Street TALK

Pitching In

An early-a.m. biker says he regularly spots First Son and Texas Rangers co-owner GEORGE W. BUSH jogging on a nearly deserted Dallas street. Invariably a black sedan bearing a young “suit” (presumably from the Secret Service) can be seen tailing Geo II. On one recent morning, however, the biker noticed that the driver was not from the Secret Service but the Texas Rangers. No, not the law enforcement team, but the baseball team. The driver was pitcher TODD BURNS.

Oh, Those Magic Bracelets

Despite her efforts of several years to bring NANCY BRINKER’S life story to the screen, Wonder Woman (and box-office persona non grata) LYNDA CARTER kept rolling snake eyes-and finally lost her option. So Nancy’s book about her fight against cancer, The Race is Run, is being shopped in Hollywood again, Those with long memories may recall that ROSS PEROT once said that if a movie were made, he’d like to play the part of Nancy’s spouse, restaurantrepreneur NORMAN BRINKER.

Good Golly, Miss Dolly

Nancy Brinker may not be the only Dallas icon to be movie-ized. Cosmetics queen MARY KAY ASH has been approached for the rights to her bio. Mary Kay declined to say who is after her saga, but apparently the interested party is the equally blond and buxom DOLLY PARTON. Mary Kay says she has no objection to her life being made into a film, as long as it contains no profanity or sex.

If You Can’t Stand The Heat

The woes of the Texas delegation at the Democratic National Convention in New York at the Days Inn (a.k.a. the Dog Inn) are now the stuff of legend, with the lack of both air conditioning and hot water, While many delegates headed straight for swankier digs such as The Waldorf and The Pierre, those more concerned about appearances held on to their Days Inn rooms but slept elsewhere. One well-known pol was so discreet that he would leave the Days Inn during the dark of night-by fire escape.

Love’s Labor Lost

The Love Field controversy has been a hot potato for other folks besides the Dallas City Council. Frequent Flyer magazine, a companion publication to Pocket Flight Guides (which lists air feres and schedules), had a reporter spend 15 months developing a story on Love and the surrounding brouhaha. But the completed article, originally slotted for July, is in a holding pattern and has been circling the field with no publication date in sight. LARRY HONEYWELL, president of Official Airline Guides, which publishes Frequent Flyer, issued a memo that said the story wasn’t being held because of the quality of the writing or editing-and didn’t say much of anything else.

Mo’ Exposure

Dallas attorney MICHAEL TODD has switched from trials and transactions to sports and entertainment law and already has struck gold. He represents the local R&B group Krush. made up of ASHLEY JACKSON, ANGELA SMITH and CHRISTY WILLIAMS. Their single “Let’s Get Together,” is featured on the soundtrack of the DAMON WAYANS movie Mo’ Money. A Krush album is supposed to be just around the corner.


It was almost the perfect lunch. Law firm Gardens & Wynne had brought Roe vs. Wade legend SARAH WEDDINGTON to the Tower Club and packed the room with some of the most influential women, and men. in Dallas. Before Weddington’s speech, members of the firm introduced selected guests. All went well until one G&W partner made his introduction by telling a sex-on-the-beach-with-animals joke. The guest-a female barrister-stood and smiled weakly.

Mac Attack

Update on former Channel 8 and NBC sportscaster BILL MACATEE: He’s got a sweet deal with the USA TV network, covering all their golf and tennis, including the U.S. Open. This leaves him time to write screenplays and do some producing. He’s sold a script to CBS-a heart-tugger about a WWI vet and a disabled boy-and is supervising producer for an upcoming USA movie called Hot Spell.

The Confirm Squirm

Among great ideas that didn’t go anywhere, count American Airlines’ brainchild for a joint reservations system with Hilton, Marriott and Budget Rent-A-Car. Called Confirm, the project had so many problems that the other parties bailed out and American look a $109 million loss. Now American is trying to keep its former partners away from the courthouse door. Sources inside Marriott say American has agreed to pay the hotelier $37 million so the case won’t go to court.

Take the Popcorn and Run

A rare Dallas test screening of the latest WOODY ALLEN movie showed once again that the director, and his staff, like to stay in complete control and that sometimes that backfires. The movie won’t be released until Christmas, but the test audience arrived at the AMC Glen Lakes multiscreen theater at 6:30 one July evening. After making the crowd stand in the parking lot for an hour, the clipboard-toting handlers ordered the test audience to get in line, walk directly into the building and bypass the refreshment stand. Once seated, the crowd grew restive for its Jujubes and Sweet Tarts. There was grumbling, along with a few shouts and scattered acts of defiance. “[Bleep] you,” said one woman to a handler, “I’m going anyway.” Finally the chief handler announced that refreshments would be allowed after all. Popcorn in hand, the crowd settled down to watch the comedy. Presumably the comment cards were more favorable as a result.


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