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I JUST WANTED TO DROP YOU A SHORT NOTE to say how much I appreciated your sending me an autographed copy of the first issue of the revived version of D magazine.

I received the magazine today and I have to say that I am extremely impressed. The quality of the publication and what appears to be strong advertising support for it are both very positive factors and you are off to an excellent start.

I wish you the very best with your coming issues as nothing would please me more than to see a successful new city magazine for Dallas.

Again, congratulations on an outstanding debut.




WELCOME BACK! YOU ARE BETTER, big-ger, healthier and gutsier than your former self. You remind me of my former home town magazine Philadelphia. Now that Dallas is my home town (and “Yes,” 1 do root for the Cowboys!), I would like to subscribe.

The one section that is missing from D that Philadelphians looked forward to in their magazine was the classified section. It helped me to plan exotic vacations, find a caterer, and a spouse from the personal column. When it became necessary, I found my divorce attorney there, too.



Editor’s note: Nancy, thanks, and sorry you missed the Directory in November; but be sure to see it on page 155 this month.

No Doze

Have perused the premiere issue most thoroughly-after reading the Business-section article on it in The Dallas Morning News, Mike Levy did, uncharacteristically, splatter your nascent efforts with mud-and I hope never to see his prediction come true.

Choose a route for the magazine with a snappy, to-the-point, in-your-face style and a creation of movement, of action, that is captivating, exciting, amusing, fresh, and easily digestible, and watch D stand out. Be neither somnolent like the current publications-daily, weekly, monthly-available locally nor an investigative poseur like others trying to emulate Spy. Choose business, social, political topics and people not covered by others to the point of saturation. Make a name for discoveries of the new, the unknown, the daring, the controversial even.

Be “au courant,” delve into all those enclaves of interest that make up an aggregate Dallas, and you will have readers dying to grab the next issue. Dallas is insular and unable to step beyond its limited comfort zone; the style with which you choose to address issues will determine your future.


The Galleries of Loyd Paxton


Friendly Competition

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PREMIERE issue! You and your staff make it look so easy. We know what Herculean efforts went into getting the first book published.


Texas Monthly


Chain Letter

THE RE-LAUNCH HAS ONE GREAT QUALITY: wide open spirit! Feels like the best way Dallas feels.

But there’s a fact-check mistake on page 98 (the TRUE or FALSE section). The correct answer to #45 is FALSE. I did not write The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tobe Hooper and Kim Henkel did. I wrote (and associate produced) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Part 2. Writing credits do matter-at least to writers.

Anyway, fact-checking you’ll learn. But keep up the spirit. Without that there’s nothing.


East Hampton, NY

Editor’s note: Mr. Carson was back in Dallas recently for the shooting of Bottle Rocket, of which he is co-producer. Producers of this Columbia feature film are James L. Brooks, Polly Piatt, and Cynthia Hargrove.

Photo Op

YOU MAY RECALL THE PICTURE OF THE five presidents and their respective wives when they attended President Nixon’s funeral.

That picture is a classic and valuable as time goes on.

I suggest you make available for a fee the picture of Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. that is featured on your cover.

I feel this picture will be like the baseball cards are today.



D Marks the Spot

CONGRATULATIONS ON D’S PREMIERE issue…D has the potential to have such a positive impact on Dallas, a city that has long struggled with its image and purpose. We need a. constant reminder of not only what we have going for us, but also where we are going. There are many hidden treasures in Dallas as well, and I hope D will explore some of the people and places that make Dallas truly unique.




Die Hard Fan

I’VE LIVED IN DALLAS FOR ONLY ONE YEAR and, naturally, had never heard of D magazine. Although I’m from Pennsylvania, I was born a die-hard Cowboys fan. Your cover of my two favorite heroes, Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach, is the best I’ve ever seen. Your article on the City of Champions was superb-you managed to put into words the main reasons why I moved to Dallas. I’m a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys, the city of Dallas, and now D magazine!



Nice Catch

GREAT TO SEE THE RETURN OF D. GREAT cover photograph, but what are two NFL and Cowboy great quarterbacks doing with a college football [with] white stripes?



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