Street TALK

How Much Is That Doggie in First-class?

’Northern Exposure” star JANINE TURNER has one of those itty-bitty teacup poodles (weight: 2.5 pounds) that travels with [her everywhere. Janine has bonded so tightly with Eclair that she turned down a free ticket from Delta Airlines to come to Dallas for the Walt Garrison All Star Rodeo benefit. Seems Delta won’t allow dogs in the passenger cabin. American, however, does, so Janine paid for her own ticket so she could fly with the petite pooch. But all the machinations were for naught. At the last minute Turner cancelled the trip in favor of a publicity tour for her new movie, Cliffhanger, with SYLVESTER STALLONE.

Waco- Isnt That Home of the World!rade Center?

The Bran:h Davidian cult standoff made the TV news even in Russia, but citizens of the town of Ulan Ude in Siberia weren’t surprised when Waco showed up on the tube. They already had the impression that Waco was a big, important city like New York or Chicago. Why? AH the Americans they know are the 75 or so missionaries from Waco’s Highland Baptist Church who have come through Ulan Ude during the last year to help start a church there.

Young, Gifted-and Helpful

At 23, Dallas-born jazz wunderkind ROY HARGROVE already is acting as a mentor for younger musicians. On his newest release for Novus Records, titled Of Kindred Souls (his fourth recording in as many years), Hargrove will introduce a new Texas talent, trombonist ANDRE HAYWARD, a sophomore at Texas Southern University who had the moxie to introduce himself to Hargrove at a concert at the Mort Meyerson last year. On his last visit home, Hargrove and four young friends, including Hayward, played with Dallas pianist ROGER BOYKIN and other locals at Sambuca in Deep Ellum. “It’s too bad there aren’t more clubs that feature jazz in Dallas,” says Hargrove, “especially since so many good players come from here.”

Jazzed Out

Speaking of music reminds us of the great hopes everyone had for the Forest Avenue Theater, which a couple of years ago was supposed to turn into a major live-jazz venue. After a bright start, and several lease holders, it shut down in 1991. Now it’s got a new life–booking Hispanic music acts on a single-shot basis. Dallas neurologist Dr. KEVIN COWENS, who owns the theater and also the famed but defunct Green Parrot club next door, is still licking his considerable financial wounds. He says: “It is very hard to get people to come to South Dallas, even though the theater was one of the nicest places in town.”

How Much for Gennifer Flowers?

What does it take to get a celebrity for your charity event? Lots of money, natch, and good timing. The Dallas Ambassadors Ball wanted GARTH BROOKS for their May I fete, but he had performed at Reunion Arena Oct. 17 and his contract outlawed any gigs within 100 miles of Dallas for seven months. Plus, he gets about $ 150.000 per event. The ball folks also looked at FRANK SINATRA (over $300,000), BARBARA MANDRELL ($85,000), DOLLY PARTON ($125,000) and HARRY CONNICK JR. (in the $120,000 range). BEN VEREEN was considered before he was in a major car accident. They ended up with the POINTER SISTERS (under $75,000) and got a bonus: RUTH POINTER, it turns out, is pregnant.

Double Takes

Another expectant mom, Channel 8’s GLORIA CAMPOS, has been positively incandescent lately. She now knows that those twins she’s carrying are boys. Although her due date is not until September 3, Campos will have to take to her bed earlier than that on her doctor’s orders. She’s hoping to make it through the critical May ratings period on-air, but has resigned herself to “spending the summer on my back, reading trashy novels.”

Like a Skating Stone

Ex-DSO executive director LEONARD STONE is hardly gathering any moss, although he is showing a bit of Green. Stone has been a friend of Minnesota North Stars owner NORMAN GREEN since their childhood in Winnipeg- Although the men had not seen each other in 35 years, their mothers kept in touch and traded anecdotes about their sons’ career moves. Now that the hockey team is coming to Dallas, Stone is acting as a consultant for mem. When the Stars debut in Dallas this fall, new meaning will be given to the name Reunion Arena.

For Whom the Taco Turns

When PETE DOMINGUEZ learned last fall that the Henry S. Miller Company would not renew Los Vaqueros’ Highland Park Village lease, the restaurateur fought back. Hundreds of loyal patrons signed cards and sent them to the landlord urging Miller to allow the Mexican eatery to remain in me space it had occupied since 1972. The effort failed, and Los V moved to Snider Plaza. Then the Miller company used those same cards as the basis of a mailing list to tout the new Mexican restaurant opening in the old Los Vaqueros space. “This is normal business practice,” said Miller Company spokeswoman BARBARA WOMBLE, who added that the Realtor and its former tenant “parted friends.” Los Vaqueros spokesman ADRIAN DOMINGUEZ wouldn’t comment for publication, other than to say, “We’re glad we moved” and that the Dominguez family has now turned its attention to the May opening of the new Casa Dominguez on Cedar Springs.

I’ve Got You Bée

Or perhaps we should make that “Biker Babe.” That’s the name of Dallas jewelry designer DIAN MALOUF’S new, whimsical line of sterling silver jewelry-which has caught the interest of CHER, who recently bought a pair of “spikey earrings” and a choker. Word must be getting around Hollywood about Malouf-other celebs wearing her designs include LINDA RONSTADT, ELTON JOHN and OPRAH WINFREY.

Big Man on Campus

It isn’t easy to win an election as student body president if you’ve only been on campus one year, but that’s the coup DERRICK BOLTON pulled off when he defeated well-known senior and activist QUITMAN STEPHENS by a 30 percent margin at SMU. Bolton had to beat some other odds as well. The 21-year-old psychology major is an African-American on a mostly white campus. He attributes his win to a broader base of support than his opponent’s and a more conservative image than that of the liberal Stephens.

Barney the Dinosaur for Veep

A shopper at a NorthPark toy store knew the face of the man in the checkout line, but just couldn’t come up with his name. Then the man launched into serious negotiations with the clerk starting off with “Now, here’s the deal, see.” The customer, of course, was presidential wannabe ROSS PEROT.

Saddle ’em Up

Don’t look for Hoss to ride onstage when The Cartwrights begin to play. This hot new group, a hybrid of the Deep Ellum punk sound and rockabilly, got together as a lark. The group is made up of the lead singers of three of Dallas’ best-known bands: BARRY KOOA with Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!, ALAN WOOLEY with Killbilly and DONNY RAY FORD Ford with Liberty Valance. They’re getting regular gigs at honky-tonks as well as at Deep Ellum clubs. Check ’em out before they’re saddled up and Nashville-bound.


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