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Protesting Too Much

By Eric Celeste |

For more than two months, members of Dallas PLAN (Pro-Life Action Network) have waged all-out war against Dr. Norman Tompkins, an obstetrician-gynecologist, seeking to force him to stop performing abortions. The protesters, who regularly picket in front of Tompkins’ house, have mads public his address and phone number and made his photograph into a placard labeled “murderer.” Callers to the PLAN hotline (739-4636) are urged to call or visit the doctor to express their outrage.

PLAN ahead;’ lias forced three other area, doctors to sign an agreement promising never again to perform abortions. Dr. Tompkins vows to hold out. Members call this aggressive intrusion into his life “maximizing our freedoms,” In the interest of equitable freedom-maximizing, here are the names and addresses of the two main protest leaders:

Thomas Cyr of Dallas Philip “Flip” Benham of

PLAN: P. O. Box Operation Rescue: 621

142844, Irving 75014 Dawn Dr., Garland, 75040

Just in case anyone wants to drop by or write them to discuss First Amendment freedoms or the doctor-patient relationship.