its growth.