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Analyze My Love

By Glenna Whitley |

“You remove my blouse and your hands are on my breasts and I can feel each sensation from the touch of your fingers-your hands explore my back and arms, my neck and just your touches keep me excited.”

An excerpt from a new romance novel? Nope. One of many letters and cards submitted as an exhibit in what has to be the steamiest lawsuit ever filed in the 191st state District Court.

In May 1991, William Hamilton, a Dallas man in his mid-40s who was deeply depressed after the failure of his third marriage, went to Dr. Karen Gahr at Timberlawn Psychiatric Hospital. A little more than a year later he filed suit against Gahr and Timberlawn for malpractice, saying that the psychiatrist “actively and aggressively pursued a sexual and romantic relationship with [him],” as demonstrated by the explicit letters he claims she wrote him. Gahr, also in her 40s, was also divorced at the time.

Hamilton alleges that some of his therapy sessions consisted of “caressing and kissing and holding,” and that after therapy was ended, Gahr continued to pursue him. The two dated from November to February 1992; Gahr then broke it off and returned to an old boyfriend, whom she later married.

Both Gahr and Timberlawn deny Hamilton’s allegations. Meanwhile, he’s back in therapy-this time with a mate psychiatrist. As for Gahr, she’s now at Tarrant County MHMR working with a variety of patients, including sex offenders.

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