Biscuits for the Haute Dog

AI Hernandez is going to the dogs. And he’s loving every minute of it. Hernandez, a fashion stylist for Kim Dawson, spends most of his free time baking Stinky’s Biscuits, which he believes are much better than store-bought bones. Squishing the brown, molasses-laden dough with his hands, Hernandez sneaks a bite for himself as Lilly, 0 14-year-old collie mix, waits patiently to test the first batch. “I started baking for my dog Stinky a couple of years ago because she had kidney failure and had gone blind,” says Hernandez, pressing a bone-shaped cookie cutter into the thick, flour-covered dough. Stinky has since passed away, but Hernandez’s biscuits have become a howling success-among two- and four-legged friends alike. At a recent party in Deep Ellum, Hernandez gave away his biscuits to the crowd and received rave reviews. With all-natural ingredients -whole-wheat flour, soy milk, eggs, and sunflower and pumpkin seeds- Stinky’s dog biscuits indeed taste doggone delicious. Pulling a tray of biscuits from the oven, Hernandez hands one to Lilly for final approval. “Isn’t it a dog-eat-dog world?” Stinky’s Dog Biscuits, priced at $5 a dozen, are available at New Tee Sandra Garratt, Putti, and Citimarket booths in Deep Ellum. To order, call 823-8698.

-Ellise Pierce

A Playground for Gastronomes

Whether it’s to appease an odd hankering for Arthur’s black-eyed pea salsa or to fulfill a sublime yearning for beluga caviar, a trip to Gourmet Foods Warehouse Outlet may be just what the discount doctor ordered. Providing specialty foods at reasonable prices, Gourmet Foods offers more than 1,500 products ranging from international imports to locally made items. The store keeps prices low by buying closeouts and overruns from manufacturers and distributors. The 5,000-square-foot space is filled with nondescript wooden shelves “because the product is what you should notice,” says Glen Gordon, former vice president of epicure at Neiman Marcus, who. along with partner Ron Solovitz, opened the store last spring. Shelves are laden with a wide variety of olives, chocolates and 50 different pastas. A small refrigerated section houses fresh caviar and salmon, and a coffee department boasts more than 40 different blends. An eclectic mix of Texas-made products is offered, such as the fruit pies made by a family in Kilgore who hand-pick the fruit and home-bake the pies. And as a handy reference, Gourmet Foods publishes a list of its low-fat and kosher food products. To order gift baskets, which can be sent anywhere in the continental United States, call 788-5155. 6065 Forest Lane.

-Alice McLean


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