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The 30-minute Meal

You’ve got a not-quite-ready-for-dine-time appetite, or maybe just a snack-sized window of time-but you owe yourself something better than a drive-through can provide. So where do you go? As luck would have it, we’ve winnowed out a list of suggestions, some down-home, some upscale- but all pleasant places where you can get in and out in a half-hour or less, and don’t have to serve yourself.

Actuelle. No, no-not at a table this time, but in the restaurant’s handsome bar, where a to die-for addition has just enlarged an already extensive quick-fix menu, Ask for the ham and Brie sandwich with pear on wheat bread, and prepare to surrender to bliss. $9.50. 2200 Cedar Springs in the Crescent 855-0440.

Avner’s We’ll cover starring starters sometime soon. Until then, these ought to hold you as stand-alone pick-me-ups: at $7.75, the foie gras served here has to be one of the grandest bargains in town, sautéed and served on garden greens with balsamic vinegar.

Or if you’re counting calories, try a $6.25 portion of flawless tuna sashimi, with roasted black-and-white sesame seeds on garden greens. 2515 McKinney, 953-0426.

Aw Shucks. You know all about this prime site for heavy seafood eating frenzies. But think smaller than a meal this time: Make do with a ready-in-moments half-dozen fresh oysters on the half-shell, $3.95. Of course, if you’re past restraint, you can indulge in eight of the little jewels fried, with fries, $6.95. 3601 Greenville Ave., 821-9449.

Camellia Cafe. If Cajun food strikes your chord, this sunny eatery will play along. Salads and entrees here are dished up in half servings in a matter of seconds. Our suggestions: half-orders of zesty shrimp pasta rémoulade, $2.95, or jambalaya, $3.75. Or there’s our favorite, red beans and rice, with rolls, $2.75. 6617 Snider Plaza, 691-8164.

Highland Park Pharmacy. Yes, I know, a sandwich and a malt is more than you had in mind for this mini-meal. But look, the sandwich is just a nibble or so of pimiento cheese on white, wheat or rye, grilled crisp; and the malt is hardly more, only a pint of whipped, creamy magic, sliding gently down your throat. $5.75. 3229 Knox, 521-2126.

Piccola Cucina. Accustomed to short-of-time shoppers, this suave feeding station on NorthPark’s edge sits you down in less than five minutes to a truly toothsome array of boneless chicken breast, lightly grilled in garlic and olive oil. bedded on sliced tomato, mixed lettuces and two kinds of onions for $8.50. Adjacent to Barneys, North-Park Center, 691-0488.

-Betty Cook


Desert Oasis at D/FW

Here we are, restfully wrapped in a deep-cushioned booth, listening to the rumble of conversation from tables around us, being all but spoon-fed by a young waiter whose only mission in life, it appears, is to ply us with pleasure. Inside, the setting is soothing Southwestern-walls washed with desert shades, from pale sand to terra cotta and cool sage green; upholstery in Indian blanket patterns; mountain murals facing a spacious, totem-tiled entry. Outside could be any Southwestern resort-somewhere in New Mexico perhaps?

No. Outside is actually Irving. Texas, and the north entrance to D/FW Airport, the grimly dehumanizing facility so clearly designed to take all the joy out of travel. Never mind-this restaurant, Benton’s, in the Harvey Hotel, puts it back again, with Southwestern food that would have diners waiting in line if the place were in Dallas. Whose soul wouldn’t be restored by rich crab bisque and crisp flautas stuffed with chicken and fresh mozzarella on avocado crème fraiche? By plump veal sausage. washed with a sauce of sautéed tomato, okra and mushrooms, or semolina-gilded catfish on a subtle relish of fennel and sun- dried tomatoes? We finish our excellent by-the-glass Pinot Noir, spoon the last lovely bites of chocolate mousse, spiced fruit and banana cream from our pretty dessert plates, pay our surprisingly reason able under-$50 check for two, and leave wondering: Who needs Santa Fe, when a treasure like Benton’s is less than a half- hour from home? Take Highway 114 to Esters Boulevard. 929-4500. -B. C.


Go for the Green

Although we’re a long way from Tip-perary, the spirit of the Irish is contagious on March 17. Here are a feu places to drink green-beer and otherwise. Birrapo retti’s. 9100 N. Central Expwy.. pours a mean green Leprechaun Punch, a Tropical Celt, plus gallons of green beer under a tent in its parking lot. along with food and live bands. The Green Elephant, 5612 Yale Blvd.. offers its namesake drink on the rocks or frozen, plus green Jell-0 shots. George Wesby’s Pub, 3115 Live Oak. is serving Fuzzy Leprechauns and green beer along with music by Irish Rose. Blarney stones (a secret mixture from Ireland) will be served at the Plain-O Irish Bar, 7612 Lemmon.

(“We don’t go for green beer,” says the owner.

“We’re too Irish for that.”) Non-traditionalists wanting to drink really green should head over to the East Dallas Mexican eatery. La Aca-pulquena. 2706 Samuell Blvd., for their potent glow-in-the-dark, neon-green margaritas.

-Ellise Pierce

New Restaurants

Cajun Country

TCHOUPITOULAS I might as well say right up front that I think Cajun food should have stayed in the swamp. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I consider it a cuisine that is difficult to adopt.

However; since I’m probably a minority of one 1 went with an open mind to Tchoupitoulas, recently opened in the old Andrew’s space on McKinney. Tchoupi-toulas is owned by the same folks who operate Deep Ellum Cafe, and because Deep Ellum has always been one of my favorites, I figured if anyone could translate Cajun into Texan, they could.

The idiosyncratic space with its many steps, nooks, crannies and French doors, private brick patio and rows of iron railings always made Andrew’s feel like the Crescent City. The mood has been enhanced somewhat by the ^oft tropical colors on the walls.

The food though, was inconsistent. Crab ravioli with sautéed crawfish in a clear broth Was overwhelmingly fishy, and the crawfish étouffée seemed to be based on a burnt roux (dark even by New Orleans standards). The sweet crawfish and shrimp crêpe with cheese cream sauce was unexpectedly delicious. A nicely spiced bed of sticky rice with diced peppers and onions cooked into it was topped with a length of smoked sausage, a chicken quarter and a nest of shrimp with their tails on. The veal chop with mustard cream came with an unimpressive tasso biscuit. Penne mixed with smoked trout, crawfish, Creole tomatoes and a thyme cream sauce turned out to be the surprise success-even my 6-year-old was clamoring for more.

Service was outstanding the first time, but on our next visit was at the hurry-up-and-wait pace, and the food was equally stop-and-go. A pork medallion, pounded out the size of a salad plate, was breaded and fried and boring. Fried game hen was dredged in corn flour making it extra crispy. The star dish was a fillet of corvina (sounds like a low-end sports car, but it’s actually a Mexican redfish) topped with a cream sauce studded with oysters and bits of Smithfield ham. It was outrageously rich, but we couldn’t stop eating it.

A fine apple dumpling, the whole spiced apple wrapped in pastry, was served on a slick of caramel sauce with a scoop of ice cream melting next to it-a good idea that I’d like to see more often. Bread pudding, a Creole reliable, was an unusual version with more bread than pudding but a good vanilla flavor and crusty bite.

With time, this could evolve into one of the most interesting Cajun restaurants in Dallas-the menu shows the kind of origi nal thinking that has made Deep Ellum Cafe a success–but the kitchen will have to do a better job of living up to its ideas. 3301 McKinney Ave. 953-3083. Mon.- Thur. 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Fri. 1 l a.m.-mid- night. Sat. and Sun. 11-3. All credit cards. Moderate. -Mary Brown Malouf

Oak Cliff Oasis

Tillman’s Corner Oak Cliff has never been known for fancy dining, but Tillman’s Coiner hopes to be the exception. The Comer’s chef-owner, Ricky Tillman, comes from the snowiest of white tablecloth backgrounds, having been sous-chef at The Crescent Club, the exclusive sibling to The Mansion and the Conservatory. In this artsy Seventh Street location, in a slightly funky storefront space that used to house a Cajun cafeteria, Tillman is serving food that is almost too fancy for its digs. As is the case so often, the first course was the best part of the meal; vibrantly seasoned and beautifully garnished, the appetizers we tried were more exciting than the conservative entrees. Chef Tillman’s Rosewood background was evident in their striking presentation and flavorful contrasts. The crab cakes, for instance, solid patties of crabmeat in a vaguely smoky chipotle-flavored orange sauce, were topped with long crisp strands of spicy pasta providing crunch and visual punch. 1 he smoked chicken and roasted corn soup with creamy diced avocado and toasted tortilla strips was reminiscent of a Beau Nash soup. It alone was worth a visit to the Corner. It’s hard to imagine getting excited about quesadillas-some version is on nearly every menu in town. But Tillman’s shrimp sausage quesadilla with green rémoulade sauce was memorable-subtly seasoned, it melted in the mouth. Most of the entrees seemed to come with mashed potatoes. Maybe that will change as the weather warms, but they were welcome comfort food on the chilly evening we were there. The salmon was cooked on a wood plank, a Northwest cooking trick that you seldom see here. It certainly was a lovely piece offish, thick and moist. Sautéed lemon sole with ponzu cream sauce and a crunchy stir-fry of cabbage and vegetables was our favorite combination, though it was a mystery dish since we were unfamiliar with ponzu and so, unfortunately, was our waiter. Snapper with couscous and vegetables-carrots, green beans, red bell peppers-was enriched with a roasted tomato sauce. Prices seemed a little high for what you get, and you must join “the club” for $3 if you want to order wine or a drink.

Desserts were good. The Key lime pie had a round buttery taste to offset its tartness: cheesecake was plain, dense and barely sweet, lapped by red raspberry purée. The caramel sauce on the flan lacked the burnt-sugar bitterness that marks the best, but the cream was satin-smooth and the imported chocolate cake was seriously dense and dark.

Eating fine food in such an offbeat atmosphere makes a meal an adventure; evidently, the neighborhood appreciates it as much as those of us who have to cross town to get there-the dining room’s been filling up on weekend evenings. 324 W. Seventh. 942-0988. Lunch, Mon.-Fri. U-2; dinner Thur.-Sat., 6-/0:30. All credit cards. Moderate to expensive. -M.B.M.

From Russia with Love

THE RUSSIAN ROOM Fantasize with me fora moment. Start by naming the least likely place you’d look for an outrageously lavish new upscale restaurant-let’s say on the walk-up mezzanine of a near-downtown delicatessen. Now, put that deli in Dallas. Texas, at the tail end of a dismal economic meltdown; make the restaurant’s food as far-out unfamiliar as you can possibly imagine-something like Russian, maybe?-and what have you got?

You’ve got the Russian Room, the most unabashedly opulent entry on the local dining scene since-well, since the good times rolled. In opening it now as a worldsNew Restaurants

apart adjunct to their successful Deli-News in The Crescent, Russian-born owners Sasha Fishman and Michael Adamovsky either have committed a costly blunder or cannily created a soul-satisfying haven for Dallasites weary of austerity.

I’m betting on the latter. The decor is gorgeous. Ceiling mirrors and artful lighting illuminate black wall panels hand-painted with brilliant scenes taken from antique Russian lacquered boxes and depicting old folk fables. From behind a polished brass handrail, a raised banquette section overlooks free-standing tables spread with white-over-teal linens and set with cut crystal and heavy silver. Music is live, supplied by an accomplished violin-and-piano duo longtime Old Warsaw habitués will recognize.

And our food enhanced the ambiance. Having never visited Russia, I relied on companions who had to verify the authenticity of chef losif Tarasyur’s bill of fare. They did it with joy, from a shared first course of smoked fish to the cream-rich napoleon that was the standout dessert.

We skipped the menu’s first page, which is devoted entirely to caviars-1- to 8-ounce presentations of beluga, osetra and sevruga, ranging in price from $25 to $400-in favor of the Imperial smoked fish platter, which sounded more modest. It was anything but: The vast, brass-handled silver tray held a sumptuous selection of rosy Norwegian salmon, silvery sturgeon and cold-smoked somga, beautifully arranged around an island of golden salmon roe. with warm toast points served on the side. Equally lovely, if less spectacular, was an appetizer of roasted eggplant, a full-length slice overlaid with wide ribbons of red and yellow bell pepper, all tattooed with grill marks, drizzled with green onion vinaigrette and served at room temperature. Mushroom salad delivered pungent kick via minced fresh garlic mixed into a meaty mound of the fungus, spiked with mayonnaise and heaped on delicate lettuce leaves.

Entrees are divided into Measnoya (meat), Kyriza (poultry) and Ribnoya (seafood) listings. Beef Stroganoff, succulent strips of tenderloin in mushroom wine sauce, was a deep-flavored treasure served, not over rice pilaf as billed, but beside a pretty mold of fresh mashed potato layered with crisp snow peas; a broiled Parmesan-topped tomato completed the plate. The pilaf, laden with peas and minced carrot, appeared instead with a 14-ounce cut of lamb which, though it was not on the menu, was recommended by our captain; justifiably, as it turned out-the fork-tender portion, exquisitely rare and perfect ly lean, dominated the table. Homemade blin, filled with black caviar and listed under seafoods, turned out to be a quartet of slender lubes enshrined among nickel-sized rounds of butter that had been rolled in minced dill and parsley; dill had been cooked in the blin, adding a nice nuance to their neutral flavor and farming a fitting complement to the pearl-gray caviar they contained.

As mentioned, the napoleon was a proper closing treat, but the dinner’s coup de grace was fine espresso, poured with ceremonial flair from tall pitchers of gleaming brass, the evening’s final (law less attention among many. 500 Crescent Court, upstairs. 922-3333. Cocktails and dinner. Tues.-Thur. 5-midnight. Fri.-Sat. 5 p.m.-2 a.m. All credit cards. Expensive to very expensive. -Betty Cook

A Pacific Rim Paradise

ANZU The sorcery that can be achieved by simple changes in decor boggles the mind. In their new upper McKinney restaurant, the owners of Piano’s Nakamoto Japanese Cuisine have transformed a relatively featureless rectangular space into an uncommonly beautiful dining environment. Behind its compelling new facade, the place would be severe if it were not so lovely: Against one wall, cut flowers flash color in a slim crystal vase; opposite, lights play a mother-of-pearl pattern on pale and dark squares. Place settings are pretty as paintings. Menus, printed on fine handmade paper, are bound with leather-laced twigs. Can the food here possibly live up to its artful setting?

It can. Our accommodating server informed us that Anzu’s food is more than Japanese; it is Pacific Rim cuisine-a blend of French as well as other Asian influences. As far as I’m concerned, it can be called anything Anzu’s owners like, if return visits turn up treasures to equal our review samplings.

For starters, the sake we ordered instead of beer or wine (there’s a full bar, too) was brought hot in individual pottery flagons that held its heat. The complimentary hors d’oeuvre that came with it. a minuscule puff pastry crowned with creamy crab shreds, promised greater delights to come. They did-a day’s special appetizer of lamb ravioli were actually pot stickers, but a superlative version, crisped on one side and served with a wickedly piquant dipping sauce. Sticky rice risotto was endowed with bits of Chinese sausage and tender chicken, all wrapped with a single huge shrimp in a bamboo leaf and steamed to succulence. A pureed corn soup was pure golden sweetness, smooth as whipping cream, spiked with a swirl of cilantro-ginger cream.

Entree selection was difficult in that all nine listed (the evening’s special made 10) sounded irresistible; I hope to live long enough to try every one of them. Meanwhile, those we chose were as wonderfully creative as their descriptions. Rack of lamb arranged four baby chops, rare and tender in a green peppercorn mustard and cilantro crust, alongside a darkly splendid shiitake mushroom potato cake and steamed cabbage leaves. A strip steak, as finely-textured and buttery as tenderloin, was bathed in black bean sauce with roasted garlic and accompanied by wilted greens and potatoes mashed with roasted shallots. Like these, a main-course sushi and sashimi selection was too beautifully displayed on the plate to eat-but too good not to: thin-sliced tuna sashimi formed a dark rose beside chopstick-sized portions of vinegared rice topped with yellow-fin tuna, sliced shrimp, eel and salmon. I have never tasted fresher, more silken raw fish.

We shared dessert, ordering one of the four offered: a scoop of candied chestnut ice cream ringed with cookie leaves and sided with brandied apple and pear slices. It was worth the overload, even as every thing we tried was worth its price. I don’t often make that statement in a restaurant review; in this case, it’s deserved. 4620 McKinney Are. 526-7398. Lunch. Mon.- Fri. 11:30-2-30; dinner, Sun.-Thur. 5:30- 10:30, Fri-Sat. 5:30-11:30. AE.D. MC.V. Moderate to expensive. -B.C.

D Revisits


D REVISITS Baker’s Ribs. These are possi bly the best ribs in town-they certainly seemed so at the moment 1 was eating them. What my dining companion and 1 wondered-aloud, with our mouths full-was, what more could you expect from a rib? Meaty, smoky, moist, falling-off-the- proverbial-bone-if ribs were heaven, they’d be Baker’s. Who cares that the side dishes (pasta, pota to salad and beans) were bland and boring? Baker’s is for carnivores, though the smoky chicken is a small concession to a lighter point of view. 2724 Commerce. 748-5433. All credit cards. Inexpen sive. -M.B.M.


D REVISITS Allen Street. One thing you can say about this clubby lower McKinney hangout- the staff doesn’t fool around about bringing your food. No sooner had our pre-dinner drinks been de livered than salads appeared, with entrees following before we’d had time to do more than take a quick sip and pick up a fork. Mine, a crisply fried cutlet billed as chicken-fried steak, looked suspiciously regular in shape and had been tenderized, but the breading did seem to be done by hand, as promised, and mashed potatoes and gravy were both agree ably seasoned. Her Southwestern casserole derived its regional character mostly from the profusion of thin, fresh-crisped tortilla chips that sided a baked blend of tender white chicken and vegetables with Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese. Salads, too, were a pleasant mix of lettuces garnished with tomato wedges and bacon bits, and our shared serv ing of tangy-sweet apple pie crisped with a nutty brown sugar topping was all homey heart. Service was affable and Allen Street’s dark-wood comfort and good-looking bar offer a fine ambiance for leisurely decompression. 2900 McKinney Ave. 871- 0256. All credit cards. Inexpensive. -B.C.


D REVISITS Forbidden City. This former favorite could still be an option if we lived in its North Dallas neighborhood, but the destination hardly seemed worth the drive from where I live. Forbidden City seems to have devolved into a rather lackluster spot, aiming low and missing at that. The only high point was the unusually good buffet with its array of surprisingly fresh-tasting dishes-beef and bright-green broccoli in a savory brown sauce, slightly syrupy sesame chicken, sweet teriyaki and more. For $7.95 ($5.50 for lunch) it seemed like a deal, especially since you serve your self and you’re bound to be more gracious than the waiters were. 5290 Belt Line. 960-2999. All credit cards. Inexpensive to moderate. -M.B.M.


D REVISITS Franki’s Li’l Europe. This Casa Linda hangout has moved across the courtyard from its original spot, but nothing else about it has changed-women still get their hands kissed, men get theirs shaken and the genial Slavonianbom owner’s bustling greeting is as warm and solid as ever. So’s the food from the blackboard menu- an appetizer of artichoke hearts fried in crisp beer batter was miles better than we expected, and another of Cevapcici, the delectable little handmade skinless sausages garnished with chopped onion, ricotta cheese and a marvelous chopped mushroom-and-eggplant relish, was superb. Hungarian goulash was also superb-tender, long-simmered burly beef cuts in fine dark sauce, grouped around buttery spaetzle. Jager schnitzel would have equaled it if the thin veal hadn’t tended toward dryness, but an excellent winy, mush room-laden sauce rescued the dish. Rich, dark chocolate cake scarcely needed the pouf of more-air-than-flavor whipped cream it wore; crème br?lée was a superior version, smoothly decadent, with a hidden treasure of raspberries. Then, of course, there was that warming shot of fiery slivovitz for lagniappe-I guarantee nobody leaves this neighborly place feeling underfed or underappreciated. 362 Casa Linda Plaza. 320-0426. Lunch, Mon.-Sat. 11:30-2:30; Sun. 11-3. Dinner, Tues.-Sun. 5:30-9:30. All credit cards. Moderate. -B.C.


D REVISITS Los Vaqueras. Everyone who enters the restaurant is on a first name basis with Pete Dominguez who greets guests at the door of the new Los Vaqueros. If he doesn’t always recognize them, he certainly puts on a good show. Recently ousted from its longtime location in Highland Park Village. Los Vaqueros has found a new home in Snider Plaza. That’s all that’s different. The food hasn’t changed in maybe a decade and this move has not been viewed as an opportunity to update. We loved every bite of the classic George Poston Special-the oniony guacamole. light, crisp tacos Filled with cumin-scented meat, and enchiladas glazed with plenty of bright-yellow cheese the consistency of Elmer’s glue. It may not sound appetizing, but that’s the Tex-Mex of my youth, which seems to be holding its own in the face of lighter, healthier fare. 66/5 Snider Plaza. 361-9885. AE, DC, MC, V. Inexpensive to moderate. -M.B.M.

D Recommends


Arnold’s Texas Barbecue. 601 N. Haskell. 826-1234, Inexpensive.

Billy Blues Barbecue & Grill. 2020 N. Lamar al McKinney. 87I-0661. Inexpensive to moderate.

Peggy Sue BBQ. 6600 Snider Plaza. 987-9189. Inexpensive.

Riscky’s. 1701 N. Market. Suite 104. 742-7001. Inexpensive.

R.J.’S Sho-Nuf. 39I0 Maple Ave. 528-5230. Inex-

Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse. 2202 Inwood. 357-7120. 302 N. Market 744-1610. Inexpensive.


Jennivine. 3605 McKinney Ave. 528-6010. Inexpensive to moderate.

Outback Pub. 1701 N. Market, Suite 105. 761-9355. Inexpensive.


Balls Hamburgers. 3404 Rankin in Snider Plaza. 373-1717. 4343 W. Northwest Hwy. 352-2525. Inexpen-

The Big One. 4544 McKinney Ave. 528-4578. Inexpensive.

Chip’s. 4501 N. Central Expwy. 526-1092. Inexpensive.

Daytona’s Grill and Bar. 7402 Greenville Ave. 890-7588. Inexpensive.

EZ’s. 6833 W. Northwest Hwy. 750-6677. Inexpensive. 8.0. 2800 Routh St. 979-0880. Inexpensive.

Gold Rush Cafe. 1913 Skillman Ave. 823-6923. Inexpensive.

The Green Elephant Bar and Grill. 5612 Yale. 750-6625. Inexpensive.

Hard Rock Cafe. 2601 McKinney Ave. 855-0007. Moderate.

Prince of Hamburgers. 5200 Lemmon Ave. 526-9081. Inexpensive.

Snuffers. 3526 Greenville Ave. 826-6850. 14910 Midway, Addison. 991-8811. Inexpensive.

Starlight Diner. 2715 Elm. 747-STAR. Inexpensive.

State. 3611 Parry Ave. 821-9246. Inexpensive.

Texas Hamburgers. 1606 Market Center Blvd. 747-2222. Inexpensive.


Atchafalaya River Cafe- 4440 Bell Line. Addison. 960-6878. Moderate.

Cafe Margaux. 4527 Travis. 520-1985. Moderate.

Crescent City Cafe. 2730 Commerce. 745-1900. Inexpensive.

Dodie’s Seafood Cafe. 2129 Greenville Ave. 821-8890. inexpensive.

Louisiana Purchase. 2901 N. Central Expwy.. Suite 101. Piano. 423-0533. Inexpensive to moderate.

Nate’s Seafood & Steakhouse. 14951 Midway Road, Addison. 701-9622. Moderate.

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. 3520 Oak Lawn. 521-4700. Moderate to expensive.


Gloria’s Restaurant. 600 W. Davis. 948-3672. 9386 LBJ Frwy. at Abrarns. 690-0622. Inexpensive.


August Moon. 15030 Preston at Belt Line. 385-7227. 2300 N. Central Expwy., Piano. 881-0071. Moderate.

Cafe Panda. 7979 Inwood. Suite 121. 902-9500. Moderate.

Cathy’s Wok. 4010 W. 15th. Plano. 964-0406. Inexpensive.

Canton Chinese Restaurant. 4011 N. Greenville Ave.. Suite 25. Richardson. 238-1863. Inexpensive.

Chu’s Restaurant. 15080 Beltway. Addison. 387-1776. Moderate.

Crystal Pagoda. 4516 McKinney Ave. 526-3355. Moderate. Far East. 4830 Greenville Ave. 373-6041. lnexpen-

First Chinese Barbecue. Ill S.Greenville

Ave., Richardson. 680-8216. Inexpensive.

General China. 1920 Skillman. 827-3688. Inex-

Henry Chen’s. 3701 W. Northwest Hwy. 956-9560.


Hong Kong Royale. 221 W. Polk, Suite 200

Richardson. 238-8888. Moderate to expensive.

Hunan Restaurant. 5214 Greenville Ave. 369-4578. Inexpensive to moderate.

Lovers Eggroll. 5360 W. Lovers Lane. Suite 205.

358-1318. Inexpensive.

May Dragon. 4848 Belt Line at Inwood. 392-9998.


Restaurant Jasmine. 4002 Belt Line, Suite 200. Addison. 991-6867- Moderate.

Szechwan Pavilion. S411 Preston. 368-4303. 1152 N. Buckner, Suite 128. Casa Linda Plaza. 321-7599. Moderate.

Taiwan Restaurant. 4980 Belt Line, Addison. 387-2333. Inexpensive to moderate.

Tasty China. 3512 W. Walnut. Garland. 276-1999. Inexpensive.

Texas Jade. 3227 McKinney Ave. 871-8898. Moderate.

Tong’s House. 1910 Promenade Center. Richardson. 231-8858. Moderate.

Uncle Tai’s. 13350 Dallas Pkwy., in the Galleria. 934-9998. Expensive.

Young Shing. 3701 W. Walnut St., Garland. 487-1188. Inexpensive.


Dallul. 2515 Inwood. 353-0804. Inexpensive to moderate.

River Nile. 7001 Fair Oaks. 363-1128. Inexpensive to


Addison Cafe. 529() Belt Line, Suite 108. 991-8824. Moderate to expensive.

Chez Gerard. 4444 McKinney Ave, 522-6865. Moderate to expensive.

Clair de Lune. 5934 Royal Lane. Suite 120. 987-2028. Moderate to expensive.

Ewald’s. Stoneleigh Hotel. 2927 Maple. 871-2523. Expensive.

The French Room. The Adolphus Hotel, 1321 Commerce. 742-8200. Very expensive.

The Grape. 2808 Greenville Ave. 828-1981. Moderate.

Highland Park Cafe. Highland Park Village, Preston at Mockingbird. 521 -7300, Expensive,

Juniper. 2917 Fairmount. 855-0700. Expensive.

La Madeleine. 3072 W. Mockingbird, 696-0800. 3906 Lemmon Ave. 521-0183. 628 NorthPark Center. 696-2398. 11930 Preston (at Forest), 233-644B. Galleria. at ice rink level. 991-7790. Inexpensive.

L’Ancestral. 45l4Travis. 528-1081. Moderate.

Le Caviste. 5405 W. Lovers Lane. 352-6512. Moderate.

Monte Carlo.

15201 Dallas Pkwy.. in the Grand Kenipinski Dallas Hotel. 386-6000. Expensive.

The Old Warsaw. 2610 Maple. 528-0032. Very expensive.

Pierre’s By The Lake. 3430 Shorecrest. 358-2379. Moderate to expensive.

The Riviera. 7709 Inwood. 351-0094, Very expen

St. Martins. 3020 Greenville Ave. 826-0940. Moderate to expensive.

Sweet Temptations. 9090 Skillman. 503-6007. Inexpensive to moderate.

Tony’s Wine Warehouse and Bistro. 2904 Oak Lawn. 520-9463. Inexpensive.

Watel’s. 1923 McKinney Ave.. 720-0323. Moderate to expensive.

The Wine Press. 4217 Oak Lawn. 522-8720. Moderate to expensive.

York St. 6047 Lewis. 826-0968. Expensive.


Belvedere. 4242 Lomo Alto, in the Crestpark Hotel.

528-6510. Expensive.

Cafe Athenee. 5365 Spring Valley, Suite 150. 239-

8060. Moderate.

The Chimney. 9739 N. Central Expwy. 369-6466.


Hofstetter’s. Plaza at Bachman Creek. 3840 W. Northwest Hwy., Suite 400. 358-7660, Inexpensive to moderate.

Kuby’s Sausage House Inc. 6601 Snider Plaza. 363-2231. Inexpensive.


Cafe Greek. Preston Vally Shopping Center, Preston Road at LBJ, 934-9767. Moderate.

Cafe Nefu. 56 Arapaho Village (Arapaho and West shore). Richardson, 235-5387. Inexpensive to moderate.

Goldfinger. 2905 Webb Chapel Extension. 350-6983. Moderate to expensive.

Kosta’s Cafe. 4914 Greenville Ave. 987-3225. Inexpensive.

The M Street Grill. 2014 Greenville Ave. 826-8989. Inexpensive to moderate.

Theodore’s Seafood Restaurant. The Corner Shopping Center, 8041 Walnut Hill, Suite 810. 361-1922. Moderate to expensive.


Backstreet. 212 N. Crowdus. 748-7191. Inexpensive.

Bishop Arts Cafe. 316 W. Seventh St. 943-3565. Inexpensive to moderate.

Brownie’s. 5519 East Grand. 824-2996. Inexpensive.

Celebration. 4503 W. Lovers Lane. 351-3681. Inexpensive to moderate.

Chubby’s. 11333 E. Northwest Hwy. 348-6065. Inexpensive.

Farmer’s Grill. 4015 Lemmon Ave. 521-2281. Inexpensive.

Gennie’s Bishop Grille. 321 N. Bishop. 946-1752. Inexpensive.

Good Eats Cafe. 3888 Oak Lawn. 522-3287. 6950 Greenville Ave. 691-3287. 702 Ross. 744-3287. 14905 Midway, Addison. 392-3287. Inexpensive.

Highland Park Pharmacy. 3229 Knox. 521-2126. Inexpensive.

Jay’s Cafe. 2912 Elm St. 761-1811. Inexpensive.

Lucky’s. 3531 Oak Lawn. 522-3500. Inexpensive.

Mama’s Daughters’ Diner. 2014 Irving Blvd. 742-8646. 2610 Royal Lane. 241-8646. Inexpensive.

Original Market Diner. 4434 Harry Hines. 521-0992. Inexpensive.

The Mecca. 10422 Harry Hines. 352-0051. Inexpensive.

Theo’s Diner. 111 S. Hall. 747-6936. Inexpensive.

Tolbert’s. One Dallas Center. 350 N. St. Pauls 953-1353. 1800 N. Market. 969-0310. Inexpensive to moderate.


Akbar. 2115 Promenade Center, Richardson. 235-0260. Inexpensive (lunch) to moderate (dinner).

Ashoka Indian Cuisine. 3409 Belt Line. Pre-monwood Creek Shopping Center. 960-0070. Moderate.

Curry in a Hurry. 4302 Bryan (at Peak). 821-4542. Inexpensive.

India Palace Restaurant. 12817 Preston, Suite 105. 392-0190. Moderate to expensive.

Kebab-N-Kurry. 401 N. Central Expwy., Suite 300, Richardson. 231-5556. Inexpensive to moderate.

Kebab-N-Kurry. 2620 walnut Hill 350-6466. Inexpensive.

Shalimar. 35 Richardson Heights Village, Central at Belt Line, Richardson. 437-2858. Inexpensive.

Shusmi. 859 N.E. Green Oaks. Arlington. (817) 860-8728. Moderate.

Taj Mahal. Caruth Plaza, 9100 N. Central Expwy., Suite 179. 692-0535. Moderate.


Alessio’s. 4117 Lomo Alto. 521-3585. Expensive.

Amlci Signature Italian. 1022 S. Broadway, Carrolton. 245-3191. Moderate to expensive.

Amtiamu. 4151 Belt Line. 233-1515. Moderate to expensive.

Angelo’s. 6341 La Vista. 823-5566. Inexpensive to moderate.

Arcodoro. 2520 Cedar Springs. 871-1924. Inexpensive to moderate.

Caffe Paparazzi. 8989 Forest Lane. Suite 136. 644-132.1. Moderate.

Capriccio. 2515 McKinney Aw. 871-2004. Expensive.

Chianti Restaurant and Pizzeria. 3505 W. Northwest Hwy. 350-7456. Inexpensive.

Fausto’s Oven. 300 Reunia Blvd.. in the Hyatt Regency Hold. 712-7144. Moderate,

Ferrari’s. 703 McKinney Ave, in The Brewery. 954-1112. Moderate to expensive.

Flip’s Wine Bar & Trattoria. 1520 Greenville Ave. 824-9944. Moderate.

II Nonno’s. Hyatt Regency D/FW, East Tower. 453-8400. Moderate to expensive.

Joey Tomato’s Atlantic City. 3232 MeKinney Ave. 754-0380.Inexpensive to Moderate.

La Tosca. 7713 Inwood.352-8373. Expensive.

La Trattoria Lombardi’s. 2916 N. Hall. 954: 0803. Moderate.

Massimo do Milano. 5519 W Lovers Lane. 351-1426.2121 San Jacinto. 871-0400. 901 Main Place Suite C106 in the NCNB Building. 761-6350. inexpensive to moderate.

Mi Piaci. 14854 Mention. 934-8424. Moderate expensive.

Mise En Place. 7011 Lomo Alto. 520-2424. Inexpensive to moderate.

MoMo’s Italian Specialties. 9191 Forest Lane, Suite A2.234-6800. 3309 N. Central Expwy., Suite 370. Piano, 423-1066. Moderate.

MoMo’s Pasta. 3312 Knox. 521-3009- Inexpensive.

Nero’s. 2104 Greenville A\e. 826-6376. Moderate, Patrizio. 25 Highland Park Village. 522-7878. Inexpensive to mode rale.

Piccola Cucina. 1030 NorthPark Center. Suite 330. 691-0488. Moderate,

Pizzeria Uno. 2811 McKinney Ave. 855-0011. 4002 (Jell Line. Addison- 991-8181, Inexpensive to moderate.

Pomodoro. 2520 Cedar Springs. 871-1924 Inexpensive to moderate.

Ristorante Savino. 2929 N. Henderson. 826-7804. Moderate to expensive.

Rodolfo’s, 5956 Royal Lane. 368-5039. Inexpensive to moderate.

Romano’s Macaroni Griff. 4535 Bell Line. Addison. 386-3831. 5858 Northwest Hwy. 265-0770. Moderate.

Ruffino’s. 11661 Preston, Suite 153. 890-7555. Modderate.

Ruggeri’s. 2911 Routh St. 871-7377. Moderate to expensive.

Scuro. 2713 Elm Si. 741-0111. Moderate.

Sfuzzi. 2504 McKinney Ave. 871 2606. 15101 Addison Road. Addison. 960-2606. Moderate

Sweet Basil. 17610 Midway. 73.3-?500. Moderate.

Tivoli’s. 2013 Greenville Ave. 824-2013. Moderate.

311 Lombardi’s. 311 Market. 747-0322. Moderale to expensive.


Fuji-Ya. 13050 Coit. 090-8396. Inexpensive to moder-ate.

Hana Japanese Restaurant. 14865 Inwood. 991-8322. Moderate.

Hibachi-Ya Japanese Steak House. 3850 W. Northwest Hwy., Suite 510. 350-1110. Inexpensive.

Mr. Sushi. 4860 Belt Line, Addison. 385-0168. Moderate.

Nakamoto Japanese Cuisine. 3309 N. Central Expwy., Suite 360. Plano. 881-0328. Moderate.

Shinano Japanese Restaurant. 8830 Spring Valley. 644-1436. Moderate.

Shogun of Japan. 5738 Cedar Springs. 351-2281. 3455 N. Bell Line. Irving. 594-6911. Moderate.

Sushi-Yama. 8989 Forest Lane. Suite 112, 234-3474. Inexpensive to moderate.

D Recommends


Kobawoo. 3109 Inwood. 351-6922. Moderate.

Korea Hometown. 10560 Walnut. 272-9909. Inexpensive to moderate.


Adelmo’s. 4537 Cole. 559-0325, Moderate.

Blind Lemon. 2805 Main Si. 939-0202. inexpensive to moderate.

L’Entrecote. Loews Anatole Hotel. 2201 Stemmons Frwy. 761-7419. Very expensive.

Main St. News. 2934 Main St. 746-2934. Inexpensive to moderate.

Sambuca. 2618 Elm St. 744-0820. Moderate.


Avila’s. 47l4 Maple. 520-2700. Inexpensive.

Balderas Tex Mex Restaurant. 3851 Cedar Springs. #A. 536-2180. Inexpensive to moderate.

Blue Goose Cantina. 2905 Greenville Ave. 823-6786. Moderate.

Cantina Laredo. 4546 Belt Line, Addison. 458-0962.8121 Walnut Hill. 987-9192. Moderate.

Chuy’s. 2111N. Record. 747-2838. Moderate.

Cuquita’s 2326 N. Henderson. 823-1057. Inexpensive to moderate.

Desperados. 4818 Greenville Ave. 363-1850. Inexpensive to moderate.

Eduardo’s Aca y Alla. 2914 Main. 748-7140. Moderate.

El Arroyo. 7402 Greenville Ave., Suite 202. 363-4464. Inexpensive.

El Ranchito. 610 W. Jefferson. 946-4238. Inexpensive to moderate.

Flamingo Joe’s. 2712 Main. 748-6065. Inexpensive to moderate.

Javier’s. 4912 Cole. 521-4211. Expensive.

La Calle Dace. 415 W. 12th. 941-4304. Inexpensive to moderate.

Las Cazuelas. 4933 Columbia. 827-1889. Inexpensive.

La Suprema Tortillon… 7630 Military Pkwy. (at Loop 12). 388-1244. Inexpensive.

La Chocita. 108 University Village, Piano Road at Belt Line, Richardson. 690-4445. Inexpensive to moderate.

Mario & Alberto. S.W. corner of LBJ Frwy. and Preston. Suite 425. 980-7296. Moderate.

Mario’s Chiquita. 4514 Travis, Suite 105. 521-0721. 221 W Parker, Suite 400. Plano. 423-2977. Moderate.

The Martinez Cafe. Preston Park Village, 1900 Preston, Plane. 964-7898. Inexpensive.

Mattlto’s Cafe Mexicano. 4311 Oak Lawn Ave. 526-8181. Inexpensive to moderate.

Mates Rancho Martinez Mexican Restaurant. 6312 La Vista. 823-5517. Inexpensive to moderate.

Mercado Juarez. 1901 W. Northwest Hwy. 556-0796. 4O50 Belt Line. Addison. 458-2145. Inexpensive to moderate.

Mia’s. 4322 Lemmon Ave. 526-1020. Inexpensive.

Ml Casa Tex Mex Restaurant. 8301 Westchester. 890-9939. Inexpensive to moderate.

Mi Cocina. 11661 Preston. Suite 138. 265-7704. Inexpensive.

Primo’s. 3309 McKinney Ave. 520-3303. Inexpensive to moderate.

Tijuana Johnny’s. 2621 McKinney Ave. 871-2281. Inexpensive to moderate.

Uncle Julio’s. 7557 Greenville Ave. 987-9900. 4125 Lemmon. 520-6620. Moderate.


Ali Baba. 1905 Greenville Ave. 823-8235. Inexpensive.

Barry’s Sandwich Shop. 6710 Snider Plaza. 750-0330. Inexpensive.


Agnew’s Natural Grill. 3011 Routh St. 720-3900. Moderate to expensive.

Bluebonnet Cafe & Deli. 2218 Greenville Ave. 828-0052. Inexpensive.


Actuelle. 500 Crescent Court. Suite 165. 855-0440. Expensive.

Aristocrat Hotel Bar & Grill. 1933 Main. 741-7700. Moderate to expensive.

Avner’s. 2515 McKinney Ave. 953-0426. Moderate.

Beau Nash. 400 Crescent Court in the Hotel Crescent Court. 871-3200. Moderate to expensive.

The Bronx. 3835 Cedar Springs. 521-5821. Inexpensive to moderate.

Buffalo Club. 2800 Routh St, Suite 125. in the Quadrangle. 220-2465. Moderate to expensive.

By George! 2900 Greenville Ave. 821-1538. Moderate.

Cafe Brazil. 6340 Gaston. 826-9522. Inexpensive tu moderate.

Cafe 450. 1802 Greenville Ave. 826-6229. Moderate.

Chaplin’s. 1928 Greenville Ave. 823-3300. Moderate to expensive.

City Cafe. 5757 Lovers Lane. 351-2233. Moderate.

The Conservatory. 400 Crescent Court in the Hotel Crescent Court. 871-3242. Very expensive.

Crockett’s. Doubletree Hotel at Lincoln Center, 5410 LBJ Frwy. 701-5160. Expensive.

Dakota’s. 600 N. Akard. 740-4001. Moderate to expensive.

Deep Ellum Cafe. 2706 Elm St. 741-9012. Moderate to expensive.

Dover’s Grille. Doubletree Hotel at Park West, 1590 LBJ Frwy. 869-4300. Moderate to expensive.

Dream Cafe. 2800 Routh St., Suite 170, in the Quadrangle. 954-0486. Inexpensive.

Eighteen-O-One at the Dallas World Aquarium. 1801 North Griffin. 720-1801. Moderate to expensive.

Gershwin’s. 8442 Walnut Hill at Greenville Ave. 373-7171. Moderate to expensive.

Huntington’s. 13340 Dallas Pkwy. in the Westin. 851 -2882. Expensive to very expensive.

Kathleen’s Art Cafe. 4424 Lovers Lane. 691-2355, Moderate to expensive.

Landmark Cafe. Melrose Hotel. 3015 Oak Lawn, 521-5151. Expensive.

Laurels. Sheraton Park Central Hotel. 12720 Merit Drive, off Coil near LBJ Frwy. 851-2021. Expensive.

The Mansion on Turtle Creek. 2821 Turtle Creek Blvd. 559-2100. Very expensive.

Nana Grill. Loews Anatole Hotel. 2201 Stemmons Frwy. 761-7470. Expensive to very expensive.

Natchez. 2810 N. Henderson. 821-4552. Moderate.

Parigi. 3311Oak Lawn. 521-0295. Moderate to expensive.

The Promenade. 2821 Turtle Creek Blvd. in The Mansion on Turtle Creek. 559-2100. Moderate to expensive.

The Pyramid Room. 1717 N. Akard in the Fairmont Hotel. 720-5249. Very expensive.

Quadrangle Grille. 2800 Routh St.. Suite 180, in the Quadrangle. 979-9022. Moderate.

650 North. 650 N. Peart. 855-1708. Expensive.


Atlantic Cafe. 14866 Montfort. Addison. 960-2233. Moderate to expensive.

Aw Shucks. 3601 Greenville Ave. 821-9449. Inexpensive.

Cafe Pacific. 24 Highland Park Village. 526-1170. Expensive.

Dinger’s Catfish Cafe. 8.989 Forest Lane. 235-3251. Inexpensive.

Fishmonger’s Seafood Market and Cafe. 1915 N. Central Expwy.. Suite 600. Piano. 423-3699. Moderate.

Hampton’s. Preston Center. 8411 Preston. Berkshire Court. 739-3474. Moderate.

Jaxx Cafe. 14925 Midway Road at Beltway in Addison. 458-7888. Moderate.

Jozef’s Seafood Restaurant. 2719 McKinney Ave. 954-0407. Moderate to expensive.

Newport’s Seafood. 703 McKinney Ave. in The Brewery. 954-0220. Expensive.

S&D Oyster Company. 2701 McKinney Ave. 880-0111. Inexpensive to moderate.

Yoli’s. 9220 Skillman. Suite 124. 341-3533. Inexpensive.


Aransas Pass. 2912 Henderson. 827-8650. Moderate to expensive.

Baby Routh. 2708 Routh St. 871-2345. Moderate to expensive.

Blue Mesa Grill. 5100 Bell Line at Dallas Parkway in Sakowilz Village, Suite 500. 934-0165. Inexpensive to moderate.

Cafe Society. 4514 Travis, Suite 133.528-6543. Inexpensive to moderate.

Caliente. 6881 Greenville Ave. 369-8600. Moderate.

Cisco Grill. 6630 Snider Plaza. 363-9506. Inexpensive.

Loma Luna Cafe. 8201 Preston. Suite 100 (at Sherry Lane). 691-1552. Moderate.

Ozona Grill & Bar. 4615 Greenville Ave. 265-

9105. Inexpensive.

Sam’s Cafe. 100 Crescent Court. Suite 100. 855-

2233. Moderate to expensive.

Zuma. 2701 Stemmons Frwy. 631-3050, Moderate.


Cafe Madrid. 4501 Travis. 528-1731. Inexpensive to moderate.

White Swan Cafe. 2307 Abrams. 824-8122. Moderate.


Arthur’s. 8350 N. Central Expwy., Campbell Centre. Suite M 1000. 361-8833. Expensive.

The Butcher Shop Steakhouse. 80S Munger. off Lamar. 720-1032. Moderate.

Del Frisco’s. 4300 Lemmon Ave. 526-9811. Expensive.

Lawry’s The Prime Rib. 3008 Maple. 521-7777. Moderate to expensive.

Morton’s of Chicago. 501 Elm. 741-2277. Expensive.

Old San Francisco Steakhouse. 10965 Composite (off Walnut Hill, east of 1-35). 357-0484. Moderate to expensive.

Palm Restaurant. 701 Ross. 698-0470. Very expensive.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House. 5922 Cedar Springs. 902-8080. Expensive.

Wellington Restaurant & Bar. 2408 Cedar Springs. 748-1291. Expensive.


Al’s New York Style Deli. 3301 Oak Lawn. Suite A (entrance on Hall). 522-3354. Inexpensive.

Bagel Emporium. 7522 Campbell. 248-0608. inexpensive.

Bagelstein’s. 8104 Spring Valley. 234-3787. Inexpensive to moderate.

City Cafe To Go. 5757 W. Lovers Lane. 351-3366. Moderate.

City Market. 2001 Ross. Trammell Crow Center, Suite 200. 979-2696. Inexpensive.

Crescent Gourmet. 400 Crescent Court. 871-3223. Inexpensive to moderate.

Deli-News. 500 Crescent Court. 922-DELI. 15775 Hillcrest. 392-DELI. Inexpensive to moderate.

The Deli Planet. 4514 Travis. No. 122.520-0630. Inexpensive.

Gilbert’s New York Delicatessen. 127 Preston Forest Village. 373-3333. Inexpensive to moderate.

Henk’s European Deli. 5811 Blackwell Street. 987-9090. Inexpensive to moderate.

Marty’s. 3316 Oak Lawn. 526-4070. Moderate.

Pizza House. 4130 Gaston. 827-8808. Inexpensive.

Polio Bueno. 3438 SamuelI Blvd. 828-0645. Inexpensive.

Preizler’s Delicatessen. 116 Preston Valley Shopping Center at LBJ. 458-8896. Inexpensive to moderate.

Tom maso’s Fresh Pasta. 5365 Spring Valley. Suite 158. at Montfort. 991-4040. Inexpensive to moderate.


Bangkok City. 4301 Bryan at Peak. 824-6200. Inexpensive to moderate.

Sala Thai. 2415 W. Northwest Hwy., Suite 108. 350-8945. Moderate.

Thai Cuisine. 1915 Central Expwy. (off Park). Piano. 422-5219. Moderate.

Thai Lamia, 1490 W. Spring Valley, Richardson. 690-3637. Moderate.

Thai Lanna. 4315 Bryan. 827-6478. Moderate.

Thai Lotus. 3851-D Cedar Springs. 520-9385. Inexpensive.

Thai Nine. 4315 Lernmon Ave. 526-6179. Inexpensive.

Thai Siam. 9560 Skillman. 341-5835. Inexpensive.

Thai Soon. 2018 Greenville Ave. 821-7666. Inexpensive.

Thai-Thai. 1731 Greenville Ave. 828-9795. Inexpensive.

Thai Taste. 4501 Cole. 521-3513. Moderate.

Toy’s Cafe. 4422-B Lernmon Ave. 528-7233. Inexpensive to moderate.


Arc-en-Ciel. 3555 W. Walnut, Garland. 272-2188. Inexpensive to moderate.

East Wind. 2711 Elm St. 745-5554. Inexpensive to moderate.

Pearl of the Orient. 500 Crescent Court Suite 148.220-9110. Expensive.


Bistro Bagatelle. (French) 406 W. Abrams, Arlington. Metro 817-261 -0488. Moderate to expensive.

Cacharel. (French) Brookhollow Two, 2221 E. Lamar, Suite 910, Arlington. Metro 817-640-9981. Moderate.

China Terrace. (Chinese) 5435 N. MacArthur, Irving. 550-1113. Inexpensive to moderate.

Esparza’s. (Mexican) 124 E. Worth St., Grapevine. Metro 817-481 -4668. Inexpensive.

Gaspar’s. (New American) 150 S. Denton Tap Road, Coppell. 393-5152, Moderate.

Jinbeh. (Japanese) 301 E. Las Colinas Blvd.. Suite 301, Irving. 869-4011. Moderate.

La Margarita. (Mexican) 3636 N. Belt Line. Irving. 570-1137. Inexpensive to moderate.

La Suprema. (Mexican) 6311 N. O’Connor. Irving. 506-0988. Moderate.

Via Real. (Mexican) 4020 N, MacArthur, Irving. 255-0064. Moderate to expensive.