Restaurants & BARS


Say Cheese

It’s still too hot to face a heavy, full-course meal, and we’re still too limp to lift more than one piece of flatware at a time. But there’s a civilized way to segue from summer to fall. It involves good cheese, good bread, perhaps a paté-and, of course, good wine.

The Grape, possibly the first place to advance the cheese board custom in Dallas, still offers one of the most amiable presentations, especially for its modest price- $6.95 for your choice of three cheeses. Try a buttery white Doux de Montage, a golden Edam and the restaurant’s own homemade boursin, garlicky and herbal. Balance them with the house-recommended Stonecreek Merlot, $4.50 a glass. 2808 Greenville Ave.

Flip’s says it in Italian- piatti di frutta e formaggi-but offers an international selection of 21 cheeses plus house pate”. Order four for $6.50 and the kitchen throws the whole orchard into its sculptural presentation. Dilled Havarti, English Cheddar and satiny Brie were fine, soft bread sticks were warm and an ’89 South African Pinotage, $4.75 a glass, complemented all. 1520 Greenville Ave.

Jennivine adds an elegant British accent to the broadest selection of cheeses and wines we’ve seen. Who could resist uniting Double Gloucester, Canadian Black Diamond (a sharp, white Cheddar) and Wensleydale (a white, semi-hard cheese) with any of a half-dozen patés that include salmon, smoked herring and Saxon lamb? Problem here is narrowing the field to three, $10.50, or five, $14.50. Half-a-dozen wine choices are offered by the glass daily at $4.50 to $6. 3605 McKinney Ave.

St. Martin’s puts a worldwide spin on its listing, with carnations on the table, a minibouquet on the cutting board that holds Swedish fontina, blue-veined British Stilton and a chaste square of French truffle mousse tucked among pretty fans of apple and orange slices. The board’s $8.95 tag includes wafer crackers, a warm baguette and whipped butter: a ’91 Preston Cuvée de Fumé, $5.50 a glass, laced it all together nicely. 3020 Greenville Ave.

The Wine Press offers poetic descriptions of each of the menu’s cheeses. Mate the crumbly, mellow English Cheshire with smoky-tender Texas mozzarella, and you’ll have a class act for $7.95 ($1 more adds a third cheese or a lusty French pate). The wine of the day: a dry Spanish red, $5.25 a glass. 4217 Oak Lawn.

The Granada Cinema and Grill, in its; own different-drummer way, may offer the most civilized movie-going experience in town. At what other theater can you munch cubes of Cheddar and Dutch Gouda, amply accompanied by fresh cantaloupe and pineapple slices? Have it picnic style for $6.25. 3524 Greenville Ave.

-Betty Cook


Working Hard for the Blues

Night life is a hard life-particularly if you have a day job. Ron Brignon and his wife, Amy, spend their days as a Highland Park fire chief and a surgeon’s nurse, respectively, and their nights as the owners of the Deep Ellum clubs Blue Cat Blues and On the Rocks. It’s a work ethic gone haywire. Or as Ron says, “I’ve been a section chief with the fire department for 30 years-owning a club is the craziest thing I’ve ever done.” Brignon has been a bar owner for more than 20 years; one of his earliest success stories was The Texas Teahouse, a fairly wild roadhouse of a place that was one of the first live music venues for progressive country in Dallas. Now he’s trying to build the same follow ing for his current clubs, which are among only a handful that continue to book live music. “My rock and roll club is doing good, but blues fans are a little older and they don’t go out as much at night. But if we can get them down here one time, we’ve got them hooked.” Blue Cat Blues, 2716 Commerce; On the Rocks, 2612 Commerce. -Anne Warren


Hot Czechs

No, the title pun’s not ours-the fun-loving citizens of West, Texas, thought it up, along with every possible play on words pertaining to the heritage they celebrate. That’s West comma Texas, an easy-to-miss hamlet halfway between Hillsboro and Waco on I-35. In-the-know travelers automatically factor enough time into their trips for a stop at one of West’s several authentic Czech eateries-or at least to whip into the Czech Stop Deli alongside the highway for packalong treats: fresh’ baked kolaches-rolls filled with fruit, cheese or sausage- are irresistible and inexpensive. Our most recent stop: Picha’s Czech-American restaurant, a refuge redolent of authentic Old Country sausage, mild sauerkraut and potatoes with onions that set us back $4.75 per person, including soup, salad and supersweet service. Czech it out. Also, consider yourself invited to the annual brouhaha Westfest-this year the town also celebrates its centennial heritage the same Labor Day weekend. Picha’s Czech-American, 220 N. Main. 826-7784. -B.C.

New Restaurants

Pasta Perfect

TIVOLI’S The latest stellar addition to Lower Greenville’s growing constellation of better-than-average restaurants is Tivoli’s, located two doors down from the Arcadia theatre. The restaurant’s decor evokes a sunny ambience, and its menu, Mediterranean with a strong Italian accent, delivered on our two visits far more joy than its length or moderate prices led us to expect.

Only five appetizers are listed; the four we sampled were outstanding, Rosy slices of cured salmon, rolled around a filling of flaked crab, were delectably fresh in dill mayonnaise; carpaccio of beef came as fresh, lean ribbons balanced against the muted zing of mustard-dressed spinach leaves. The two salads were too huge for starters, but irresistible, one a warm toss of young greens generously laden with curls of sauteed chicken breast in Caesar dressing, the other a balsamic vinegar-kissed composition of tossed greens and bacon bits topped with tender-crisp asparagus stalks, sauteed leek shreds and wide curls of good Parmesan. Four pizzas are offered; the one we tried was terrific, a plate-sized billow of four cheeses with fresh tomatoes on a crisp-bottomed crust.

One of the five pasta selections was among the best things I ever put in my mouth- chicken-stuffed ravioli, plump and flavorful, were ambrosial in a cream sauce richly studded with toothsome oyster mushrooms and diced tomato. The other pasta was not pasta at all, but paperthin eggplant slices rolled and stuffed with ricotta in tomato-basil sauce.

Our star entree was one I hesitated to try (the thought of frying lamb chops sounded like desecration to me) but did, out of duty, thank God. The bite-sized babies each wore a gilding of ground mushroom and bread crumbs, whisper-light, supercrisp and elegantly herbed. A thick cut of beef sirloin, wearing a toasty cheese crown in red wine and shallot sauce, satisfied red-meat longings.

Perhaps because we were stuffed before desserts came, none we tasted were as remarkable as the courses they followed. A roasted banana gained little from its thin wrap of phyllo pastry; creme brulee would have been superb if its melted-sugar topping hadn’t been as thick and hard as a manhole cover. Cappuccino, though, was estimable, and service seemed enthusiastically accommodating, 2013 Greenville Ave. 824-2013. Lunch, Mon.-Sun. 11 a.m.-3 p.m.; dinner, Mon.-Sun. 5-11:30; bar and entertainment until 2 a.m. Fri.-Sat. All credit cards. Moderate. -Betty Cook

The Son of Rancho Martinez

MATTITO’S CAFE MEXICANO There had been talk for months of an offshoot of Matt’s Rancho Martinez to be opened next to the original in Lakewood and to be called Mattito’s. It was supposed to be a grill, someplace in that broad landscape defined by Mexican, Southwestern and New American styles of cooking. Now we finally have a Mattito’s, but it’s in Oak Lawn (in the site of the closed Malibu Grill). And its menu is identical to that of the Rancho. If all that isn’t confusing enough, supposedly the Martinezes still hope to open a Mattito’s in Lakewood.

It’s nice to be able to walk into the Oak Lawn spot and get a table right away, without the lines at the original location, But, so far at least, Mattito’s food doesn’t seem quite up to the standards established at Matt’s.

Take, for instance, one of Matt’s most famous dishes, its country-style chicken-fried steak. At Mattito’s it lacked the crunch-it lost the integrity of the breading under all that cream gravy. The steak tampiqueno was even more disappointing. Rather than the higher quality cut of beef it takes to make this dish work, we were served a piece of meat that seemed to have been tenderized to death. Could it have been a slice of the chicken-fried steak meat without the batter? In any case, it had been pounded to the point that it had lost most of its texture, but paradoxically it was still hard to cut.

The chile relleno at Mattito’s-a superb dish at the Rancho-was a bit disappointing too, but that may have been only because we ordered it with the green sauce rather than the ranchero, and the flavors didn’t blend as well. Zucchini stuffed with chicken and topped with the ranchero sauce proved more satisfactory, but not as inspiring as the relleno at its best. The seafood platter may actually be better at the new place, though. We still weren’t crazy about the sauteed catfish, which lost its crust too easily and became tasteless, but the big shrimp and the frog legs had good texture and surprisingly subtle flavors.

Mattito’s serves dependable standard Tex-Mex dishes, from a chile con queso with a hint of cumin to plump cheese enchiladas sided by thick, tasty refritos. Fajitas are served in sensibly sized portions on regular plates; the beef version is not optimally tender but is topped with beauti fully grilled green onions and red bell pep pers. The table salsa, moderately picante, is uncooked and tastes impeccably fresh. 4311 Oaklawn Ave. 526-8181. Open Sun.- Thur. 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Fri.-Sat. II a.m.-11 p.m. All credit cards. Inexpensive to moderate. -W.L Taitte

Shocking Tex-Mex

TIJUANA JOHNNY’S Do you dream in color? Boy howdy, amigos, whoever designed this new Mexican eatery does. Tijuana Johnny’s is a screaming purple so electric I’d expect the hue to set off burglar alarms in neighboring businesses if the front patio’s music amplifiers didn’t. And that’s only the exterior. Inside, name a color, any color, and it’s there, from salmon pink to chartreuse to red and blue.

Oddly, the effect of all this cacophony, once you get past the initial shock, is not unpleasant, and service was prompt, friendly and efficient. As for the food- well, Tijuana Johnny’s menu-stated objective, to serve the healthiest Mexican food in the world, translated when we were there to serving some of the blandest Mexican dishes I’ve had anywhere.

The salsa was fine, zippy and fiery, and tricolor chips thin and greaseless. But black bean soup was simply the beans. sans any seasoning at all; and a ceviche made of shrimp and bay scallops, both cooked, was utterly tasteless. Cheese pizza Mexicana was a pool of cheddar, dolloped with diced tomato, on a big tortilla- unseasoned, but nice (salsa helped); and a fiesta flower, a huge onion carved into mumlike petals, battered and fried, was succulent in its own right.

The most disappointing main-dish specialty we sampled was the chuletas de puerco, thin-sliced pork chops that lay dry and flavorless in an acceptable ranchero sauce; their accompanying chipotle mashed potatoes were the best thing on the plate, even served lukewarm. A vegetarian chile relleno was far better, the roasted poblano filled with garlicky minced vegetables and cheese under creamy sauce sprinkled with roasted corn kernels. Chicken enchiladas with sour cream were terrific, and an enchilada of spinach, mushrooms and pine nuts in tart tomatillo sauce furnished the piquance I’d missed in the rest of the meal.

Desserts here are ridiculous, the flan and key lime pie because they were so bad, the other two because they’re such fun: helado con cajeta drizzled wonderful caramel over three huge scoops of non-fat frozen yogurt set on sliced bananas in a pretty puffed taco shell; Messy Sunday was exactly that, a tall drugstore glass dipped in wonderful fudge, coated with crushed peanuts, and filled with fudge-drowned ice cream-all horribly delicious. 2621 McKinney Ave. 871-2281. Open Sun.-Thur. 11 a.m.-11 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 11 a.m.-midnight. AE,V, MC, Diners. Inexpensive to moderate.


My Dinner with Tony


Lately the term “bistro” has been loosely applied to mean almost any kind of casual eatery, from coffeehouse to sandwich shop. But now it’s been put back in its proper French context-in one of the least likely settings I’d have predicted: the right rear corner of a retail wine store.

Never mind–it works, and rather charmingly, with a friendliness that starts up front and is repeated cordially by wait staff in the lattice-partitioned eating area. On a floor squared off in black and white, bentwood chairs surround tables spread with white over burgundy linens and crowned with fresh flowers in tall, crystal cylinders-all overlooking looming stacks of cased wines. The ambience is one of relaxed, unpretentious comfort.

On our visits the food furthered that impression. Six starter courses are offered; the four we tried were delightful. A char-cuterie assortment filled its plate with two nice pates-one smooth, one country-rough-plus good, gutsy salami and thin prosciutto slices, with mustard and cornichons for added gusto. Fresh asparagus stalks in puff pastry were subtly bathed in beurre blanc. Garlic cream soup, satin-smooth, should have been hotter (its bowl, in fact, was), but was rich in mild, mellow flavor; a du jour plum cream cold soup was fresh, fine and perfect for the season.

A house salad held an extravagance of costly baby lettuces, tossed in a vinaigrette so lightly applied I never got a real taste of it. A grilled tenderloin sandwich enshrined rosy beef folds with much melted provolone cheese in a crisp-skinned French roll; undressed lettuces and a ripe tomato slice garnished the plate, which also held a profusion of fresh-fried, crunchy, incredibly skinny potato strings.

The one entree that didn’t sweep us away was penne and veal with sun-dried tomatoes and herbs; the flavor was pleasant, but the texture needed something crisp for contrast. A day’s omelette, on the other hand, a tender-hearted classic stuffed and crowned with smoked salmon and Port Salut cheese, was perfectly partnered with crisp-cubed potatoes sauteed with meaty mushrooms and asparagus cuts. The same vegetables came with the day’s special entree, a quartet of huge, satiny sea scallops, beautifully seared and bedded on zippy pesto linguini.

For dessert, the crème caramel was quite nice; a terrine of three-layered chocolate mousses was satisfactory; but a crepe with whipped cream on strawberry coulis, with strawberry slices for emphasis, amounted to overkill: though crepe, coulis and cream were all excellent, the huge amount of whipped cream created an imbalance.

As you’d expect of a wine shop, a variety of by-the-glass vintages are offered; as you may not expect, these are modestly priced. So is the food-nothing on the menu costs more than $10. 2904 Oak Lawn. 520-9463. Lunch, Mon.-Sat. 11 a.m,-2 p.m.; dinner, Mon.-Thur. 6-9. Open Fri.-Sat. 6-10. AE, MC V. Inexpensive. – B.C.

A Taste of the Southwest

PECAN GRILL This is one of the few things Vice President Quayle and I might have in common-I have a feeling that Dan would like Pecan Grill. Not only is the name easy to spell but Pecan Grill is smack-dab in the middle of the trend back to family restaurants in the tradition of blue-plate dining rooms and Big Boy burger menus. Pecan Grill is about as wholesome and ail-American (in this case with a Western flair) as anyone could wish.

This is a place where you can feel good about eating out with your children. There’s a separate and suitable menu (featuring burgers, fried or grilled chicken fingers, grilled cheese, etc.) for kids that is delivered, with crayons, as soon as you are seated so the grown-ups can relax. The young energetic servers are friendly and cheerfully helpful-they make you feel very good about the future of the country.

The snappy interior is lined with comfy booths and filled with Southwestern souvenirs. Cowboy print fabric covers the chairs, and altogether the theme is Texana. Appropriately, we began our evening with a few cold beers and an order of “cow-pokes”-chunks of tender marinated beef with a barbecue sauce dip. On another visit we sampled the special lentil soup and found it to have an unusual but savory tomato-vegetable broth.

The standard burger and fries are exceptionally good at Pecan Grill. They also serve an excellent milkshake to go with them and two terrific grilled chicken sandwiches, one with the expected honey mustard and one more elaborately done with bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and barbecue sauce.

Dinner salads are tossed with bits of chipped pecans (pecans are included in many dishes here), adding a little tasty crunch to the greens. But the tortilla salad, topped with grilled chicken and tortilla strips, is unfortunately dry and boring.

Entrees range from sandwiches to grilled chicken and ribs and some Mexican-style dishes-chicken enchiladas were notable. The smoky, roasted turkey was sand wiched between toasted buns; the ribs were falling-apart tender and spicy-sweet. Desserts continue the pecan theme-a hard ball of vanilla ice cream is rolled in chopped pecans and topped with chocolate syrup: there’s also a pecan pie and a good version of apple cobbler. 707 Preston Royal Shopping Center. 739-9007 Open Sun.-Thur. II a.m.-10 p.m.. Fri.-Sat 11 a.m.-II p.m. AE, V, MC. Inexpensive to moderate. -Mary Brown Malouf

Under the Golden Arches

ARCODORO The name, if you get the pun, might imply that this is fast food; actually, although the service is good, it takes about as long to eat at Arcodoro (which literally means “golden arch”) as at any other restaurant. But this is a more casual, simpler variation of Italian than we’ve had in Dallas before and it’s open unusually long hours-early enough for working people to get a cup of coffee and a substantial breakfast sandwich and late enough to drop in after an evening out for a civilized snack of sophisticated pizza.

The blend of simplicity and elegance at this sibling of the popular Pomodoro is a kinder, gentler version of Eurostyle than we’ve seen-the hard-edged interior with the granite-topped tables and floors we know from Pomodoro are softened by the big pastel wall frescoes and the bright sunflower tiles surrounding the pizza ovens and bar. Unfortunately, there’s nothing quite soft enough to dim the din. Arco-doro is as loud as its sister restaurant, which has been a consistent complaint about Pomodoro.

The menu-which is the same for lunch and dinner-is short and to the point: a list of salads, sandwiches, carpaccio, cold pasta and pizza, period. Everything we tried was excellent, with that bright and immediate flavor that relies on the honesty of the ingredients. Wonderfully, bottles of balsamic vinegar and of olive oil and even pepper grinders were left on the table so we could doctor our dishes as we liked them.

In the course of two visits we tried three of the four salads-peppery arugula, bitter radicchio, crunchy Belgian endive and shavings of nutty-sweet Parmesan tossed in a light balsamic vinaigrette and a plate of shrimp, mussels, octopus and clams cut in bite-sized pieces and simply seasoned with olive oil and herbs. A cold fusilli pasta salad sounds like a clever use of leftovers, but the mix of artichoke bits, chunks of squash, roasted pepper and grilled chicken makes it an end in itself.

Pizzas, twirled and tossed in the air before being spread with toppings and baked in the wood-burning oven, are delicious: the margherita, a pie topped with sliced tomatoes and a film of sauce, soft buffalo mozzarella and whole basil leaves; the Genovese, with slices of eggplant, dollops of pesto. goat cheese and arugula leaves; and the Contadina, with wilted red onion slivers, chicken breast chunks, smoked mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes. The crust was light and crisp.

The panini are a welcome addition to Dallas’ Italian repertoire-rounds of focac-cia-like bread layered with combinations of the same ingredients that top the pizzas to make unusual sandwiches. Filled with salty bresaola. soft goat cheese and fresh tomatoes or slices of grilled eggplant, mozzarella and tomatoes, they come garnished with fresh fruit. Carpaccio, thinner-than-paper slices of cold raw beef, comes with lemon and capers, mixed greens and Parmesan or. unusually, with heavy cream and chopped scallions.

The only desserts available on our visits were the tiramisu and this kitchen’s version of an outrageous chocolate cake that was as rich and fudgy as expected. 2520 Cedar Springs. 871-1924. Open Mon.-Fri. 7:30 a.m.-1 a.m., Sat.-Sun. 9 a.m.-1 a.m. V, MC, AE, Diners. Inexpensive to moderate.


D Revisits


D Revisits Cafe Margaux. I had mixed emotions about Kay Agnew moving her establishment to the heavily restaurant-populated Travis Walk neighborhood. But the new digs, in the space that originally was Piaf’s, are infinitely more attractive and appropriate, with a bricked courtyard blooming with greenery and a piano wafting music into the lounge as well as the adjoining dining area. Even the food tasted happier on our review visit. The move was just completed, but the kitchen was in full control, and everything we sampled was superb. An appetizer of commeal-crusted oysters featured delicately light, moist morsels, barely piqued with black pepper cream and pico de gallo; another starter’s single, splendid soft-shell crab was richly encrusted in crushed, toasted pecans on beurre blanc. Crawfish and shrimp enchiladas were fresh and lively, elegantly cheesy in tender crepe wraps. Rosy salmon chunks bathed in champagne-Parmesan sauce with mushrooms were served en croute along with a pretty garnish of orange slices and a medley of colorful vegetables. 4527 Travis, off Knox. 520-1985. Moderate to expensive. -B.C.


D Revisits Capriccio. Everyone lamented Capriccio’s recent move from the gracious old house on Maple to the ultra-New American digs formerly occupied by San Simeon. But the wide open space has been transformed into several comfortable rooms with wide windows, warm paneling and fireplaces. The kitchen is as confident as ever. Bresaola (air-dried Italian beef) came on a bed of crisp greens sprinkled with fragrant chopped basil and doited with pungent capers. There might have been a dozen of the rich salty slices-enough for a delicious meal by itself with the hot crusty bread. Another idea, a single, oversized ravioli filled with ground duck, was floating in tarragon-infused amber duck broth. One entree we ordered, a perfectly cooked double-prime lamb chop scented with rosemary, came from the new mesquite grill. A thick rich fillet of salmon was balanced by the barely cooked tomatoes and basil spooned over it. Endings were no less assertive-a perfect creme caramel and a fat slice of outrageous chocolate cake filled with fudge and topped with enormous curls of chocolate almost overcame us. 2515 McKinney Ave. 871-2004. Moderate to expensive.



D Revisits The Pyramid. The relaxed, cosseting elegance of the Fairmont’s plush showpiece restaurant would make it a special-occasion dining destination even if the prices didn’t. The ambience was romantic. Service was perfection. The food was only a little less rewarding: While each dish was beautifully presented, several we sampled were underseasoned or oversauced, An entree of peppered amberjack, for instance, tasted totally bland, although its mousseline of red and yellow peppers and an elite clutch of sauteed baby vegetables made for a pretty plate. Another, the menu’s most expensive, mounted a pan-seared guinea hen and a whole lobster’s tail and claw meat on two extremely sweet sauces-a dark, almost scorched-tasting roasted shallot sauce and a saffron yogurt glaze, both overwhelming. An appetizer of pan-seared duck liver, rich enough in its own right, was cloyingly accompanied by a bright red wash of very sweet cactus pear puree. Other courses were fine as expected, from a tempura-fried oyster hors d’oeu-vre to a tart passion fruit sorbet palate freshener served in lighted ice swans; from a pan-fried soft-shell crab starter, toothsome and crunchy, to light, lovely brandied bread pudding with poppy seed ice cream on a trio of fruit purees. A lobster bisque, billed as creamy, was rather thin, but the lobster bits and crisp artichoke chips over which the broth was ladled gave body to the blend. Fairmont Hotel, 1717N.Akard. 720-5249. Very expensive. -B.C.


D Revisits White Swan Cafe. Enthusiastic Lakewood regulars at this homey, friendly family restaurant all have their favorites on the establishment’s schizy menu, which claims equal authenticity in Cuban, Mexican, Italian and Spanish specialties. Personally, I love the tapas, a changing daily list of small plates owing allegiance to all the different cuisines mentioned, but true in spirit to their Spanish inspiration. Chicken croquettes on our visit were meaty, succulent and nicely herbed. Papas rellenas, a boiled potato stuffed with ground meat and served with lime-sparked cilantro mayonnaise, made us think kindly of Cuba, as did a moist Cuban tamale involving masa and minced pork in a mixed-flavor triumph that alone justifies this restaurant’s existence. Coconut shrimp were firm and fresh inside their coconut-crunchy batter, and a head of garlic roasted to spreadable mellowness kept us happily busy applying the buttery pods to White Swan’s fresh-baked bread. For an ending, the homemade almond pralines, unique to the place, as far as I know, make the best walkaway dessert bargain I can remember at 75 cents a pop.2307 Abrams Ave. 824-8122. Moderate. -B.C.


D Revisits Arc-en-Ciel. Arc-en-Ciel is truly a prize, offering possibly the best Vietnamese food in town. The encyclopedic menu includes pages of Chinese food, but the Vietnamese specialties listed in the back are outstanding. 1 keep hearing about the many exciting off-the-menu items to be explored, but I can’t resist the temptation of favorite dishes like the rare beef in lime sauce: Fresh cumin leaves, each one a flavor revelation, ground peanuts and lime wedges are scattered over tender, barely cooked beef slices, and snowy rice. Most of the food we’ve eaten here plays equally upon the senses of sight and taste. The spring rolls are exceptional, with bright orange shrimp, green mint and lettuce showing through the translucent wrapping and a tail of scallion sticking out of each package. A soup was just as lovely with grilled pork strips, lettuce leaves, delicate wonton and strands of vermicelli floating in the clear broth. 3555 W. Walnut. Garland. 272-2188. Inexpensive to moderate.-M.B.M.

D Recommends


Arnold’s Texas Barbecue. 601 N. Haskell. 826-1234. Inexpensive.

Austin’s Barbecue. 2321 W. Illinois. 337-2242. Inexpensive.

Baker’s Ribs. 2724 Commerce. 748-5433. Inexpensive.

Peggy Sue BBQ. 6600 Snider Plaza. 987-9189. Inexpensive.

Riscky’s. 1701 N. Market, Suite 104. 742-7001. Inexpensive.

R.J.’S Sho-Nuf. 3910 Maple Ave. 528-5230. Inexpensive.

Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse. 2202 Inwood. 357-7120. 302 N. Market 744-1610. Inexpensive.


Jennivine. 3605 McKinney Ave. 528-6010. Inexpensive to moderate.

Outback Pub. 1701 N. Market. Suite 105. 761-9355. Inexpensive.


Allen Street Bar & Grill. 2900 McKinney Ave. 871 -0256. Inexpensive to moderate.

Balls Hamburgers. 3404 Rankin in Snider Plaza. 373-1717. 4343 W Northwest Hwy. 352-2525. Inexpensive.

Chip’s. 4501 N. Central Expwy. 526-1092. Inexpensive.

Club Schmitz. 9661 Denton Drive. 902-7990. Inexpensive.

Deep Elmer’s. 2615 Commerce. 748-9898. Inexpensive.

EZ’s. 6838 W. Northwest Hwy. 750-6677. Inexpensive.

8.0. 2800 Routh St. 979-0880. Inexpensive.

The Green Elephant Bar and Grill. 5612 Yale. 750-6625. Inexpensive.

Hard Rock Cafe. 2601 McKinney Ave. 855-0007. Moderate.

Prince of Hamburgers. 5200 Lemmon Ave. 526-9081. Inexpensive.

Snuffer’s. 3526 Greenville Ave. 826-6850. Inexpensive.

Starlight Diner. 2715 Elm. 747-STAR. Inexpensive.

State. 3611 Parry Ave. 821-9246. Inexpensive.

Texas Hamburgers. 1606 Market Center Blvd 747-2222. Inexpensive.


Atchafalaya River Cafe. 4440 Belt Line, Addison. 960-6878. Moderate.

Crescent City Cafe. 2730 Commerce. 745-1900. Inexpensive.

Dodie’s Seafood Cafe. 2129 Greenville Ave. 821-8890. Inexpensive.

Louisiana Purchase. 2901 N. Central Expwy., Suite 101. Piano. 423-0533. Inexpensive to moderate.

Nate’s Seafood & Steak house. 14951 Midway Road. Addison. 701-9622. Moderate.

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. 3520 Oak Lawn. 521-4700. Moderate to expensive.

Red’s Cajun Queen. 3701 W. Northwest Hwy. 350-9777. Inexpensive to moderate.


Gloria’s Restaurant. 600 W. Davis. 948-3672. 9386 LBJ Frwy. at Abrams. 690-0622. Inexpensive.


August Moon. 15030 Preston at Belt Line. 385-7227. 2300 N. Central Expwy.. Piano. 881-0071. Moderate.

Cafe Panda. 7979 Inwood. Suite 121. 902-9500. Moderate.

Cathy’s Wok. 4010 W. 15th, Plano. 964-0406. Inexpensive.

Canton Chinese Restaurant. 400 N. Greenville Ave., Suite 25, Richardson. 238-1863. Inexpensive.

Chu’s Restaurant. 15080 Beltway, Addison. 387-1776. Moderate.

Crystal Pagoda. 4516 McKinney Ave. 526-3355. Moderate.

Far East. 4830 Greenville. 373-6041. Inexpensive.

First Chinese Barbecue. 111 S. Greenville Ave., Richardson. 680-8216. Inexpensive.

General China. 1920 Skillman. 827-3688. Inexpensive.

Grand Taipei. 216 W. Campbell. Richardson. 907-1027. Moderate.

Henry Chen’s. 3701 W. Northwest Hwy. 956-9560. Moderate.

Hong Kong Royale. 221 W. Polk, Suite 200 Richardson. 238-8888. Moderate to expensive.

Hunan Restaurant. 5214 Greenville. 369-4578. Inexpensive to moderate.

May Dragon. 4848 Belt Line at Inwood. 392-9998. Moderate.

New Big Wong. 2121 Lower Greenville Ave. 821-4198. Inexpensive.

Restaurant Jasmine. 4002 Belt Line. Suite 200, Addison. 991-6867. Moderate.

Szechwan Pavilion. 8411 Preston. 368-4303. 1152 N. Buckner, Suite 128, Casa Linda Plaza. 321-7599. Moderate.

Taiwan Restaurant. 4980 Belt Line, Addison. 387-2333. Inexpensive to moderate.

Tasty China. 3514-A W. Walnut. Garland. 276-1999. Inexpensive.

Texas Jade. 3227 McKinney Ave. 871-8898. Moderate.

Tong’s. 11661 Preston, Suite 143. 361-6588. Moderate.

Tong’s House. 1910 Promenade Center, Richardson. 231-8858. Moderate.

Uncle Tai’s. 13350 Dallas Pkwy., in the Galleria. 934-9998. Expensive.


Dallul. 2515 Inwood. 353-0804. Inexpensive to moderate.

River Nile. 7001 Fair Oaks. 363-1128. Inexpensive to moderate.


Addison Cafe. 5290 Bell Line. Suite 108. 991-8824. Moderate to expensive.

Chez Gerard. 4444 McKinney Ave. 522-6865. Moderate to expensive.

Clair de Lune. 5934 Royal Lane. Suite 120. 987-2028. Moderate to expensive.

Ernie’s. 5100 Belt Line, Suite 502. 233-8855. Moderate to expensive.

Ewald’s. stoneleigh Hotel, 2927 Maple. 871-2523. Expensive.

Frenchy Cafe. 2240 Gus Thomasson. 328-8474. Moderate.

The French Room. The Adolphus Hotel, 1321 Commerce. 742-8200. Very expensive.

The Grape. 2808 Greenville Ave. 828-1981. Moderate.

Juniper. 2917 Fairmount. 855-0700. Expensive.

La Madeleine. 3072 W. Mockingbird. 696-0800. 3906 Lemmon Ave. 521-0183. 628 NorthPark Center. 696-2398. 11930 Preston (at Forest). 233-6448. Galleria, at ice rink level. 991-7790. Inexpensive.

L’Ancestral. 4514 Travis. 528-1081. Moderate.

Le Brussels. 6615 Snider Plaza. 739-1927. Moderate.

Le Caviste. 5405 W. Lovers Lane. 352-6512. Moderate.

Monte Carlo. 15201 Dallas Pkwy.. in the Grand Kempinski Dallas Hotel. 386-6000. Expensive.

The Old Warsaw. 2610 Maple. 528-0032. Very expensive.

Pierre’s By The Lake. 3430 Shorecrest. 358-2379. Moderate to expensive.

The Riviera. 7709 Inwood. 351-0094. Very expensive.

St. Martins. 3020 Greenville Ave. 826-0940. Moderate to expensive.

Sweet Temptations. 9090 Skillman. 503-6007. Inexpensive to moderate.

Watel’s. 1923 McKinney Ave.. 720-0323. Moderate to expensive.

The Wine Press. 4217 Oak Lawn. 522-8720. Moderate to expensive.

York St. 6047 Lewis. 826-0968. Expensive.


Belvedere. 4242 Lomo Alto. 528-6510. Expensive.

Cafe Athenee. 5365 Spring Valley, Suite 150. 239-8060. Moderate.

The Chimney. 9739 N. Central Expwy. 369-6466. Expensive.

Franki’s Li’I Europe. 362 Casa Linda Plaza. Garland Road. 320-0426. Inexpensive to moderate.

Hofstetter’s. Plaza at Bachman Creek, 3840 W. Northwest Hwy.. Suite 400. .158-7660. Inexpensive to moderate.

Kuby’s Sausage House Inc. 6601 Snider Plaza. 363-2231. 3121 Ross. 821-3121. Inexpensive.


Cafe Greek. Preston Valley Shopping Center, Preston Road at LBJ. 934-9767. Moderate.

Cafe Nelu. 56 Arapaho Village (Arapaho and Westshore), Richardson. 235-5387. Inexpensive to moderate.

Goldfinger. 2905 Webb Chapel Extension. 350-6983. Moderate to expensive.

Kosta’s Cafe. 4914 Greenville Ave. 987-3225. Inexpensive.

Theodore’s Seafood Restaurant. The Corner Shopping Center. 8041 Walnut Hill. Suite 810. 361-1922. Moderate to expensive.


Bishop Arts Cafe. 316 W. Seventh St. 943-3565. Inexpensive to moderate.

Celebration. 4503 W. Lovers Lane. 351-5681. Inexpensive to moderate.

Chubby’s. 11333 E. Northwest Hwy. 348-6065. Inexpensive.

Farmer’s Grill. 4015 Lemmon Ave. 521-2281. Inexpensive.

Gennie’s Bishop Grille. 321 N. Bishop. 946-1752. Inexpensive.

Good Eats Cafe. 3888 Oak Lawn. 522-3287. 6950 Greenville Ave. 691-3287. 702 Ross. 744-3287. 14905 Midway, Addison. 592-3287. Inexpensive.

Highland Park Pharmacy. 3229 Knox 521 2126. Inexpensive.

Mama’s Daughters’ Diner. 2014 Irving Blvd. 742-8646. 2610 Royal Lane. 241-8646. Inexpensive.

Original Market Diner. 4434 Harry Hines. 521-0992. Inexpensive.

The Mecca. 10422 Harry Hines. 352-0051. Inexpensive.

Theo’s Diner. 111 S. Hall. 747-6936. Inexpensive.

Tolbert’s. One Dallas Center, 350 N. St. Paul. 953-1353. 1800 N. Market. 969-0310. Inexpensive to moderate.


Akbar. 2115 Promenade Center. Richardson. 235-0260. Inexpensive (lunch) to moderate (dinner).

Ashoka Indian Cuisine. 5409 Beit Line, Prestonwood Creek Shopping Center. 960-0070, Moderate.

India Palace Restaurant. 12817 Preston, Suite 105. 392-0190. Moderate to expensive.

Kebab-N-Kurry. 401 N. Central Expwy., Suite 300, Richardson. 231 -5556. Inexpensive to moderate.

Kebab-N-Kurry. 2620 Walnut Hill, 350-6466. Inexpensive.

Shalimar. 35 Richardson Heights Village. Central at Bell Line. Richardson. 437-2858. Inexpensive.

Shusmi. 859 N.E. Green Oaks, Arlington. (817) 860-8728, Moderate.

Taj Mahal. Caruth Plaza, 9100 N. Central Expwy., Suite 179. 692-0535. Moderate.


Tipperary Inn. 2818 Greenville Ave. 823-7167. Inexpensive.


Acapella Cafe. 2508 Maple. 871-2262. Moderate.

Alessio’s. 4117 Lomo Alto. 521-3585. Expensive.

Amici Signature Italian. 1022 S. Broadway, Carrollton. 245-3191. Moderate to expensive.

Andiamo’s. 4151 Belt Line. 233-1515. Moderate to expensive.

Angelo’s. 6341 La Vista. 823-5566. Inexpensive to moderate.

Caffe Paparazzi. 8989 Forest Lane, Suite 136. 644-1323. Moderate.

Chianti Restaurant and Pizzeria. 3505 W. Northwest Hwy. 350-7456. Inexpensive.

Fausto’s Oven. 300 Reunion Blvd., in the Hyatt Regency Hotel. 712-7144. Moderate.

Ferrari’s. 703 McKinney Ave., in The Brewery. 954-1112. Moderate to expensive.

Flip’s Wine Bar & Trattoria. 1520 Greenville Ave. 824-9944. Moderate.

iI Nonno. Hyatt Regency D/FW. East Tower. 453-8400. Moderate to expensive.

Joey Tomato’s Atlantic City. 3232 McKinney Ave. 754-0380. Inexpensive to moderate.

La Tosca. 7713 Inwood. 352-8373. Expensive.

La Trattoria Lombardi’s. 2916 N. Hall. 954-0803. Moderate.

Massimo da Milano. 5519 W. Lovers Lane. 351-1426. 2121 San Jacinto. 871-0400.901 Main Place. Suite CI06 in the NCNB Building. 761-6350. Inexpensive to moderate.

Mi Piaci. 14854 Montfort. 934-8424. Moderate to expensive.

Mise En Place. 7011 Lomo Alto. 520-2424. Inexpensive to moderate.

MoMo’s Italian Specialties. 9191 Forest Lane, Suite A2. 234-6800. 3309 N. Central Expwy., Suite 370. Piano. 423-1066. Moderate.

MoMo’s Pasta. 3312 Knox. 521-3009. Inexpensive.

Nero’s. 2104 Greenville Ave. 826-6376. Moderate.

Patrizio. 25 Highland Park Village. 522-7878. Inexpensive to moderate.

Piccola Cucina. 1030 NorthPark Center, Suite 330. 691-0488. Moderate to expensive.

Pizzeria Uno. 2811 McKinney Ave. 855-0011. 4002 Bell Line, Addison. 991 -8181. Inexpensive to moderate.

Pomodoro. 2520 Cedar Springs. 871-1924. Inexpensive to moderate.

Porto bello Restaurant. 2150 N. Josey Lane, Carrollton. 245-8022. Moderate.

Ristorante Savino. 2929 N. Henderson. 826-7804. Moderate to expensive.

Rodolfo’s. 5956 Royal Lane. 368-5039. Inexpensive to moderate.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill. 4535 Belt Line. Addison. 386-3831. 5858 Northwest Hwy. 265-0770. Moderate.

Ruffino’s. 11661 Preston, Suite 153. 890-7555. Moderate.

Ruggeri’s. 2911 Romh St. 871-7377. Moderate to expensive.

Scuro. 2713 Elm St. 741-0111. Moderate.

Sfuzzi. 2504 McKinney Ave. 871-2606. 15101 Addison Road, Addison. 960-2606. Moderate.

Sweet Basil. 17610 Midway. 733-1500. Moderate.

311 Lombardi’s. 311 Market. 747-0322. Moderate to expensive.


Fuji-Ya. 13050 Coit. 690-8396. Inexpensive to moderate.

Hana Japanese Restaurant. 14865 Inwood. 991-8322. Moderate.

Hibachi-Ya Japanese Steak House. 3850 W. Northwest Hwy., Suite 510. 350-1110. Inexpensive.

Mr. Sushi. 4860 Bell Line, Addison. 385-0168. Moderate.

Nakamoto Japanese Cuisine. 3309 N Central Expwy.. Suite 360. Piano. 881-0328. Moderate.

Shinano Japanese Restaurant. 8830 Spring Valley. 644-1436. Moderate.

Shogun of Japan. 5738 Cedar Springs. 351-2281. 3455 N, Belt Line, Irving. 594-6911. Moderate.

Sushi-Yama. 8989 Forest Lane. Suite 112. 234-3474. Inexpensive.


Kobawoo. 3109 Inwood. 351-6922. Moderate.

Korea Hometown. 10560 Walnut. 272-9909. Inexpensive to moderate.

Koreana. 12101 Greenville Ave.. #107. 437-1211. Inexpensive to moderate.


Adeline’s. 4537 Cole. 559-0325. Moderate.

Blind Lemon. 2805 Main St. 939-0202. Inexpensive to moderate.

L’Entrecote. Loews Anatole Hotel. 2201 Stemmons Frwy. 761-7410. Very expensive.

Main St. News. 2934 Main St. 746-2934. Inexpensive to moderate.

Sambuca. 2618 Elm St. 744-0820. Moderate.


Bald eras Tex Mex Restaurant. 3851 Cedar Springs. #A. 526-2180. Inexpensive to moderate.

Blue Goose Cantina. 2905 Greenville Ave. 823-6786. Moderate.

Cantina Laredo. 4546 Belt Line, Addison. 458-0962. 8121 Walnut Hill. 987-9192. Moderate.

Casa Dominguez. 2127 Cedar Springs. 742-4945. Inexpensive to moderate.

Chuy’s. 211 N. Record. 747-2838. Moderate.

Cuquita’s. 2326 N. Henderson. 823-1057. Inexpensive to moderate.

Desperados. 4818 Greenville Ave. 363-1850. Inexpensive to moderate.

Eduardo’s Acs y Alla. 2914 Main. 748-7140. Moderate.

El Asadero. 1516 Greenville Ave. 826-0625. Inexpensive to moderate.

El Ranchito. 610 Jefferson. 946-4238. Inexpensive to moderate.

Flamingo Joe’s. 2712 Main. 748-6065. Inexpensive to moderate.

Grandpa Tony’s. 3130 W. Mockingbird. 357-1531. Inexpensive.

Javier’s. 4912 Cole. 521-4211. Expensive.

La Calle Doce. 415 W. 12th. 941-4304. Inexpensive to moderate.

Las Cazuelas. 4933 Columbia. 827-1889. Inexpensive.

La Suprema Tortilleria. 7630 Military Pkwy. (at Loop 12). 388-1244. Inexpensive.

La Chocita. 108 University Village, Piano Road at Bell Line, Richardson. 690-4445. Inexpensive to moderate.

Mario & Alberto. LBJ Frwy., at Preston, Suite 425. 980-7296. Moderate.

Mario’s Chiquita. 4514 Travis, Suite 105.521-0721. 221 W. Parker, Suite 400. Plano. 423-2977. Moderate.

The Martinez Cafe. Preston Park Village. 1900 Preston. Piano. 964-7898. Inexpensive.

Matt’a Rancho Martinez Mexican Restaurant. 6312 La Vista. 823-5517. inexpensive to moderate.

Mercado Juarez. 1901 W. Northwest Hwy. 556-0796. 4050 Belt Line. Addison. 458-2145. Inexpensive to moderate.

Mia’s. 4322 Lemmon Ave. 526-1020. Inexpensive.

Mi Casa Tex Mex Restaurant. 8301 Westchester. 890-9939. Inexpensive to moderate.

Ml Cocina. 11661 Preston, Suite 138. 265-7704. Inexpensive.

Milagro Tex-Mex Cafe. 1009 W. Davis. 948-5571. Inexpensive.

Primo’s. .1309 McKinney Ave. 520-3303. Inexpensive to moderate.

Uncle Julio’s. 7557 Greenville Ave. 987-9900. 4125 Lemmon. 520-6620. Moderate.

ZuZu. 6423 Hillcrest. 521-4456. 5940 Royal Lane. 739-1312. 3100 Independence Pkwy., Plano. 596-6744. Inexpensive.


Ali Baba. 1905 Greenville Ave. 823-8235. Inexpensive.


Agnew’s Natural Grill. 3011 Routh St. 720-3900. Moderate to expensive.

Bluebonnet Cafe & Deli. 2218 Greenville Ave 828-0052. Inexpensive.


Actuelle. 500 Crescent Court, Suite 165. 855-0440. Expensive.

Aransas Pass. 2912 N. Henderson. 827-8650. Moderate to expensive.

Aristocrat Hotel Bar & Grill. 1933 Main. 741-7700. Moderate to expensive.

Avner’s. 2515 McKinney Ave. 953-0426. Moderate.

Beau Nash. 400 Crescent Court in the Hotel Crescent Court. 871 -3200. Moderate to expensive.

The Bronx. 3835 Cedar Springs. 521-5821. Inexpensive to moderate.

Buffalo Club. 2800 Routh St.. Suite 125. in the Quadrangle. 220-2465. Moderate to expensive.

By George! 2900 Greenville Ave. 821-1538. Moderate.

Cafe Brazil. 6340 Gaston. 826-9522. Inexpensive to moderate.

Chaplin’s. 1928 Greenville Ave. 823-3300 Moderate to expensive.

City Cafe. 5757 Lovers Lane. 351-2233. Moderate.

The Conservatory. 400 Crescent Court in the Hotel Crescent Court. 871 -3242. Very expensive.

Crockett’s. Doubletree Hotel at Lincoln Center, 5410 LBJ Frwy. 701-5160. Expensive.

Dakota’s. 600 N. Akard. 740-4001. Moderate to expensive.

Deep Ellum Cafe. 2706 Elm St. 741-9012. Moderate to expensive.

Dover’s Grille. Doubletree Hotel at Park West, 1590 LBJ Frwy- 869-4300. Moderate to expensive.

Dream Cafe. 2800 Routh St.. Suite 170, in the Quadrangle. 954-0486. Inexpensive.

Gershwin’s. 8442 Walnut Hill at Greenville Ave. 373-7171. Moderate to expensive.

Huntington’s. 13340 Dallas Pkwy. 851-2882. Expensive to very expensive.

Kathleen’s Art Cafe. 4424 Lovers Lane. 691-2355. Moderate to expensive.

Landmark Cafe. Melrose Hotel, 3015 Oak Lawn. 521-5151. Expensive.

Laurels. Sheraton Park Central Hotel. 12720 Merit Drive, off Coit near LBJ Frwy. 851-2021. Expensive.

The Mansion on Turtle Creek. 2821 Turtle Creek Blvd. 559-2100. Very expensive.

Nana Grill. Loews Anatole Hotel. 2201 Stemmons Frwy. 761-7470. Expensive to very expensive.

Natchez. 2810 N. Henderson. 821-4552. Moderate.

Parigi. 3311 Oak Lawn. 521-0295. Moderate to expensive.

The Promenade. 2821 Turtle Creek Blvd. in The Mansion on Turtle Creek. 559-2100. Moderate to expensive.

Quadrangle Grille. 2800 Routh St.. Suite 180. in the Quadrangle. 979-9022. Moderate.

Routh Street Cafe. 3005 Routh St. 871-7161. Very expensive.

650 North. 650 N. Pearl. 855-1708. Expensive.


Atlantic Cafe. 14866 Mont fort. Addison. 960-2233. Moderate to expensive.

Aw Shucks. 3601 Greenville Ave. 821-9449. Inexpensive.

Cafe Pacific. 24 Highland Park Village. 526-1170. Expensive.

Dinger’s Catfish Cafe. 8989 Forest Lane. 235-3251. Inexpensive.

Fishmonger’s Seafood Market and Cafe. 1915 N. Central Expwy.. Suite 600. Piano. 423-3699. Moderate.

Hampton’s. Preston Center. 8411 Preston. Berkshire Court. 739-3474. Moderate.

Jozef’s Seafood Restaurant. 2719 McKinney Ave. 954-0407. Moderate to expensive.

Newport’s Seafood. 703 McKinney Ave. in The Brewery. 954-0220. Expensive.

Opa’s Seafood Restaurant. 7402 Greenville Ave., Suite 300. 890-7588. Moderate to expensive.

Rusty Pelican. 14655 N. Dallas Pkwy. 980-8950. Expensive.

S&D Oyster Company. 2701 McKinney Ave. 880-0111. Inexpensive to moderate.

Yoli’s. 9220 Skillman. Suite 124. 341-3533. Inexpensive.


Aransas Pass. 2912 Henderson. 827-8650. Moderate to expensive.

Baby Routh. 2708 Routh St. 871-2345. Moderate to expensive.

Brazos. 2100 Greenville Ave. 821-6501. Moderate to expensive.

Cisco Grill. 6630 Snider Plaza. 363-9506. Inexpensive.

Loma Luna Cafe. 4131 Lomo Alto. 559-4011. 8201 Preston. Suite 100 (at Sherry Lane). 691-1552. Moderate.

Ruby’s Greenville Avenue Cafe. 1916 Greenville. 826-4910. Moderate.

Sam’s Cafe. 100 Crescent Court, Suite 100. 855-2233. Moderate to expensive.

Zuma. 2701 Stemmons Frwy. 631-3050. Moderate.


Cafe Madrid. 4501 Travis. 528-1731. Inexpensive to moderate.


Arthur’s. 8350 N. Central Expwy., Campbell Centre, Suite M 1000. 361-8833. Expensive.

The Butcher Shop Steakhouse. 808 Munger. off Lamar. 720-1032. Moderate.

Del Frisco’s. 4300 Lemmon Ave. 526-9811. Expensive.

Lawry’s The Prime Rib. 3008 Maple. 521-7777. Moderate to expensive.

Morton’s of Chicago. 501 Elm. 741-2277. Expensive.

Old San Francisco Steakhouse. 10965 10965 Composite (off Walnut Hill, east of I-35). .357-0484, Moderate to expensive.

Palm Restaurant. 701 Ross. 698-0470. Very expensive.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House. 5922 Cedar Springs. 902-8080. Expensive.

Wellington Restaurant & Bar. 2408 Cedar Springs. 748-1291. Expensive.


Al’s New York Style Dell. 3301 Oak Lawn, Suite A (entrance on Hall). 522-3354. Inexpensive.

Bagel Emporium. 7522 Campbell. 248-0608. Inexpensive.

Bagelstein’s. 8104 Spring Valley. 234-3787. Inexpensive to moderate.

City Cafe To Go. 5757 W. Lovers Lane. 351-3366. Moderate.

City Market. 2001 Ross, Trammel! Crow Center, Suite 200. 979-2696. Inexpensive.

Crescent Gourmet. 400 Crescent Court. 871-3223. Inexpensive to moderate.

Deli-News. 500 The Crescent Court. 922-DELI. 15775 Hillcrest. 392-DELI. Inexpensive to moderate.

Gilbert’s New York Delicatessen. 127 Preston Forest Village. 373-3333. Inexpensive to moderate.

Henk’s European Deli. 5811 Blackwell Street. 987-9090. Inexpensive to moderate.

Marty’s. 3316 Oak Lawn. 526-4070. Moderate.

Polio Bueno. 3438 Samuell Blvd. 828-0645. Inexpensive.

Tommaso’s Fresh Pasta. 5365 Spring Valley, Suite 158. at Montfort. 991-4040. Inexpensive to moderate.


Bangkok City. 4301 Bryan at Peak. 824-6200. Inexpensive to moderate.

Sala Thai. 4503 Greenville Ave. 696-3210. Moderate.

Thai Cuisine. 1915 Central Expwy. (off Park), Piano. 422-5219. Moderate.

Thai Lanna. 1490 W. Spring Valley, Richardson. 690-3637. Moderate.

Thai Lanna. 4315 Bryan. 827-6478. Moderate.

Thai Lotus. 3851-D Cedar Springs. 520-9385. Inexpensive.

Thai Nipa. 4315 Lemmon Ave. 526-6179. Inexpensive.

Thai Siam. 9560 Skillman.341-5835. Inexpensive.

Thai Soon. 2018 Greenville Ave. 821-7666. Inexpensive.

Thai-Thai. 1731 Greenville Ave. 828-9795. Inexpensive.

Thai Taste. 4501 Cole. 521-3513. Moderate.

Toy’s Cafe. 4422-B Lemmon Ave. 528-7233. Inexpensive to moderate.


Cafe de Saigon. 5617 W. Lovers Lane. 350-8767. Moderate.

East Wind. 2711 Elm St. 745-5554. Inexpensive to moderate.

La Pagode. 4302 Bryan. 821-4542. Inexpensive.


Bistro Bagatelle. (French) 406 W, Abrams. Arlington. Metro 817-261-0488. Moderate to expensive.

Cacharel. (French) Brookhollow Two, 2221 E. Lamar. Suite 910, Arlington. Metro 817-640-9981. Moderate.

China Terrace. (Chinese) 5435 N. MacArthur, Irving. 550-1113. Inexpensive to moderate.

Esparza’s. (Mexican) 124 E. Worth St., Grapevine. Metro 817-481 -4668. Inexpensive.

Gaspar’s. (New American) 150 S. Denton Tap Road, Coppell. 393-5152. Moderate.

Jinbeh. (Japanese) 301 E. Las Colinas Blvd., Suite 301, Irving. 869-4011. Moderate.

La Margarita. (Mexican) 3636 N. Bell Line. Irving. 570-1137. Inexpensive to moderate.

La Suprema. (Mexican) 6311 N. O’Connor, Irving. 506-0988. Moderate.

Tandoor. (Indian) 532 Fielder North Plaza, Arlington. Metro 817-261-6604. Moderate.

Via Real. (Mexican) 4020 N. MacArthur, Irving. 255-0064. Moderate to expensive.


Benito’s. (Mexican) 1450 W. Magnolia. (817) 332-8633. Inexpensive.

Cafe Aspen. (New American) 3416 W. Seventh. (817) 877-0838. Moderate to expensive.

Kincaid’s. (Burgers) 4901 Camp Bowie Blvd. (817) 732-2881. Inexpensive.

Hedary’s. (Lebanese) 3308 Fairfield off Camp Bowie Blvd. (817) 731-6961. Moderate.

Jons Grille. (Burgers) 3009 S. University. (817)923-1909. Inexpensive.

Juanita’s. (Mexican) 115 W. Second. (817) 335-1777. Moderate.

Michaels. (New American) 3413 W. Seventh. (817) 877-3413. Moderate to expensive.

Ristorante La Piazza. (Italian) 3431 West Seventh. (817) 334-0000. Moderate to expensive.

Le Chardonnay. (French) 2443 Forest Park Blvd. (817) 926-5622. Moderate to expensive.

Reflections. (New American) The Worthington Hotel, 200 Mum. (817) 870-1000. Expensive.

Saint Emilion. (French) 3617 W. Seventh. (817)737-2781. Moderate to expensive.

Te)ano Mexican Cuisine. (Mexican) 5716 Camp Bowie Blvd. (817) 737-7201. Inexpensive to moderate.

Tours Restaurant. (New American) 3500 W. Seventh. (817)870-1672. Moderaie to expensive.

Water Street Seafood Co. (Seafood) 1540 S. University Drive. (817) 877-3474. Moderate.


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