Street TALK

Say What?

At a luncheon meeting of the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce at the Loews Anatole, cosmetics queen JINGER HEATH asked keynote speaker DAVID (Mr. Sunday Morning) BRINKLEY a question about term limits. In reply, Brinkley said that Congress had a tendency to be “out of touch” on such issues. Unfortunately, the pundit addressed Ms. Heath as “honey.” Maybe Congress isn’t the only one out of touch.

Call Me at the Office

CELESTE DADE COLEMAN of Channel 4’s “Insights” has been married since 1991. But in her single days she used to date SPIKE LEE. When the publicity started rolling for Malcolm X, other reporters had to call Lee’s office to request interviews with the director. But in Celeste’s case, Spike’s office called her.

Rock My Soul

Computer guy GEORGE GRAYSON got to hang out with some pretty cool folks, like musicians GRAHAM NASH and EDGAR WINTER, when he was president of Dallas’ Micrografx, a software publisher. That’s because Grayson ran his company’s annual multimedia rock-star laden show at Comdex, the national computer convention. “They’re all my friends now,” he joked after the last big event. But now that he’s been ousted from Micrografx, Grayson, who once owned the Pinnacle club in Deep Ellum, will keep his hand in show biz. He’ll work with former Pink Floyd saxophonist SCOTT PAGE to create entertainment products and technology for cable TV and home computers. Grayson will keep his new company in Dallas, where the software will be developed, while Page will do production in L.A.

A Poet Without Honor

Poet TIM SEIBLES spent 18 years here as a literary light, eight of them as teacher to DISD and Episcopal School of Dallas students. He left Dallas in 1991 for a fellowship at the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center on Cape Cod, where he is now the writing coordinator. But when he returned to town recently, it was to a chorus of “Who is this guy?” Here to sign copies of his second book of poetry, Hurdy-Gurdy, Seibles was introduced at one event as “Tom.” At another he found that no one had set up a table at which he could sell his books. Seibles’ next scheduled appearance in Dallas will be at this summer’s Hoop-It-Up tournament, where he’ll be playing with the team “Writer’s Block.”

Reel Estate

Actor BRAD JOHNSON, who played the romantic interest in the movie Always, and recently starred on the Hallmark Hall of Fame, and his wife have finished building a log cabin “somewhere in the 817 area code.”

Poolside Disharmony

Call it bad luck or bad liming, but members of The Irving Symphony Association almost dropped their shrimp hors d’oeuvres when their poolside cocktail party at the DFW Airport Sheraton Grand was interrupted by musicians’ union members passing out leaflets attacking the association. The association, which has been locked in a bitter feud with its symphony players, chose the Sheraton for their meeting, unaware that a gathering of the national union was being held in Dallas during the same weekend, in the same hotel-and at a union hotel to boot. After being warned, “Just don’t eat any of our stuff,” the union members, led by local president RAY HAIR, proceeded to “paper” the party. Most local musicians are boycotting the orchestra for refusing to discuss a union-supervised agreement between players and management.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Radio sleazejock FREDDV MERTZ was in and out of KLIF taster than a cold virus. But he learned one lesson: Don’t sign a lease until the ink on your contract is dry. During his time at KLIF, the station put Mertz up at the Doubletree Inn. KLIF originally said he could stay there on their tab for two weeks, but paid for the whole seven weeks that Mertz lasted on the job. Mertz was due to start picking up the hotel bill on Nov. 20. He was let go on Nov. 19.

Flower Power

At the “Torch of Conscience” dinner co-sponsored by the American Jewish Congress and the Family Gateway, the honorees were ANNETTE and TED STRAUSS. As Annette accepted the award, she leaned too hard against the podium and a huge floral arrangement toppled over. Leave it to spouse Ted to deliver the line of the night. Surveying the fallen flowers, Ted remarked. “Now you see why we never let Annette hold the grandkids.”

California Here I Come

J. CALIFORNIA COOPER, author of several works of fiction, including Homemade Love and The Matter is Life, has plans to live up to her name. The longtime resident of Marshall, Texas, wants to move to California, “to be near a mountain or an ocean” as soon as her finances allow.

Bag Man

D On election night in Little Rock, BOB GREENBERG-bulldog barrister and ex-Democratic Party’ chief of Dallas County-was a man with a mission. He came to BILL CLINTON’s back yard with a glass attaché loaded with chocolate gold coins. Greenbcrg’s plan was to pass the glittering package to the new president in full view of a pack of photographers. Unfortunately for Greenberg. his path never crossed Clinton’s, and a great photo op was lost.


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