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Green House

By Elizabeth Robbins |

To see a $290,000 home full of garbage, check oui the environmentally friendly spec house created in Lewisville’s Highland Shores. It’s the work of builder Willie Edwards and interior designer Lynda Deeter. Inside the home, the plush, beige living room carpet is made of (hose discarded plastic bottles which clog U.S. landfills each year. For the laundry room and back-door entry way, Deeter chose a non-slippery tile made from recycled light bulb material and clay.

The list goes on. All tiles have lead-free glazes, the dishwasher is a new KitchenAid model that uses 25% less water and all shower heads and toilets also use less water. The kitchen and garage have built-in recycling areas and the stair-rail is hand-forged of recycled iron. For the walls, painters used a new water-based. VOC-free latex paint that has no solvents.

Unfortunately, earth-smart building isn’t cheap. But Deeter’s hoping that home buyers will trade green for green.